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How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm?

G spot stimulation

A friend of mine opened a strip club called "The G Spot." It closed after a week as most men couldn't find it. You had a nice laugh right there, didn’t you? Sadly, a lot of us have often heard about the G Spot, and how it is the location for mind-blowing orgasms, but we don’t even know how true this is, or even if the G Spot exists at all.

To discover where the G Spot is located, how to find it, fun facts about the G-Spot, and tips that can help you achieve the G Spot Orgasm, read through this article. We’ll help you cut through the noise and focus on the main things you need to know about the G-Spot and G-Sport orgasms.

What is a G Spot orgasm?

The G Spot, also known as the Grafenberg Spot, is a small area located about two inches in and one inch up along the vaginal canal, very close to the belly button. It is not an anatomical structure as much as it is an erogenous zone. The G Spot, known as the sweet spot in females, is very sexually sensitive. When aroused, it swells slightly and feels like a small bump or elevation. When the G Spot is massaged, the internal shaft of the clitoris is stimulated, causing very intense sexual stimulations that live up to all the hype you’ve heard about the G Spot and more.

In addition to that, the female G Spot can vary for each person, which is why it is not so easy to find. For some people, it can be a little to the left or right, while in others, it is closer to the vaginal opening or deeper. Women can enjoy both clitoral and G Spot orgasms simultaneously for an overwhelming sexual excitement.

How to find your G Spot?

Since it has been established that there is no specific anatomic location of the G spot, it makes finding it a little tricky. The good news is that we already narrowed it down to a search zone. To start with, ensure that you’re relaxed and sexually aroused because it makes it easier to find this sensual gold mine.

In addition to that, make sure you are lubricated. You can consider using lube if you can’t get sufficiently wet without help. Gently insert a finger or two into the vagina. These fingers should be facing the top wall of the vagina. Curve the fingers and rock them towards the belly button. Stroke gently and slowly to explore the sensations being felt. Finally, note if you feel an area of tissue that feels harder or denser than the surrounding area. There is no specific way to determine if you’re there, but the pleasure you get from touching it should be enough to let you ko you’ve struck gold.

The best sex positions to stimulate the G Spot

Now that we understand what the G Spot is and how to found it, let’s explore the best sex positions to stimulate the famed spot.

  • Doggy style – There’s a reason why this sex position is highly heralded. It provides the perfect angle for stimulation and allows you easy access to prime estates such as the G Spot. It also affords deep penetration while offering access to secondary sex organs such as the breasts and buttocks.
  • Cowgirl – This position gives full control of the rhythm and depth of the penetration to the rider. The angle can also be adjusted to help you focus on G Spot stimulation and orgasm.
  • The G-Whiz – As the name dictates, the G-Whiz position was specifically designed to stimulate the G Spot and other sensitive areas. In this position, with your legs raised, your vagina is narrowed, making it easier to find G Spot. The angle can also be adjusted while you scan for the spot that many seek but only find.

Sex toys that can be used to stimulate the G Spot

  1. Rabbit vibrators: These vibrators are crafted for G Spot stimulation and clitoral massage at the same time. The result is amplified sensations and blended orgasms that you’ll struggle to achieve with your fingers alone.
  2. G Spot vibrator: This vibrator is the best for straight G Spot pleasure because it is perfectly curved like a penis with a thick structure for much-needed girth. It has powerful pulsations even when on the low setting. The G Spot vibrator only gives G Spot pleasure, so it lacks a dedicated clitoral feature.
  3. G Spot tickler vibrator: The G Spot tickler vibrator is another toy that can help you reach orgasm very quickly. The vibrator massages the clitoris while the pointy tip massages your G-Spot for a powerful feeling of pleasure.

Tips to help you achieve the G Spot orgasm

This section outlines some tips that can help achieve the G Spot orgasm easily, including what to avoid when trying to stimulate the G Spot. Remember, this can be done singlehandedly or with the help of a partner. Follow the following tips as a guide.

  • Ensure that you’re fully aroused before carrying on. The size of the G Spot is directly proportional to the state of sexual arousal. The spot grows considerably as your sexual excitement also grows. It is also important to note that full arousal differs for every woman, so be patient and work your way to get there.
  • Explore the sex toys specially designed to stimulate the G Spot. Some of these sex toys have been discussed earlier in the article. These sex toys are devised with tips to target the upper wall of the vagina and fill you with limitless erotic pleasure.
  • It is always beneficial to find your G Spot by yourself before having a partner look for it. It puts you in the driver’s seat as you help your partner. After the spot has been discovered, find a position during penetrative intercourse which allows you to target the sweet spot to achieve your much-desired climax.
  • Do not get hung up on the need to find your G Spot or have a G Spot orgasm. You can also try to find all the different areas and types of stimulation that work for you and those that don’t. You don’t want to be limited to a single position anyways. Note that sexual bliss and orgasm can also be experienced in many other ways, some of which include nipple stimulation, anal play, and clitoral stimulation.


Remember, no one knows your body as you do, so don’t be scared to get in there and explore! Also, keep in mind that there’s no perfect rule book to help locate the G Spot on your body. You cannot also rely on second-hand information, no matter what. Do not allow an obsession with the G Spot to keep you from exploring other zones.

If you found this article helpful, you might want to check out our sex toy reviews to find the perfect design for you. There is a host of options to select from to suit your budget and taste.

How do you give yourself a G Spot orgasm?
Insert one or two fingers into your vagina, curling them up towards your belly button. Try to identify the area that produces more sensations than the surrounding areas. It might also have a different texture. After finding it, play around it with pleasure, in the motion that you like best. Also, if your fingers don’t do the trick, you might want to get vibrators that are made to stimulate the G Spot.
What is a G Spot orgasm?
A G Spot orgasm is gotten from the stimulation of the G-Spot, a point of pleasure on the anterior vaginal wall. When touched in the right way, it can cause ripples of sexual excitement that would most likely end with a mind-blowing climax.
What is the best toy for a G Spot orgasm?
There are different vibrators that stimulate the G Spot directly or indirectly. The best toys have smooth structures and ergonomically curved shapes, which enable them to provide intense sensations.
How to have a G Spot orgasm with a vibrator?
Before using a vibrator, it is always helpful to locate the G Spot manually using your fingers. Sex toys such as vibrators work best when you are aroused. At the height of it, the G Spot becomes engorged, priming it for unparalleled sexual sensation. Using lubricants also makes it easier to use vibrators. When using the vibrator, insert it from behind to create an upward angle to hit the G Spot better.
How to use fingers for G Spot orgasms?
Insert a finger or two into your vagina, and run the fingers along the top wall. Look for an area that feels slightly distinct from the surrounding areas and elicits more ecstatic reactions from you. Keep stimulating the area with a "come-hither" motion, that is, bending your finger in the motion of calling somebody over.

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