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Fun Sex Positions

Sitting pretty fun position.

Sex is never a boring exercise when you understand what it entails. It is meant to be a pleasurable thing regardless of the style used or its intensity. Fortunately, sex techniques are not a one-fits-all affair which makes it all the more fun. You can explore new sexual positions or use existing ones as long as they make the session enjoyable.

Sex is supposed to be great, and we are here to ensure it stays that way by introducing some fun stances that you should try with your partner one of these days. Check out 7 fun sex positions to try in your next love-making session.

Lovers' Spoon

Getting into position is easy as it requires both partners to lie side by side just like regular spooning. The giving partner lays behind the receiver that raises a leg for easier thrusting. From there, you can hold the raised knee and pump from behind while your partner also matches the moment for deeper penetration. This yummy stance allows you more intimacy and depth with your partner without expending much energy. You can also stimulate your partner's clit or breast with your fingers or a sex toy.

Sitting Pretty

Sitting pretty is another super erotic sexual position that you will love. Have your partner sit with their back against the wall and legs stretched out. They can also sit at the edge of the bed with feet planted on the ground. Straddle them, hold their shoulders, and angle your legs in any way that allows you to move freely and ride. You can either move up and down or rock forward and backward. The sitting partner can also make little movements to hit deeper and touch your erotic zones unrestrained. Sitting pretty is great for marathon sex sessions and allows deeper penetration and insane intimacy for couples.

Advanced Missionary

Of course, this is very different from your regular missionary position. You can get into the advanced missionary position by laying on your back with your legs on your kneeling partner's shoulders. The giving partner thrusts from that position and can stimulate your vagina while moving. You can also move forward and backward to make the party merrier. Advanced missionary helps to narrow the vagina and allows G spot stimulation.


This fun sex position is erotic and has a satisfying effect. Have your partner sit at the edge of the bed while you straddle them facing away. Ensure that your legs are wide apart and planted on the ground with theirs positioned in between. You can also raise your legs and support them with the bed for a juicier result. Your partner can roam their hands around your body and stimulate your clitoris while you bounce on their penis or strap on.


The wheelbarrow is another fun sex positions to try. Although, it is not meant for a prolonged sex session, the wheelbarrow works fine when switching up styles. Kneel before your partner with your rear-facing them and have them raise your leg to their waist level. Ensure that your hands remain planted on the ground for support, then stretch your legs to go behind their waist. Your partner makes the rhythm by pumping from behind at a comfortable speed. The wheelbarrow position allows for deep penetration and a stronger climax.


This is similar to the scissoring style, only that both partners are sitting. Get into position by sitting facing your seated partner. Move your butt in between their spread legs with their bum on the bed. Now, move in so that you can insert their penis or strap on onto your genitals. Both partners or one can prop up on their hands behind them and rock back and forth. You can also move to hold each other while you keep moving to make the sex more intimate.


As common as the leapfrog is, some people never try this fun sexual position. If you don't add it to your bucket list of sex positions for heightened pleasure. Leapfrog is similar to the doggy style, only that the receiver does not prop on their hand. You have to kneel and lean forward on your chest, and arms stretched out with your bum facing your partner. The giver may stand or kneel depending on the receiver's closeness to the bed edge and pump from behind.


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