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First Time Vibrators

A perfect choice for beginners as it provides soft and gentle stimulation in any type of situation. Specially designed sexual toys to help users initiate themselves in the beauty of self-stimulation. They come in many shapes and sizes and they are suitable for both men and women.

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What is a first time vibrator?

First time vibrators are basically normal vibrators suitable for beginners which offer a less powerful stroking vibration when turned on. A very reliable option for singles and couples when they want to spice up their sexual life. Either you are a man or a woman, there are plenty of vibrators for first time users out there. They come in many shapes and sizes and they offer the needed help for a fantasy sexual experience without any risk.

first time G-spot rabbit vibrator

Types and main characteristics

The vibrators for beginners come in many types and they all serve the same purpose, to provide beginners the right help and stimulation for a proper initiation in the beauty of self stimulation.

blue first time vibrator

  • Classic vaginal vibrators for beginners – penis shaped toys with curves and veins to replicate the exact feeling of the penis. They provide slow vibrations, and they are highly demanded for the first time women vaginal stimulation.
  • Remote control first time vibrators – similar with the classic type but with a remote control for better guidance. It can be used in a couple, leaving one partner to play with the toy while the other is enjoying it. A perfect solution for couples in need to spice up their love life.
  • Rechargeable type – perfect for extended pleasure due to their long life battery which can last up to 5 cycles in a row. Beginners love this toy due to its reliability.

classic first time vibrator
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How to choose the best first time vibrator?

Choosing the best vibrator for first-time stimulation is a straightforward task. Just seek for positive first-time vibrator reviews regarding the product you want, gather information about the quality of the material and make sure you inform yourself about the benefits of using such toy. Once you cover these steps, you should be set to make your decision and choose the best first timer vibrator. Also, learn how to use a vibrator for the first time, this will help you choose a more suitable for your needs toy, without any problem.

pink classic first time vibrator

How to choose the right size?

Due to its main purpose, and that is, helping beginners satisfy their sexual needs and teaching them how to use sex toys, all types of first-time vibrators usually come in small sizes varying between 3 to 5 inches. That’s because beginners don’t need big size inches or large diameters to learn how to use and enjoy sexual fantasies with such toys. Choosing the right size depends on your measurements and your sexual needs. For anal stimulation, it’s best to start with the smallest size while for other sexual fantasies, any size will do.

pink first time vibrator

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

Using vibrator for the first time could be a bit tricky and harsh at the beginning that’s why a smooth and soft material in combination with a curved shape will always help you enjoy the best moments. Most toys of such type are made out of soft rubber, silicone or smooth plastic, the right materials for beginners and all of them have a silky texture, suitable for a complete penetration without pain or another discomfort. Read first-time vibrator reviews to understand better what type of material you should use according to your personal needs. That is always the most reliable solution for deciding about the material, shape and texture, the popular reviews and the user’s feedback on products.

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How to use a first time vibrating toy?

Using such type of toy for the first time shouldn’t be hard thanks to the multitude of informational platforms, highly details instructions and the thousands of users reviews available. However, always make sure you understand the instructions, keep the toy clean at all time and use it only for the designed purpose. That way you will increase the pleasure and extend the life of your toy, making it a reliable partner to initiate you in the beautiful life of self-stimulating. Top rated first-time vibrators are sensitive toys, which require proper hygiene and attention, always clean them after each use and store them in dry places.

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