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How to Finger a Girl?

Girl Uses Her Fingers

There are many ways to stimulate your significant other, and it is essential always to keep it fresh. Keeping it fresh entails that you try new tricks, experiment with quirks, and take notes on what gets them off the best. That's where fingering comes in, as it happens to be a surefire way of warming up your partner for the morning after. We are sure that you've heard this word a couple of times, but here we will be breaking from the norm and taking you down a pleasure hole.

Here, we will be explaining what the term "fingering" means, and we will be discussing the steps to follow to finger an individual correctly. Further along the line, we will introduce you to a host of foreign prospects that aids the experience. There's a lot to savor, so without further ado, let's get down to pleasure.

What is Fingering?

Simply put, fingering is the act and practice of using fingers externally to stimulate the clitoris to orgasm. Fingering does not necessarily have to be for the clitoris only. You can also finger the prone of a willing participant, which gives an equal amount of satisfaction if done correctly. Fingering is a sexual act that you can perform between a man on woman, woman on woman, and man on man. However, the traditional form of fingering is when a man uses his finger(s) to slowly but assuredly stimulate his partner's clitoris till a sensational orgasm is reached.

Fingering has been in existence for the longest, and not merely amongst human beings, as animals such as fruit bats are known to partake in such sexual activity. Also, it could be done through clothing or without clothing, with each of them having its perks. Fingering is a noble art, and it takes some hard work to perfect, which is why we will show you a couple of tips to achieve mastery.

Tips on Fingering a Girl

The lady folk is our subject matter today, and we will be running you through some tips on what it takes to finger your female companion to pure ecstasy. Kindly pay attention because we don't want you looking like a novice later at night.

  1. Keep your nails short: Your PE teacher was right, and it is essential to note that there's nothing remarkable or sexy about a lover with long nails. Worse still, long nails are like kryptonite for proper fingering, and the two do not go together in any way, shape, or form. The reason is that the shorter the nails, the better the contact with a partner's clitoris, and longer nails won't just cut it. No woman would think that scratching her clitoris is sexy (except she's an absolute psychopath), so it's high time that you trim those nails. That's the first way to go if you want to finger your significant other properly, you'll thank us in a bit.
  2. Make use of lube: Finely made lubricants are so underrated, as many men erroneously think natural oil is all they need. Such men couldn't be more wrong, as it's not all women that can produce an ample amount of natural lube in record time. Remember, the smoother and more slippery your subject, the longer, hotter, and more satisfying your touch will be. As such, make use of a natural, organic, and good-quality lube. Your partner would love it way more if you made such an investment.
  3. Start slow and work your way in: Fingering is in many ways similar to missionary sex, as you should start at a low pace and then proceed to ease your way in. The clitoris is as sensitive as they come, and we are pretty sure that your lady won't appreciate being rough handled. That's why it's best that you calmly ease your lubricant applied finger(s) into the clit, and then proceed to work it in and out. That is merely to set the pace till you move on to the next step.
  4. Pay attention to your partner: You must pay close attention to your female companion and do as she says. When she says that, she wants you to go slow, then go slow. If she says that she wants you to move fast, then ride along. If she wants you to apply more lube, then ask her just how much. Fingering takes two to tango, and listening to the other person in the room is a recipe for a great meal indeed.
  5. Switch up the speed: We are pretty sure that you and your partner are in sync, and both of you are getting a kick. As such, it's high time that you turn on the rotor and dial up the speed. Slow and steady might win the race, but fast and furious would make her scream in glee. Ensure that you watch your partner's facial expressions, as this is key to knowing whether you are on point or way off.
  6. The happy ending: Now your lady is moving toward orgasm, and you can hear their breathing get faster, their body tensing up, and their noises and moans growing louder. Now's the time you two have been waiting for. Now it's time for you to maintain focus. Concentrate on finding a rhythm, keeping up the pace, and savoring the look on her flushed cheeks as she orgasms in a spectacular way.


Fingering is a forgotten art form, and it hurts us to know that many people aren't doing it right, and their partners resort to DIY later in the night. That fate doesn't have to be your plight, as we've given you a host of pro tips. Fingering could be as intense as orthodox penetrative sex, but you have to go the extra mile. However, if you do that, and your partner sees the effort you are making. Then, we are pretty sure that both of you would be holding hands in pure ecstasy at the end of the activity.

How to finger yourself good?
Some ladies prefer doing it themselves, and pleasing themselves without the help of a significant other. It can be done by using ample lube, and stroking the pleasure areas. Practice makes perfect, and doing this would make you a master of the fingers.
How to finger a girl for the first time?
Doing anything for the first time could be tricky, so it's important not to put too much pressure on yourself. Fingering a girl for the first time requires patience and proper communication. Tell your lover to lead the way, and you would be an expert with appropriate prodding.
How to finger a girl with clothes on?
You can finger a girl with clothes on by telling her to path her thighs. Then, rub her clitoris over her panties. Do this for a while, and before long, you'll see signs of wetness. It's these signs that will show whether you are doing it right or wrong.
Do guys like fingering girls?
Yes, guys love fingering girls, especially when the girls are receptive to the action. Some guys prefer fingering, as this can't get a girl pregnant, which is a key reason why some avoid orthodox penetrative sex.

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