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Female masturbation techniques

Masturbation Techniques for Women

Other genders talk about masturbation as much and as loud as they want. But females rarely do. And when the conversation does happen, it triggers a series of furtive glances and shy giggles. Well, not today. Sometimes, all the love women need is right inside of them. Yes, you just have to figure out the best way to give your body the love it needs from you. This article will break down the techniques for hot women to masturbate and get the most pleasure out of it. You can also call this ‘The Female Masturbation Masterclass.’ You’re welcome.

What is Female Masturbation?

Masturbation is the self-stimulation of one’s genitals or erogenous zones for sexual pleasure. It’s as simple as that. Going more in-depth, we can say that female masturbation involves a woman/girl stimulating her genitals (nipples, anus, clit, vagina) to trigger arousal and pleasure.

For so long, the idea of women masturbating was so alien to people. Because women shouldn’t speak of sex so openly or even pleasure themselves, right? All crap.

Unlike a few decades ago, female self-pleasure has become part of pop culture, and more women are starting to masturbate without shame. We always love to see it.In this space, we own our bodies and take our pleasure however we want. For this sole purpose, we have outlined the best masturbation tips for you below. So, free your mind and get ready for a wild ride with us.

Masturbation for Girls: The Best Techniques for Self-Pleasure

There are many different ways for us old girls to get ourselves off, and most people don’t know how to go about it. If you’re one of those, there’s no need to worry. The best female masturbation techniques are taught right here!

  • Masturbation With Hands/Fingers: This is probably the oldest female masturbation technique in the book. Maybe centuries ago, a woman somewhere was washing her ‘hoo-ha’ and stumbled on something that gave her goosebumps and wild pleasure all at once. The tale above is not the official origin of girl masturbation, but it’s a good place to start, right? Anyway, masturbation with hands and fingers involves using your hand to stimulate whichever spot you like on your body. This technique helps you locate and control specific areas of your body that trigger intense waves of pleasure.
  • Masturbation With Sex Toys: Every woman needs her collection of sex toys. Seriously. They are not only great for masturbation but can also come in handy during partnered sex. Sex toys add an extra ‘Je ne sais pas’ to your sexual experience. If you use our recommended clitoral vibrators, then you’re going to have the wildest orgasms of your life. We regularly dish out exclusive information on the newest and best sex toys available in the market. Our recommended sex toys will keep you coming- literally. Stay with us.
  • Masturbation With a Partner(s): Whoever said that you could only masturbate alone? Listen, we agree that female masturbation is a personal activity, but you can include your partner(s) now and then. This form of masturbation is ideal for people with exhibitionist/voyeuristic tendencies. Having your partner watch you while you pleasure yourself has to be one of the hottest images ever. Seeing them restrain themselves from grabbing you may make you wetter than ever, have them masturbating too, or even lead to explosive sex later on. Try it out, and thank us later.

If you want to go crazy, combine all three masturbation techniques above. But brace yourself; the orgasms will be plenteous.

Best Positions to Warm Up

The fun ways to masturbate will have you in different positions before your session is done. Some ideal masturbation positions for women are kneeling, lying face up or down, a collapsed doggy position, or standing with your legs parted.

Either way, you simply have to get into a position that helps you hit all the right spots while keeping you comfortable.

Step by Step Process for Optimal Masturbation Experience

The best way for a woman to get off by herself or with a partner is to know her body. Have you had time to learn yours? This section outlines the female masturbation process, which includes getting in the mood and getting off.

  • Set the mood; turn off the lights, light a candle, etc. You can leave the windows open if you want to be naughty.
  • Relax. Get your body in a position to be handled by taking a bath, reading an erotic novel, watching porn, etc.
  • Foreplay/arousal. Touch yourself in all the places you can think of, using your hands and your fertile imagination. You’ll soon be dripping wet, and your coochie will plead for attention.
  • Penetrate and fuck yourself. Now you can insert your toy/fingers into your vagina, or rub it up against your clit for maximum sensations.
  • Orgasm or satisfaction. At this point, your nerve endings are stretched taut, and you’re free-falling from a pleasure cliff. Give in to that feeling until you’re completely spent.
P.S: Bear in mind that self-pleasuring isn’t just about orgasms. Don’t make it your only goal. Learn to relax and go with the flow.

Major Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

Believe it or not, getting down and dirty with yourself has its advantages to offer. You might not see it immediately, but your body will thank you eventually. Let’s now talk about why it’s beneficial for women to masturbate and give themselves some love.

  1. Lower risk of STDs. Fortunately for us all, your fingers, hands, or sex toys are not carriers of STDs (unless you share them). Masturbation keeps women rest assured that they are safe in their own pleasure. You don’t have to worry about wearing condoms or contracting an STI. Once this load is off your back, you can focus on enjoying all the good sensations you’re about to feel.
  2. It Reduces Stress. Masturbation can reduce stress levels in women and even relieve cramps. This is because, when masturbating, certain hormones such as serotonin and dopamine are released, leaving you with a feeling of pleasure and comfort. Sexuality Researcher at UCLA Nicole Prause opines that ‘masturbation helps you forget your worries while enabling the brain to focus on pleasure.’ That, my friend, is the whole point.
  3. Improves Your Sex Life. Female masturbation helps women improve their sex lives. How? You may ask. In female self-pleasure, you are in total control. Therefore, your masturbation sesh is a time to learn and understand your body and its needs. In this duration, you get to figure out your various erogenous zones and the range of motions that make you feel good. So that, during sex, you can teach your partner to please you better.
  4. Mind-Blowing Orgasms. You’re not escaping the Big O girl, not today. Studies show that during masturbation, women take less time to climax than they would during partnered sex. A woman masturbating will have more orgasms than a partner could ever give her simply because she knows her body better. With the help of your fingers/toy and vast knowledge of your body, you’ll be getting the best solo orgasms of your life.

Women need to touch themselves more. And it’s not just about the orgasms. Because according to Yvonne K Ph.D., ‘masturbation helps you know your body more.’ We sincerely hope this article has been of great help to you. Do you need to switch up your sex life and make things hotter in bed, then, stop by our sex toy review section where we have curated the best budget-friendly sex toys for your sexual satisfaction? Cheers.

How often do women masturbate?
Statistics from research by TENGA show that women masturbate about eight times a month, which is like twice a week. However, the frequency of your masturbation is entirely up to you. We say go with the flow.
How do women masturbate?
Women can masturbate with their fingers or sex toys. A woman uses any of those to stroke certain parts of her body, subsequently stimulating her erogenous zones in a way that triggers arousal and pleasure. Whatever range of motion works for you is just fine.
Is masturbation healthy for women?
Studies are yet to show that masturbation is unhealthy in any way. So yes, masturbation is healthy for adult women as it helps them relieve stress, relax and sleep better. It’s also a mental health booster.
How to play with yourself if you’re a female?
Female self-pleasure comes in different forms. We can only make suggestions but may not be exact on your body’s preferences. You can play with yourself by stroking your nipples, labia, clit, and even your anus. Just remember to keep it gentle because the female genitals are more delicate than their male counterparts.
What percentage of women masturbate?
As of the late 2000s, records show that 76% of American women masturbate, and about 80% of women in the world masturbate regularly. Even if nothing else convinces you that masturbation is fun, then the large population of women who enjoy it just might.
How to make masturbating more pleasurable?
Making your masturbation experience more pleasurable is not tough at all. You can switch from using your fingers to incorporating sex toys in your solo sex session. Otherwise, you can wank to hardcore porn or have your partner masturbate alongside. Switching up your masturbation techniques makes the act even more exciting and pleasurable.

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