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How to Foreplay?

Romantic Foreplay Activities

Foreplay is also known as outercourse. It is any sexual activity that takes place before sexual intercourse. Foreplay can mean a preview or warm-up activity leading up to the main event, which is sex. However, foreplay doesn't always have to end in sexual intercourse. Foreplay aims to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity; hence it is typically done before sex.

There are two types of foreplay - physical and non-physical foreplay. Examples of these activities include kissing, cuddling, oral sex, sexting, etc.

Foreplay isn't meant to last for hours; a few minutes may be all you need. Most women have said that 10 – 15 minutes is good enough for foreplay, while some men have said 13 minutes is enough for them. 10 – 20 minutes is enough for good foreplay, but this duration can be adjusted to suit you and your partner's preference.

Many people make the mistake of not engaging in foreplay at all or not long enough before sex. There is a general belief that only women need foreplay, but this isn't entirely true. Men also need foreplay, and their sexual health can benefit from it.

Benefits Of Foreplay

Foreplay has many benefits. It helps in creating a better physical and emotional bond between partners. It increases arousal and makes your sex life even better. Indulging in proper foreplay can lead to longer sex and better orgasm.

Engaging in foreplay with sex toys is an excellent way to diversify your sex life. Role-playing during foreplay lets you use your imagination and even get to know your partner better.


Here are some foreplay guides and tips that can make foreplay better and make it last even longer.

  1. Pay more attention to the sensitive parts of the body: Paying extra attention to the three of the most sensitive parts of the body is the best foreplay tip for women. These sensitive parts of the woman's body are the lips, nipples, and clitoris.
  2. Begin foreplay outside the bedroom: You don't have to restrict foreplay to the bedroom. You can try a romantic foreplay tip like sending a sexy message while at work or simply going through your daily activity. The anticipation can create perfect sexual tension.
  3. Dirty talk is a good idea: Talking dirty is a good idea for erotic play. Don't shy away from talking to your partner and painting a picture of what you want in the dirtiest, sexiest manner you can come up with.
  4. Use your hands: Who doesn't love a good massage? Whether it's massaging or just applying oils and lubes, take your time, start from the back, work your way down, and slowly explore every part of your partner's body. You can also try to slowly remove their clothes and enjoy the anticipation as it builds up.
  5. Use your senses to increase the fun: Explore the sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell and see what your partner likes. You can try blindfolding, increasing eye contact, trying different textures (if you use sex toys), and pressure of touches like being soft as a feather or a firm spanking.
  6. Use your environment: Set the stage for a sexy time. Turn the brain on, and the body will follow. You can try lighting candles, playing sexy music, putting on your favorite perfume (or aphrodisiac cologne), or playing an erotica fantasy. Use your imagination.
  7. Communication: When it comes to relationships, communication is the way to go. Tell your partner what feels good to you. You can use your words, noises, or gestures to give your partner feedback on how you like to be pleased.

Foreplay Activities

Take a cue from these good foreplay ideas to inspire your next sexual couple foreplay.

  1. Start with an excellent make-out session: Take your time kissing your partner without rushing to remove their clothes. A steamy make-out session is a perfect way to set the mood for sexual activity. Make sure to not only kiss their lips but their necks, shoulders, hands, and any exposed skin. For more effect, try dry humping while making out.
  2. Masturbate together: Who said masturbation has to be done alone. Use your hands to squeeze, press, or add pressure to any part of your body. Also, using your hands means you can try out different foreplay positions like lying side by side as you get off.
  3. Watch porn together or read erotica novels: Reading erotica with your partner and talking about what you'd like to act out can be a good foreplay idea. If reading isn't for you, you can watch porn videos together to set the mood.
  4. Oral sex: Oral sex plays a huge role in getting the female body aroused and ready for penetration. Oral sex is fun to give and receive. The best part is that you can use various positions for oral sex. Ever heard of 69?
  5. Roleplaying: What's a better foreplay idea than dressing up as different characters? This is great if you want to try something new in bed or assume a different persona. Roleplay helps you become free and gives you an escape into your fantasies. You can always get inspiration from watching porn if you run out of ideas.
  6. Playing with sex toys: Sex toys are more than just penis-shaped dildos. Vibrators are available in different shapes and sizes and can be used in every erogenous zone you can find. Finger vibes, nipple vibes and remote-controlled butt plugs can be used to improve your foreplay experience.

Tips For Women

The female body is different from the male body. Women cannot get ready for sexual activity on command and are more stimulated by touch than sight. Hence, foreplay is crucial for women. Most women have admitted to reaching orgasm from sexual activities like nipple sucking and fingerings done during foreplay than by penetrative sex. Oral sex remains the best form of foreplay for women.

Some tips to the best foreplay for women include:

  1. Ask questions.
  2. Use sex toys. Turning on the butt plug during a dinner date can build sexual tension before you get home.
  3. Kiss her right and in the right places.
  4. Let her be in the lead when she wants to. Women love a little bit of control and take charge.
  5. Be spontaneous. Foreplay isn't reserved for just the bedroom. You can surprise her in the laundry room as she's doing the laundry.
  6. Do not rush to the clitoris. Take your time to explore other pleasure points.
  7. Take it slow and build anticipation. You can undress her slowly or run your hands gently along her body.
  8. Be gentle on the clitoris. The clitoris is a sensitive organ and not a button on your video gamepad.
  9. Borrow some BDSM kinks like biting and spanking.
  10. A little dirty talk is good.

Tips For Men

Foreplay isn't just for women’s pleasure. It is well documented that women enjoy foreplay more than men; however, foreplay is essential for men even if they don't know it. Some guys are scared of too much foreplay because they feel they can't handle the stimulation without losing control.

Men, unlike women, get easily aroused by sight, and it helps to take advantage of this. Foreplay can go a long way to make sex even more fun for men. Some foreplay tips for men include:

  • Dirty talks. Spill out those dirty thoughts; you can even whisper them close to his ears.
  • Be a tease. Send sexy messages like a sexy picture of yourself. Dress to tease him.
  • Try to initiate foreplay outside the bedroom.
  • Try seduction. You can use your legs to run up his legs while out for dinner.
  • Give him a full body massage. Take it slowly and touch every sensitive part of his body.
  • Take charge. While men love to take charge during sexual activities, they also love it when the woman takes charge.
  • Fulfill his fantasy. If he wants a Cardi B, be a Cardi B.
  • Watch porn with him.
  • Oral sex. Good fellatio is probably the most gratifying foreplay for most men.
  • Let him watch you please yourself. There is nothing hotter for a man than the sight of a woman touching herself.

When foreplay works, it helps both partners ready for sex. And even without penetrative sex, foreplay can help both men and women reach sexual satisfaction and orgasm.


Foreplay is like the delicious icing on the cake called sex. It builds anticipation for the main event and has numerous benefits. It makes sure that both partners are at the height of arousal at the time of sexual intercourse.

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What is foreplay?
Foreplay is an intimate act done by two or more people to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity. Any sexual activity done before intercourse is usually referred to as foreplay. Although foreplay doesn't always lead to sexual intercourse, you can still consider it a precursor to the main event.
What does foreplay consist of?
Foreplay includes every activity that can create sexual arousal; it doesn't always have to be a physical, sexual activity; it can also be non-physical. Foreplay examples include sexting, kissing, cuddling, talking and sharing sexual fantasies, role-playing, etc.
How long should foreplay last?
If you are going to engage in foreplay, you should spend your time doing it. However, you don't have to spend hours cuddling or kissing before you move on to sex. Depending on you and your partner's needs, a few minutes of foreplay should be sufficient. Foreplay can last anywhere from about 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
Why foreplay is important?
The physiological and physical responses it triggers make sexual activities more enjoyable. If you're in a relationship, foreplay helps you build an emotional intimacy that can make you and your partner feel a more intimate bond. And if you are not in a relationship, foreplay can lower your inhibitions and make sex even hotter.
How much foreplay does a woman need?
Foreplay is the most important part of any sexual activity for women. Women need about 10-15 minutes of foreplay because they take longer to reach the level of arousal needed to trigger an orgasm. It serves the purpose of preparing the body and mind for sex.
What men like during foreplay?
Men don't always consider foreplay as important as women do; after all, it can take just the thought of sex to get them aroused. But when they engage in foreplay, they like dirty talks, oral sex (fellatio), striptease and kisses on their nipples.

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