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Dog Dildos

Colorful Dog Dildos

The Animal dildo has been making a name for itself since it has appeared in the world of adult sex toys. Many people have wild imaginations, and sometimes, they can be hard to reach. These categories of sex toys allow everyone to near the ends of their various fantasies. A dog dildo is one of the many toys in this category and it has a lot of hidden power to make hot, steamy sex happen both with your partner as a couple and during solo masturbation. In this review, we’ll talk about all you need to about the canine dildo and you can get started by scrolling through our pick of the best dog dildos that can get your toes curling.

Top 6 best Dog Dildos in 2023

Products Information Price
FAAK Gory Animal Dog Realistic Dildo
Animal Dog Realistic Dildo
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 2.76 inches
Length: 9.06 inches
Insertable Length: 8.07 inches
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WILD DESIRE Soft Silicone Huge Thick Dog Dildo
Huge Thick Dog Dildo
Material: Liquid Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 76 mm
Length: 250 mm
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FAAK Dog Penis Anal Dildo With Suction Cup
Dog Penis Anal Dildo
Material: PVC
Weight: 423 g
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 4.8 cm
Length: 20.3 cm
Insertable Length: 13 cm
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Realistic Dog Penis Animal Dildo With Suction Cup
Dog PenisDildo With Suction Cup
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 1.85 inches
Length: 6.88 inches
Insertable Length: 6.10 inches
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Dog Dildo Realistic Design With Suction
Dog Dildo Realistic Design
Material: PVC
Weight: 432 g
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 7.2 cm
Length: 20.3 cm
Insertable Length: 13 cm
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What are Dog Dildos?

Do you have a fetish for animals? Or have you ever wanted to explore how it feels like to get banged by a dog? A dog dildo is a sex toy that is shaped like the penis of a dog. It is meant to simulate the experience of having sex with a canine without any related hassle. The dildo is similar to the classic human dildo shape. But (just as the structure of a dog or wolf's penis), the scrotum is located along the pipe of the penis instead of at the base. It is like a knot along the penis. That’s why it is also called a knot dildo. The knot allows the penis to create a different level of sexual sensation during penetration (through the vagina or anus). The dildo is also naturally shorter than the classic dildo (because dogs have a shorter-sized penis), but this didn’t limit sex toy creators from making long variations of the dildo.

Best Silicone Dog Dildo.


When it comes to the types, you can be sure that you won’t be stuck with a small list of dildos to choose from. The variations come from the materials used to make them, the size (length and girth), the color, zone for stimulation, and some additional features. The major types include the following:

Classic Dog Dildos

These are the regularly-shaped knot dildo. They come in different sizes and are made from several materials. You can get yours thick and long or short. Some are also designed with veins to look more realistic. Others are created with natural colors like different shades of brown and black. There are also some with exciting colors like red, pink, blue, and so on.

Anal Dog Dildos

These dildos are best for anal stimulation and penetration. They are usually shorter and made of flexible materials for easy entry and removal (since the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina). Dog anal dildos are best for stretching the anal muscles in preparation for anal sex. They are also the best options for anal stimulation, and because of the knot, the pleasure from a canine dildo would be much greater than the pleasure you can ever receive from using a dildo shaped like a human penis.

Vaginal Dog Dildo

This type is better for vagina stimulation and penetration. They can come in different lengths and girths. They can also be made from both rigid and flexible materials. The colors are also not limited to natural variations alone.

Strong Adult Dog Dildo.

Waterproof Dog Dildos

You can enjoy sex and masturbation in the shower or the pool with a waterproof dildo. It is made with materials that allow it to be completely water-resistant. This means that you won’t be limited to playing with your toy anywhere at any time.

Vibrating Dog Dildos

If you are a fan of vibrators, then you should know that using a dildo doesn’t stop you from getting the sensation of a vibrator through the dildo. The toy comes with a device that causes quick vibrations allowing for the stimulation of the area to which it is applied. The intensity and speed can be controlled using a remote-control device. Not all vibrating dildo is waterproof, so check the labels carefully before using this device under the shower.

Inflatable Dog Dildos

These types make it easy to carry around and hide your sex toy. Because it is inflatable, it can be deflated and filled with air again. They are usually made with materials that are easy to blow like silicone and rubber. And like other types, you can get them in different sizes, and colors.

Dog Dildo with a Suction Cup

When a suction cup is attached to a dildo, it means that the penis-shaped toy can be attached to a wall or the ground for some hands-free action. This means that you would be able to use your toy without having to use your hands to maneuver. It is also more fun during couple play. This is because it allows the partner to touch other areas of your body without affecting the didlo.

Gold Animal Dog Dildo. Choose Dog Dildo

How to Choose the Best Dog Dildo?

It is possible to make a mistake while buying a sex toy (especially if you don’t know what to look out for). That is why we have compiled a list of things to consider before finalizing any purchase so that you don’t make a wrong choice.

  • The Material. Dog dildos are made from several materials including silicone, latex, rubber, plastic, and so much more. The type of material you decide to go with depends largely on personal preference. Some are more rigid, others are harder to clean, and another material might not be suitable for all skin types. These criteria can be put into consideration while picking a material for your dildo.
  • The Size. There are thick dildos, long ones, short and even thin dildo sizes. And while you might want to buy the thickest of dildos to maximize the sexual experience you can suck out of the toy; this is not always the safest option. For novices in animal dildos, it is advisable to start with the smallest size you can find. Then when you get familiar with this, you can up your game to bigger sizes. This is simply to prevent tears since your vagina or anus is not used to the dildo with a knot.
  • The Brand. This is another area for consideration before paying for a sex toy. You need to ensure that you are buying your toy from a reputable sex toy shop (online or offline). This is so that you can avoid falling for a bad deal or buying a toy that is of low quality. Low-quality sex toys can be very dangerous because they can negatively injure or irritate the skin. To confirm a brand's reputation, you can check for online reviews about the company.
Big Animals Dildo Dog.

Features of using

Inserting the canine dildo won’t be strange to those familiar with dildos. The step is simple: insert gently through your vagina or anus after foreplay. However, there are other things you need to know about using a dog knot dildo.

One, because this toy isn’t shaped like the human penis, the knot could make it a little bit more challenging to insert. Therefore, it is advisable to use enough lube before attempting to insert through the anus or vagina. The lubricant should be applied to the toy and the opening of the vagina or anus. It is best to use a lube that does not react negatively with the skin and the material of the dildo. Also, to prevent the spread of diseases and infections, you should always clean your toy before and after use. Before use, you can gently wipe your dildo with a damp cloth or add a little soap. After use, it is best to wash with soapy water and rinse in lukewarm water. Do not immerse your toy in water if it is not water-resistant.

A dog dildo is not very discreet, so it cannot be placed just anywhere (especially if you don’t live alone and want to keep it hidden). It should also be kept away from where dust can settle on it. Usually, people pick the wardrobe or a drawer as the best place to store your toy. However, ensure it is not at a place affected by direct sunlight or moisture. And before storing your toy, make sure it is completely dry to prevent the growth of molds.

Pros Of Dog Dildos

  • They help add some spice to your sex life.
  • They help satiate the wildest sexual cravings.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They come in varying types, designs, and options for you to choose from.

Cons of dog dildos

  • They might require a lot of lubricants.


Sticking to the norm can sometimes get boring and an animal dildo is a good category of sex toy to explore. If you are ready to kick things to a new level with higher sexual pleasure and better orgasms, then you can pick one or more dildos from our top options to explore

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What is a Dog Dildo?
It is a dildo shaped like the dick of a dog. It is one of the many types under the category of animal dildos. It is also called a knot dildo because the balls are located along the penis instead of at the base.
How to use a Dog Dildo?
To suck out all the sweetness from the use of this toy, you have to invest in enough lubrication, clean it properly and store it in a cool and dry place. This is the best way to use the dog dildo.
How to clean a dog dildo?
If you're looking to clean your dog dildo, immersing it in mild soapy water for about 20 seconds will do the trick. Clean with a soft piece of cloth and water afterward. Another option is specialized sex toy cleaners. They're also effective and can be gotten from any reputable sex toy store of your choice.
Where to buy dog dildo?
Purchasing your dog dildo shouldn't be complicated. Like any other sex toy, dog dildos can be bought from any sex toy store within your vicinity. If you're interested in shopping discreetly, you can make a purchase online, and it will be shipped to you privately.
Can dog dildos be used for anal play?
Yes, dog dildos can be used for anal play. The anal dog dildos are a type of dog dildo used for anal play, stimulation, and penetration. This particular type of dog dildos are shorter and made of a material that allows easy penetration. Anal dog dildos are the best for taking your anal play up an exciting notch.
What sizes are available for dog dildos?
Like every other dildo, dog dildos come in varying lengths and thicknesses. Some could be as big as 10 inches or more. However, the average size that you would see around is between 6-10 inches in insertable length and 3-5 inches in circumference. Because these sex toys vary in size, with several options available for you, it’s almost certain that whatever your needs are, there will always be a size for you.
Do dog dildos look like real dog ones?
Realistic dog dildos are made to look exactly like a real dog’s penis. They are made to satiate your unique sexual desires and make your sexual fantasies a reality. Although these dildos are made to be real dog penises, it is essential to note that they are not exactly like the real thing, nor would they feel like the real thing. They are only made to help satiate your sexual desires.

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