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Not ready for intimate relationships with your boyfriend, husband or a friend with benefits? Or maybe you lack the sexual experience with your partner, and want to try something new and not less exciting? Most women need several forms of penetration to reach orgasm, and if masturbating, it is quite hard to perform. Decided to purchase Beginner Vibrator, but have no ideas what you need and how to apply that? This article is here to help.
first time vibrator for a clit
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What is First Time vibrator?

In fact, this is the same thing as a usual vibrator, but with moderate dimensions, smooth surface and minimal sophisticated technologies. As far as women with minor masturbation experience usually don’t have much knowledge about their anatomy, they are better to buy Beginner Vibrator with quite moderate characteristics and medium intensity.
first time G-spot rabbit vibrator
There are hundreds, if not thousands offers on the sex market. And it is hard to tell exactly which models are perfect for beginners. It depends on one’s own tastes and preferences. Some like clitoris penetration, while for the others vaginal orgasm is the only way to get pleasure. That is why it is hard to differentiate some best First Time Vibrators.
blue first time vibrator

Main characteristics

If we analyze many reviews, it becomes clear that most models have a lot in common:

  1. They are made mostly of hard plastic, elastomer or silicone materials that are skin-friendly. Rubber and jelly create extra friction, which is no good for the beginning. Moreover, plastic transmits vibration much better, while softer materials reduce it slightly.
  2. Most First Time Vibrator online have different vibration frequency and mode, adjusting for everyone’s special needs.
  3. Vibrators for starters are not too big. This is necessary for ensuring safe and pleasant masturbation.

Want to order First Time Vibrator? Hundreds of various variants can be found on our partner’s site: enjoy wide choice and easy shopping.
classic first time vibrator
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How to use

Since this is your first “date” with such a device, this is a very delicate issue that requires special approach. Here are some recommendations and steps for better experience:
pink classic first time vibrator

  • Create quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Don’t let anyone interfere and interrupt you.
  • Use whatever you need to relax and experience sexual arousal: music, porn, something tasty – you are absolutely free to indulge yourself now.
  • Perhaps, the first time with vibrator should be spent alone. Let your partner help you to choose a device, walking around sex shop might be an unforgettable trip. But when in bedroom, he may embarrass you.
  • Use lube, if you are not stimulated enough.
  • Help yourself with fingers. Search for zones that “do well”, explore your body and erogenous zones.
  • Now it’s time for Beginner Vibrators using. Remember that it must be clear and better covered with a thin layer of lube. Start injecting it, registering your feelings and sensations. Gradually you will learn how to apply it properly and what are your favorite vibration modes, positions, etc.

Practice makes perfect, and with the time being you will learn a bit more about your sexual possibilities and preferences.
pink first time vibrator

How to choose

Decided to buy Beginner Vibrator? Don’t rush to make an order. Consider the following:

  1. It’s okay if you order a cheap First Time Vibrator. Anyway, you won’t need a lot of functions, intricate and big shapes or numerous vibration modes. That is required for more experiences ladies.
  2. Mind that if you are going to masturbate in a swimming pool or shower, you should choose a water-proof variant. By the way, don’t let batteries to get wet – that might be dangerous.
  3. Read some First Time Vibrators reviews. That will help you to understand what do people using this or that device experience.
  4. Choose safe and 100% non-allergic materials.
  5. Search for devices at official sites only – be aware of fake production, it may be dangerous.

purple first time vibrator

Where to buy First Time Vibrators?

Our partner offers a lot of different vibrators for beginners. Visiting this site, you enjoy pleasant and simple shopping and even more:

  1. The possibility to order shipping to the specified address. The delivery is anonymous, and discreet package will save your privacy.
  2. Beginner Vibrator prices are more than agreeable. You may find a suitable variant not wasting too much money.
  3. A huge range of different vibrators with various modes, functions, colors, materials, etc.
  4. You may choose a convenient payment type.
  5. A user-friendly site eases shopping, making catalogue navigation fast and simple. Besides, you may arrange an order just in a matter of two minutes.

fun first time vibrator
Where to buy First Time Vibrator? Don’t hurry to the nearest sex shop. On our partner’s site you will find everything necessary. First Time vibrators will help you to get new, fresh sensations, making this experience pleasant and painless.
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