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Flavored Lubes

Flavored lubes are a special type of lubricants that have added taste in it. They are used to spice up ones sex life with delicious tastes – most frequently fruity tastes. Flavor lube is suitable for normal, as well as anal sex and is harmless when eaten. People also use them for oral sex, just to make the licking more delicious and attractive.

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What is a flavored lube?

Flavored lubricant is most often a basic water based lubricant with added taste in it. It can be a classical fruity taste, such as very popular strawberry or passion fruit, but it can also be vanilla, chocolate, or more unconventional flavors like icecream or watermelon, or even salted caramel.

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But at a first glance, adding flavour to lubes might seem useless, since lubes are mostly used to lower the friction during sex. And while this holds true, special kind of lubes – flavor lube – are used in different occasions – mostly for oral sex. Sometimes, women are not so keen on performing blowjob on a man or licking his balls, because of its specific odor. This problem can easily be solved with adding tasty lubricant on penis and balls – suddenly a woman has no problem with oral sex. But it also works the other way – vagina also has a specific taste and odor. Or you can use it while masturbating – it just gives the room a nice-smelling and makes you more relaxed.

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Types and main characteristics

Flavored lubricant nowadays comes in many flavors, shapes, sizes and textures. Possibly the most basic distinction is a base texture that is used in the lubricant flavor. We can have:

  1. Cream flavored lube;
  2. Water based flavored lube.

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When it comes to distinction from normal lube, the difference is obvious: this is a flavored lubricant, so it has a specific and delicious taste. This brings us to the question: is lube edible? Yes, even the normal ones are harmless for eating, but this is a special edible flavored lube. That means this lubricant was made especially for eating and licking it during sexual intercourse. Also, the usage can be quite wide. You can use it for:

  1. Normal sex;
  2. Anal sex;
  3. Oral sex;
  4. When using sex toys.

Of course, most commonly, this type of edible lube is used for oral sex. Some ladies, for example, do not like to perform oral sex on a man, so putting some wet flavored oral gel on a penis might make is tastier for lady.

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How to choose the best flavored lube?

Now that we have established what is flavored lube, we can move to help you find the specific one you will like the most. To find best-flavored lube, there are few things to take into consideration, and one of them is the price. You can find lubricants starting from a few dollars up to twenty dollars per bottle. The packaging is also to be considered. You can have bottles perfect for traveling up to 100ml or slightly bigger ones: 100 – 200ml.

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The tastes differ widely, but you are most likely to find a variety of fruity flavors, one of the most favorite ones among buyers is strawberry flavor. It might be because of strawberries couple with sexual activities nicely. But there are also other, more untraditional flavors if you are looking for something new and inspiring. The wise thing to do here is to look for flavored lube reviews – maybe some previous buyers can help you answer some of the questions you might have at this point. And the good thing is, nowadays producers try to satisfy also customers who care about the environment or are against added chemicals in products. This is why you can easily find also organic flavored lube – make a wise buying decision and enjoy the fun at the same time.

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How to use?

The usage of flavored lubricant is pretty self-explanatory, but also depends on the type of sexual activity that you plan to bark upon. If you are using edible lube for normal vaginal intercourse, put a reasonable amount on your penis and in the vagina and enjoy the ride. When it comes to anal sex, do the same thing only use more lube, since anal hole does not have natural lubrication, so it needs more lube. The same logic applies to games with sex toys – make sure you use enough good flavored lube to make things run smoothly. You can add later on.

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When it comes to oral sex, just use the amount that you like the best – if you do not like the natural taste of what you are going to lick, use more of lube. But do not forget you can use this tasty lube also for foreplay – you can just casually lick it off your partner’s body and enjoy the delightful taste. When it comes to storage, remember that good flavored lube should not be in direct sunlight and should be stored at room temperature, not higher. Adhering to this advice gives you the assurance that your lube will not go bad.

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