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Glass Butt Plugs

They provide the ultimate pleasure in fantastic modes thanks to their unique design and cutting edge features. The glass butt plugs are some of the most popular butt plugs and among the highest rated to provide extra hot pleasure during anal masturbation or foreplay.

pink 4 inch glass butt plug with flower
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What is a glass butt plug?

Due to their versatility, utility and beauty, the glass anal plugs are cutting edge sexual toys meant to offer users the best anal stimulation in either solo or couple mode. Perfect for such activity and highly rated by most users, these glass toys are a must if you love anal stimulation. They vary in shape and color but also in length and circumference, that way pleasing a wide number of users and granting them the best experiences, shaped on their desires and fetishes.

pink 5 inch glass butt plug with flower

Types and main features

Just like any other sexual toys, there are two main types of butt plug glass:

  • Small glass butt plugs – big sexual toys with no more than 4 inches of insertable length, specially designed for the beginners or extra tight holes. Reliable in the way that they provide the same pleasure for the beginners as the larger ones provide for, the more experienced. They can vary in shape and color, but they serve the same purpose, intense anal stimulation for both solo and couple mode.
  • pink 5 inch diamond glass butt plug

  • Large glass butt plugs – They vary between 5 and 6 inches of insertable length and can have up to 5 inches in circumference. These toys are specially designed for experienced users that are comfortable with inserting such inches into their anal holes. Just like the smaller brother, these large glass toys come in many shapes and colors, but they serve the same goal, full anal stimulation and orgasms.

pink 3 inch glass butt plug
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How to choose the best glass butt plug?

It’s hard to tell which one is the best glass butt plug because of the large number of shapes, colors, and dimensions. However, based on the majority of glass butt plug reviews, the best ones seem to be the large ones. Although this is a general opinion, choosing the best one for you must not rely solely on these reviews. Always keep in mind, if you are a beginner, that smaller ones are highly recommended. Also, while some might find the flower shaped or heart shaped glass toys more suitable, others might find the classic form as being the best one for them. In conclusion, choosing the best glass anal plug is a matter of taste and should not rely solely on what others think. It’s up to the user which form, shape or color he chooses but seeking for proper reviews and other users feedback will always come in handy.

3 inch glass butt plug with faux fur tail

How to choose the size?

As most women say, ” the size does matter” but it’s not always about the bigger size, it’s rather about the right size. Some users, especially the beginners, find it more suitable to use small sizes glass butt plugs, while the more experienced ones prefer bigger ones. To choose the right size for your toy, keep in mind the following:

4 inch green glass butt plug

  1. If you are a beginner or unexperienced, always start with small sizes in both length and circumference
  2. If you are using the butt plug in couple mode, talk with your partner about the size and fall to an agreement
  3. Don’t rely solely on online glass butt plugs reviews from others

3 inch glass butt plug

If you combine these important tips with the right online glass butt plug reviews, you will certainly end up with the right size and the right toy, enjoying fabulous anal stimulation alone or with your partner.

How to use a glass butt plug?

Using a glass anal plug is as simple as using all other types of butt plugs and if you are asking yourself “are glass butt plugs safe?” , the answer is yes! The glass butt plugs are definitely safe and reliable, not to mention they provide unique stimulation to the anal hole.

4 inch glass butt plug

Anal glass plugs are safe to use and very easy as well, just read the instructions and make sure you understand the toy’s purpose. After that proceed with inserting it with gentle moves, first the tip and then the rest of the insertable inches.

Make sure to keep proper hygiene especially because it’s a anal toy we are talking out. Before and after each use make sure to clean the toy and store it in dry places, out of the reach of extreme heat or moisture. Humidity or direct sun light might cause damage to the toy.

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