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Flexible sex positions

Bridge sex position.

You should know that not everyone can use all sex positions if you have read the Kama Sutra. Some are different from the conventional techniques and require the flexibility of at least one of the sexual partners to achieve. Having such attributes allows couples to try sex from different, crazy hot angles without pushing past their limit. Some of the flexible sexual positions that only bendy people can achieve are listed below. You and your partner may attempt some of them to spice up your sex sessions.

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5 Flexible Sexual Positions

The flexible sex positions below require some flexibility, from mild to intense. Ensure you and your partner are comfortable with the stances to prevent injuries.

All Fours Standing Doggy

All four standing doggy is different from the regular one where the receiver is either kneeling or holding an object for support. Here, the receiver bends completely forward with hands planted on the ground while the giver penetrates from behind. All four standing doggy needs the receiver to be flexible enough to bend forward without pain. If your partner cannot achieve that, do not attempt it as it may lead to some nasty accident or severe pains.

Standing Doggy with A Split

This standing doggy style requires the receiver to have mastered a split. The giver stands behind the receiver while the latter bends forward, one leg on the ground and the other erect against the former's body. The giver then penetrates from that position with the receiver resting their foot on the giver's shoulder as leverage. If the receiving partner in your case cannot achieve a split, this type of standing doggy will be impossible.

Missionary With Two Legs Raised

The famous missionary style involves the receiving partners laying down with their legs up or stretched out. This missionary technique raises the standard by demanding a minimal physical flexibility level from the receiver. Such a person has to lay down with their legs touching the giver's shoulders before the latter begins to thrust. Here, the receiver does not need much flexibility, only ensure that they are comfortable with the sex stance before moving.

Reverse Cowgirl or Cowgirl with A Split

This flexible sex technique is beneficial to people who love G spot stimulation. Here, you and your partner can assume the stance of the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position. The partner on top goes into a side split, props on the receiver's chest or legs with their hands, and grinds. The partner laying down can also add more rhythm by grinding simultaneously. It allows the vagina to get stimulated as the partners grind against each other.


Here, the receiving partner goes into the bridge stance while the giver stands between their legs and thrust. If you don't know what the bridge position looks like, lay on your back, prop up on your legs and arms with the knees apart and the arms slightly distant from your ears on both sides. The position exposes the receiver's genital and allows the giver premium access to thrust unbridled. The Bridge flexible sex position required strength and flexibility from the receiving partner.

Is A Flexible Body Good for Sex?

Physical flexibility allows couples to indulge in their dream sex positions without discomfort and injury risk, while trying those like the examples above. Some of the benefits of having a flexible body in our sex life include:

  • It reduces the risks of muscle tension and injuries. If you are already flexible, the bendy sex technique will not cause you harm. Instead, you will nail it and enjoy every bit of it.
  • It allows partners to explore diverse sex positions. You can try naughty flexible stances anytime with a bendy body.
  • Physical flexibility improves your sexual energy. Your libido increases because there are no tensed muscles, pain, or discomfort during sex.
  • It allows you to enjoy your sex sessions which may be uncomfortable for inflexible people. You can grind, thrust and move freely without straining your muscles.
  • Physical flexibility prevents mood killers, such as when you and your partner struggle to have sex in an uncomfortable position.

How Can You Make Your Body Flexible for Sex?

If you have attempted any of the flexible sex positions listed earlier without any luck, do not fret. You can improve your flexibility to achieve any sex technique. Luckily, it does not require much to become bendy. You just have to engage in some stretches daily. Stretching is a simple way to become flexible. It extends your range of motion and allows you to move better than before. As you perform your daily workouts, ensure that there are a few stretch exercises that cover the part that needs improvement. That will help improve your flexibility gradually until you can successfully go into the flexible sex stance.


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