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Fake Orgasm

Women Fake Orgasms.

Now, this might sound alien to you, but people (*especially women) have been faking their orgasms from time immemorial, honestly! Even in loving relationships, one can still fake cum to protect their partner’s ego. Want to know how to tell if your girlfriend is faking an orgasm? Stay with us and find out.

What is a fake orgasm?

A fake orgasm, also known as a fauxgasm, is when one pretends to climax without experiencing an orgasm. Does this sound weird? Men and women alike fake orgasms for various reasons; however, the population is higher in the female category.

Why do people fake orgasms?

Now, the billion-dollar question, why exactly does your partner fake cum? Well, it could be due to several reasons; the sex is taking too long), they’re not just in the mood anymore, or you’re not giving them exactly what they need, but they don’t want to hurt your ego.

However, people also learn how to fake an orgasm in order to escape uncomfortable or potentially violent situations.

Can you identify a fake orgasm?

Identifying a fake orgasm is not exactly a walk in the park because people climax differently. According to sexologist Gigi Engle, “everybody’s orgasms feel, look and sound differently”.

However, it does help to know if your partner is faking an orgasm so that you can actually help them experience a real orgasm. You should watch out for signs in your partner’s body language; do they look anxious, tired, or plain bored? Do their movements feel hurried? If yes, then a fake orgasm is probably in sight. But instead of focusing on the tell-tale signs of a fake orgasm, it’s best to create a safe environment where your partner can freely teach you how to please them.

How to prevent fake orgasms?

You love to watch her cum, but you don’t know how to get her off? This section was written for you! If you’re tired of your partner faking orgasms just to please you, then we have two solutions for you.


The importance of communication in a sexual or romantic relationship can never be overemphasized. You can nip all that fake cum in the bud by asking your partner why they fake orgasms. This may be an awkward situation for both of you, but it’s vital to avoid a buildup of resentment or a total decline in your sex lives.

Use Sex Toys

If manual stimulation doesn’t just work for your lover, then back it up with some vibration! It’s that simple. Incorporating sex toys into your bedroom activities is a sure way to give your lover the best real orgasms. With our vast range of sex toys, giving her an orgasm will come easy for you.

Once one partner starts faking their orgasms, then the end of that relationship is near. However, you can prevent that by communicating and following the other tips outlined in this article. We hope you loved reading this as much as we loved creating it for you. Ensure you stop by our review section for sex toys that will give your lover a real orgasm without hassles!

How do you know if you orgasmed?
Orgasms feel different for different people. For some, it’s a warm, tingling sensation that spreads all over the body, and some others experience shortness of breath, contractions in the vagina, a lift of the pelvis, moaning, curling of toes/fingers, or ejaculation.
Do all women cum?
Contrary to popular opinion that women hardly cum, women do cum with or without the aid of a partner/toy. The key to making her cum is paying attention to her body and her words.
What does a woman’s cum look like?
How a woman’s cum looks often differs according to what stage her body is in at the moment. Most times, however, a woman’s cum is a thick, milky white fluid. Other times, it may look slightly grey.
How to tell if a guy fakes it?
It’s easy to tell when a guy is faking orgasms. Sometimes, he makes weird sounds that don’t correspond with the physical activity, there’s no semen, he still has a boner, or he’s exaggerating how good the sex was. If you see any of these signs, chances are he’s faking it.
How to tell if a woman has an orgasm?
When a woman climaxes, there are a few involuntary physical reactions to expect: contraction of the vagina walls, thrusting her pelvis, increased heart rate, sweating, shaking of the legs (or entire body), and sometimes screaming/crying.
Why do women fake orgasms?
Women fake orgasms for various reasons: the sex is taking too long, she’s bored, she’s insecure, doesn’t want to hurt your ego. Some women fake orgasm because it turns them on.

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