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How to Give an Erotic Massage?

Full Body Erotic Massage

What makes an erotic massage different from a regular massage is the intent. While a regular massage aims to relax tension in the body, an erotic massage is a hot naked massage that aims to relax and arouse the recipient sexually. Sensual massages are tantalizing and hot, especially when your partner is the recipient or giver. You get to explore kinky massage techniques more comfortably and confidently.

Getting the best erotic massage done is not hard; you just have to be deliberate and gentle since it is an intimate massage that aims at giving sexual pleasure to your partner. In this article, you will learn how to give the best erotic body massage to your partner. Read on!

Best Erotic Massage Tips

We have researched tested tips for giving the best sensual couples massages. These are couple massage techniques that will aid you in giving a professional sexy massage to your partner and keep them begging for more.

Sensual couple massage techniques:

  1. Tantric massage.
  2. Full body massage.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is one of the three types of erotic massage. In this sensual massage, you focus more on the sensual chakra and move it around the body. Instead of trying to achieve climax, you hold the sensual feeling in and make it move around the body. This massage is quite gradual and more sensational than the other sensual massage. It involves more breathing and pleasure circulation around the body. It preaches that one does not need to penetrate to achieve mind-blowing orgasms.

How to perform the tantric massage?

  • Set the mood by using low lighting, lighting scented candles, and playing sensual music. You can also add other romantic massage ideas you have to set the mood for the massage session.
  • Prepare for the massage session by clearing your mind and putting away anything that could distract you. You don’t want to transfer negative energy to your partner.
  • Relax and breathe evenly.
  • Start massaging your partner from the back slowly. Spend 20 minutes massaging the back with plenty of oil while paying attention to your partner’s reactions to each touch.
  • Move to the front part of the body and massage fully, not leaving out the penis or the vagina. Do not play with the sensitive parts too much. Just touch them lightly as you massage the rest of the body.
  • After spending about 20 minutes on the front part, including the breasts and belly, move down to the penis or vagina. Go super slowly and build up the pleasure in the receiver. Remember, this is not a blow job you’re giving, so do not stimulate the vagina too much. You are meant to help your partner experience pleasure in another dimension.
  • Keep pleasuring your partner by stroking their vagina or penis until they climax. If they don’t achieve orgasm, it does not matter. The real aim of the massage has been met; to help your partner feel pleasure on an elevated level.

Sensual Full Body Massage

This kinky massage involves massaging every part of your partner’s body, including the scalp, ears, arms, and hands. Check the steps to give a sensual full body massage below:

  1. Set up the room to suit the mood: You might want to choose a quiet room for what is about to happen. Go ahead and light scented candles while ensuring that the lighting is subtle. Next, create a playlist containing sensual songs to help your partner relax and be suitable for a sensual mood.
  2. Use lotions or massage oils for a smooth ride: To achieve a smooth, professional sensual massage, you need to use massage-approved oils for aromatherapy purposes. Remember, the massage also aims to help your partner relax. Massage oils help loosen the muscle, stimulate the nervous systems, and lubricate the body during the erotic massage.
  3. Start with a regular massage: All sensual massage types start with a regular massage. Do not go straight for the breasts, vagina, penis, or butt. First, help them relax by loosening their muscles and calming their nerves. Do that for the first 15-30 minutes.
  4. Ensure you massage every part of the body: Taking your time before moving to the erogenous zones. Start the foreplay massage now; massage the penis or vagina slowly and then build up the pace the deliver a mind-blowing orgasm to your partner.

The difference between tantric massage and full body sensual massage technique:

  • The tantric massage focuses more on circulating pleasure all around the receiver’s body. In contrast, the sensual full body massage is heavier on the end product of the massage, which is orgasm.
  • The sensual full-body massage involves massaging all body parts, while the tantric massage does not dwell on touching every part of the body.


Erotic massages are quite the naughty massage type because of the intent they have. This perhaps is what you and your partner need to improve your sexual life for the better. While at it, you can also consider sex toys, as they also help rejuvenate the sex life of couples and individuals.

Did you enjoy reading how to give an erotic massage? Do not pass by our reviews on sex toys so that you can experience improvements in your sex life. Here, you will find sex toys that suit your budget and preference.

How to give a sensual massage?
You start by making your partner comfortable. You then begin to massage body of your partner gently and sensually. Don’t forget to build pleasure gradually until the receiver achieves orgasm.
How to give a woman an erotic massage?
To perform sensual massages for women, you first help them relax. Pay attention to her erogenous zones. Particularly, massage the breasts with care and sensually too. Massage her yoni (vagina) slowly and deliberately. You can also slip a finger or two in her during the massage to make it hotter.
How to give your man an intimate massage?
To perform sensual massages for men, you first relieve their tensed muscles by starting with the regular massage. Take time to give him an erotic butt massage too. Depending on which of the two sensual massage techniques you choose above, you can follow the steps until your partner is satisfied.
What is the most intimate type of massage?
The most intimate massage type is the tantric massage because of the technique it employs. The tantric massage involves slowly building up pleasure and allowing the pleasure to circulate the body.

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