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G-Spot Dildos

A highly reliable partner for any woman and a simple solution to easy stimulate your G-spot. Most men fail to reach that spot during sexual intercourse but with a G-spot dildo, you can make sure that your fantasies are soon to become reality and all your desires will be fulfilled.

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What is a G-spot dildo?

The G-spot dildo is a specially designed toy, for vaginal stimulation, which can reach and stimulate the woman’s G-spot area with ease. It has a curves head meant to slide inside the vagina and with the tip of the head, to stimulate the area which is known as the G-spot. Using a G-spot dildo will grant any woman better results during masturbation and super intense moments during sexual intercourse with her partner.

strap-on g-spot dildo

Types and main features

You can find all sort of types, colors, shapes and sizes regarding the G-spot dildo but the main types, which are the most rated as well are:

  • The classic G-spot dildo – penis shaped rubber dildo with curves head, controlled manually and easy to maintained
  • The double headed G-spot dildo – Penis shaped dildo with two heads, a curved one which is bigger, for vaginal and G-spot stimulation and and a smaller one for clitoris stimulation
  • The remote controlled G-spot dildo – Just like the classic type but with remote control for a better experience in solo or with the couple.
  • The strap-on G-spot dildo – specially designed to be attached on a harness, mainly for lesbian intercourse and domination fetish activities between couples and lovers.

black strap-on g-spot dildo

How to choose the best G-spot dildo?

To better understand how a G-spot dildo works and for better using a G-spot dildo, it’s always recommended to seek for G-spot dildo reviews online. Once you do that, choosing the best dildo G-spot for your needs should be an easy task. If you are a beginner, start with a smaller size and try using it with gentle moves, no matter it you are using it for yourself or in couple mode. For more experienced users, any type of G-spot dildo will do and they should already now the basics if using it. The best G-spot dildo often is the one that makes you feel amazing. While some users enjoy small sizes G-spot toys, other users love them big in size. Pay attention to the manufacturer and make sure it’s a reliable one.

silver g-spot dildo
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How to choose the right size?

Beginners are recommended to use small size G-spot dildos for a better control of the toy but also to minimize the risks of any possible harm. Best G-spot dildos are equipped with proper instructions and recommendations. The right size should fit your vagina with ease without hurting you or causing you any discomfort. Also, it should be long enough to reach the area which is called the G-spot. It’s the only way for you to feel the vibration the toy emits in that area. Most popular G-spot dildos are designed in such a way that they will touch and stimulate your G-spot no matter what, unlike others which may require a little bit more attention.

red g-spot dildo

How to choose the right material, shape or texture?

Plastic – the g-spot dildos made out of this material are a bit more rigid, providing a firm feeling and stiffness inside the vagina. Highly reliable for experienced users.

Rubber – the G-spot toys made out of this material are soft in touch and very smooth when inserted, perfect for beginners but also for a sensual touch during intercourse.

purple g-spot dildo

Silicone – among the best and most wanted material. Top rated G-spot dildos are made out of this material as it provides the life like feeling of a real penis with realistic feet and sensation just like in real life.

Glass – perfect for lovers in need for something really kinky in bed and suitable for experienced women needy for a different feeling. The glass G-spot dildo feels cold and rigid, perfect for those in love with kinky sensations during masturbation or foreplay.

glass g-spot dildo

How to use a G-spot dildo?

Just like a normal dildo, using a G-spot dildo requires little experience and attention. Simply make sure it’s clean, lubricated and ready to go then insert it in the desires area for stimulation. It will emit strong vibration and depending on the size, it will stimulate the G-spot area stronger or smoother.

realistic g-spot dildo

The G-spot dildo reviews are full of information so taking a tour and reading some of these reviews will always come in handy. The toy should be clean at all times and stored in a cool and dry place. Humidity can affect its electronic parts. The extreme heat can also damage the toy by ripping the material and making it feel less softer or smoother.

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