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Sexual Edging Practiced Through Masturbation.

For most people, the goal of sex is to orgasm, and they want to reach this stage soon as possible. However, many people also find gratification in delaying this outcome, getting even more turned on the longer it lasts. Cue edging.

Edging is a sexual technique that allows you to delay ejaculation and explore sexual pleasure to the fullest. Instead of cumming when your body tells you to, you can control the orgasm and allow the build-up to last, leading to a more pleasurable climax. Understanding edging and its techniques open you to a world of previously unexplored sexual satisfaction. Is your interest piqued already? Continue with this article as we explore edging.

What is edging?

Edging is an orgasm control technique where a person delays orgasm by stopping stimulation as they are about to climax. This sudden removal of pleasurable stimulus allows the feeling of orgasm to subside. Once it is sufficiently removed, the stimulation resumes until one nears climax again, then a sudden removal. The process can be repeated multiple times. This technique delays orgasm and makes the climax more intense and pleasurable when it finally happens. Sexual edging can be practiced through masturbation to help you understand your body’s response to different forms of stimulation and how to control your orgasms and determine when it happens.

Benefits of edging

Edging can be beneficial in more ways than one. This seemingly simple technique can transform your sex life by making orgasms more powerful. Below are some of the major benefits of practicing edging with your partner or during masturbation.

  • It becomes easier to have an orgasm: For most women, trying to have an orgasm can seem like a lot of pressure that induces anxiety during sex. By practicing edging during masturbation, you get a better understanding of what your body finds pleasurable and how to induce it during sex or perhaps even teach your partner. This makes it easier for them to help you reach orgasm during sex.
  • More intense orgasms: Edging often leads to more intense orgasms and extended pleasure from sex. Research carried out by OMG. Yes, found that 66% of women who practice this technique enjoy more intense orgasms during sex and masturbation.
  • Helps with premature ejaculation: People who suffer from premature ejaculation can try out edging as a way to last longer in bed. To prevent yourself from having an orgasm too soon into your sexy time, you can deny yourself pleasure until you no longer feel the urge to ejaculate.
  • It increases sexual stamina: Practicing edging is a great way to increase your sexual stamina. Rather than releasing at the first sex of orgasmic pressure, you teach your body to hold on a bit longer, increasing the duration of sex in the process. You can learn to delay and sync your orgasms with your partner. While men last an average of 5.4 minutes during penetrative sex, women can go up to 13 minutes before cumming. If you practice edging, you stand a better chance of reaching orgasm at the same time. You can finally reach that stage of simultaneous orgasms that you only read about in books.
  • It raises self-awareness: Since edging entails monitoring your body and sexual sensation, the practice can help you become more involved. This simple practice can help build body confidence and create a greater sense of self-awareness during sex.

How to edge?

  1. The start-stop technique. Edging is the practice of moving as close to climax as possible without falling off the edge, and the start-stop technique helps you achieve that with ease. This method is popular among men and it involves simply stopping your strokes when you’re close to orgasm and then resuming a few seconds later. Instead of giving in to the urge to stroke faster and climax, stop and try again so you can get the pleasure of a more intense climax.
  2. The squeeze technique. The squeeze technique comes in when your body is more sensitive, and it takes longer than a few seconds to suspend orgasm. Like the stop-start method, this technique is also exclusive to men. However, rather than simply stopping the stimulation of the penis, you go the extra length to squeeze the edge until the need to cum subsides. It may take some practice to get used to this technique, so you can take some time out to practice when you’re masturbating.
  3. Ballooning. Ballooning is a type of edging technique that incorporates Kegel exercises. This method of edging for men can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and increase orgasmic potential. Like the two approaches above, the plan is to stop right when you feel the urge to cum, but you switch to Kegels as you slow down and stop stimulation. This technique often causes the penis to deflate before it becomes erect again, hence the name “ballooning.”
  4. Use sex toys. For women, sex toys hold the key to your edging practice and pleasure. You can use a vibrator to stimulate your clit until you come to the point of peak pleasure, then turn it off. The ability to turn the sex toy off just before you orgasm is key to practicing edging. To make things easier, you can use vibrators with accessible on and off buttons.
  5. Diversion. Another form of edging is the diversion technique. This simply involves diverting stimulation and touches to other parts of the body when you feel the urge to orgasm. In women, this can mean that stopping stimulation to the clitoris when and moving to the breasts or thighs. In men, you can cease taking strokes and proceed to passionately kiss your partner for a few seconds until the feeling subsides.
  6. BDSM edging. You can also integrate edging into your BDSM play and enjoy the power dynamic with your partner. In most cases, it can be done to the Sub as an act of control. Restraining orgasm is a common part of BDSM where the Sub has to do everything possible to avoid cumming.

Risks associated with edging

Edging is generally safe, and it is unlikely to leave you any negative effects. However, men might suffer from epididymal hypertension in rare cases, commonly known as blue balls. This often comes in the way of pain in the testicles, and it happens when you enjoy frequent sexual arousal without orgasm. The effects are only temporary and can be rectified using the Valsalva maneuver, a breathing technique that is used to manage your nervous system and heart rate.

Contrary to popular myths, sexual edging is not a cause of erectile dysfunction or any other problem associated with ejaculation. Although some people may suffer from early or delayed ejaculation while practicing edging, these issues are usually psychological rather than physical.


Edging is an exciting and safe way to switch things up and enjoy a more pleasurable orgasm, either solo or with a partner. There are several ways to go about it, but the ultimate goal is to ensure that you and your partner come out of the encounter satisfied. If you found this article helpful and you’re also interested in getting more from your sex life, don’t take a look at our best sex toy reviews. Here, you’ll find everything that fits your taste and is also within your budget.

What is edging?
Edging is the act of taking yourself to the point of orgasm but stopping before reaching the peak. This sexual delay technique can be practiced if you want to increase the duration of sex or achieve more intense orgasms.
How to edge?
There are various methods of edging, all following the same rule of delaying orgasm by discontinuing stimulation when you get close to climax until the feeling subsides. In men, this can be achieved when you stop stroking the penis, while people with vulvas can make this happen by pausing penetration for a few seconds.
Is edging bad for you?
Edging is generally safe in both men and women, and you’re unlikely to suffer any lasting effect from practicing this technique. However, in rare cases, guys can suffer from “blue balls,” a sensation of pain in the testicles due to sexual arousal without orgasm.
How to edge for hours?
Practice makes perfect in the case of edging. This means that you might need to try out this technique frequently before you become good at it. Take some out while masturbating to practice this technique, and soon you’ll realize that you can edge easily for hours.
Does edging increase stamina?
Edging is a great way to develop sexual stamina. Rather than giving in to the pleasure when you feel the urge to orgasm, you can delay through this practice and make sex last longer.

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