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Double Hole Cup

Sex toy market has a lot to offer, and now men don’t have to apply too much effort to get the kind of masturbation they like. Want just to relax and enjoy, while your penis is being gently teased, or roughly penetrated and gripped? Here comes a revolutionary masturbator that provides two styles in one!

This article will explain why you should order Double Hole Cup, and which emotions it will provide for you.

8 inch realistic double hole cup
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What is Double Hole Cup?

This is a new, double ended male masturbator designed to provide two opposite kinds of sexual penetration: “gentle” penis massaging, or strong, harsher penetration. Double masturbation is the dream of all men: it’s like having different partners at once, feeling a penis in two different kinds of vagina!

This thing may be used for solo masturbation, or simultaneously by two men. You can try sex with two other people, and all will get pleasure at the same time! According to Double Hole Cup reviews, this is one of the most curious and interesting sex toys offered on the market today.

8 inch realistic silicone double hole cup

Main characteristics

It’s easy to find the basic information about the Double Hole Cup online. The device has the following features:

  • with the exterior made of hard plastic, the interior has soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) walls, providing real-life experience;
  • what makes double hole cup the best toy is the fact it is self-lubricating;
  • the item is about 6-7 inches long, being suitable for middle-sized shafts;
  • double hole provides two different kinds of sexual sensations.

All the materials used are skin-friendly, and you are free to use any type of lubricant you like together with it.

If you want to purchase Double sided Masturbator, visit our partner’s site. It provides superior shopping conditions and the great choice of sex toys. You will stay satisfied by both item and the process of buying!

realistic silicone double hole cup
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How to use

Never seen a device like that before? Although the whole thing and the process of using may seem to be exotics, there is nothing new. If you have had experience of self-satisfaction with a masturbator (fleshlight, eggs, and other similar appliances), you won’t face any problems. So, how to use Double Hole Cup?

First and foremost, disassemble the item and put some lube inside a special container. It will be supplied automatically by the device. Depending on the mode used and intensity of using, the amount of lubricant contained may be enough for 20-50 minutes of masturbation.

7 inch realistic double hole cup

The double-sided masturbator has two different colors denoting the sensations provided. Choose the mode, and start getting pleasure!

You can use it either for solo or for couple sex. This is a great option for gay intercourse when both partners want to be penetrated simultaneously. Two holes may be used at once, giving a buzz to both partners.

black realistic silicone double hole cup

If you have selected a “strong” side, and it feels too tight, try to add more lube, or try another mode. Mind that the thing is designed for an average-sizes phallus, and if your manhood is too big, the device may appear to be small for you. There are no customized sizes yet, unfortunately.

Feel pain or discomfort while using the item? Cease the process. If your penis swells and aches for a long time after masturbation with the object, visit your doctor.

realistic silicone double hole cup by Tenga

How to choose

Decided to buy Double Hole cup, but don’t know how to make the right choice? Here are some recommendations and suggestions for lucky shopping:

  1. Order authentic production only. Ensure the selected item is not fake, because it concerns your health.
  2. Pay attention not only to Double Hole Cup price but to such aspects as the material used, size, quality and authenticity warranty.
  3. Read the reviews about Double Hole Cup online to understand whether the product is suitable for you, and what experience it allows to get.

7 inch realistic silicone double hole cup

Where to buy Double Hole Cup?

If you have no idea where to buy Double sided Masturbator, we recommend visiting our partner’s site. It provides excellent shopping conditions and guarantees successful purchases. There are thousands of satisfied customers already, and you may become the next one, enjoying:

  1. Cheap Double Hole Cups and other interesting sex toy. Plus, there are constant sales and special offers!
  2. Fast and discreet shipping that takes several days.
  3. Full information about every product.
  4. Excellent customer support.
  5. Convenient payment types.
  6. A user-friendly interface.
  7. Quick order arrangement and total security of your personal information.

how to use realistic silicone double hole cup

With a Double Hole Cup, masturbation will turn from a routine thing to a real excitement, bringing fresh sensations again and again. You can be among the first to test the item! Try it right now, make an order on the partner’s site, and in a matter of several days you will enjoy completely new sexual experience.

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