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It’s not a secret that many women can’t reach orgasm without G-spot stimulation. But where is this secret place of female body located, many men cannot comprehend. And even if some of them are aware of what zone should be penetrated, only a few have skills and shaft long enough to help their partner reach the peak. It goes without saying that a woman alone cannot climax using hands only. Tired of trying again and again? You need some help. Buy G-spot dildo, and explore the peculiarities of your body and the mystery of genuine orgasm.
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What is G-spot dildo?

This is a sex toy that comes in the form of a phallus to perform its functions. The difference between a G-spot dildo and a usual one lies in the shape. While the second one is usually made so that to replicate a penis, the first variation is slightly curved, or may have expanding ends and other additions to stimulate the front wall of vagina. They may come in a variety of unusual colors and forms, so every user can find a suitable item to stimulate her hot spots. Besides, according to G-spot dildo reviews, they are perfect as prostate stimulators, smoothly massaging anal zone and being very convenient in use.

Such type of a dildo is suitable for both solo (whether for men or women) and couple intercourse. It helps to explore the possibilities and peculiarities of female body, opening new facets of orgasmic pleasure.
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Main characteristics

This device is a classic example of sex toy, having the following characteristics:

  1. It has phallus form, but modern versions feature ball shape intrusions, dots, spikes and are curved at different angle.
  2. They are made of various materials: silicone, rubber, hard plastic, glass and metal. Some of them don’t really look like sex toys, so nobody will even notice you have such a device.
  3. The best G-spot dildo may feature in-built vibrating motor to achieve better result.
  4. Most models are produced in pink colors. However, you can find natural looking dildos, or black, blue and purple versions.
  5. Sizes differ: you can find different G-spot dildos online: from 5 to 11 inches and even longer!

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How to use

Although the process of G-spot dildo using seems to be simple as one-two-three, there are some things you should always remember when applying sex toys:
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  • Before playing, make sure the toy is clean. Don’t use out-of-the-box items right away, because they still may have germs and industrial dust on the surface.
  • Apply some lube on the toys and partner’s penetrated zones before having the intercourse. If you use a silicone dildo, select water-based lube. If the device is made of other materials (non-rubber), silicone-based lube may be a better solution.
  • Create calm and romantic atmosphere. You should relax to get maximum pleasure from your sexual experiments. Lie in a convenient position, or help your partner with it. When inputting the device, don’t hurry. Check the sensations you have, adjusting the movement direction and frequency.

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When applying the dildo for prostate massage or anal stimulation, don’t put it too deep. Otherwise, it may get lost in the big bowel. If you experience unpleasant sensations, pains or skin irritation, stop using the toy, and if the pain continues, visit the doctor.

How to choose

The choice is so wide! How to purchase a G-spot dildo that will satisfy you completely? Here are some recommendations:
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  1. Make purchases on the official sites and stores only. Ensure you buy original and safe production, because the issue concerns your health and health of your partner.
  2. Need a cheap G-spot dildo? Select simple silicone or rubber versions.
  3. If you lack pussy juice and don’t like using lubricants, hard plastic, glass or metal variants would be the most suitable. They practically create no friction, being ideal for anal penetration as well.
  4. Think the longer, the better? It is not always true. If you have no idea where your G-spot is, and what length of shaft is required to stimulate it properly, fix upon a middle-size variation. You will always have a chance to order something else.

Where to buy G-spot dildos?

Need a low G-spot dildo price combined with excellent characteristics? Visit our partner’s site! It provides great shopping conditions: wide choice, fast delivery and the highest quality. No fake production! Constant sales and special offers!

With a G-spot dildo, your sexual intercourses will always have happy ending!
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