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How to be a good kisser?

Kissing Skills Of Your Partner.

There’s no denying that kissing is an important part of intimacy. Whether you’re on a first date with a new partner or getting it on with your long-time significant other, nothing compares to kissing someone you’re really into. When a kiss is perfect, you create magic, but a terrible one can leave you questioning your life choices. Just so you don’t get a reputation for being the bad kisser. Those things stay with you for the rest of your life. To avoid this, we have put together some important tips about kissing and the secrets to having your partner want more of your lips.

Kissing tips from the expert

Great kisses leave you wanting more. Like a drug flowing through your veins, it takes over your emotions and triggers lights the fires of physical attraction. Life is too short for mediocre kissing, and it does not take that much to up your kissing skills. So, why not take some kissing tips as curated from the best kissing experiences on record:

Pre-kissing tips

  • A fresh breath: The first thing you’d want to do is give your partner reasons to keep yearning for a kiss, and a fresh breath usually does the trick. There’s nothing as offputting as leaning in for a kiss with your long-time crush only to be knocked back by bad breath. That would be a major buzzkill if there ever was one. The considerate thing to do is to brush your teeth beforehand if you expect the date to end with a kiss. If possible, keep mints handy for moments like these. Also, avoid garlick or spicy foods with strong smells.
  • Your appearance: You cannot always be certain when a kiss will happen, so it’s best to lend a page from the boy scouts book – be prepared. Being comfortable serves as a confidence booster, and it allows you to swing into action at any time. If possible, it’s a good idea to avoid heavy accessories and lipsticks to give room for some first-time awkwardness. It also leaves your partner with less cleaning up to do afterward.
  • Find a nice place: A comfort zone of your choice can help breed intimacy while kissing your partner. The idea is to ensure that you’re both relaxed and able to express yourselves freely.
  • Try physical flirting: Except you’re stealing a kiss, you will probably have all the time in the world, so there’s no point rushing it. Avoid going from 0 to 100 in a split second, especially if you have been distant from your partner for a while. Rather, try other physical acts of intimacy such as moving your body closer, holding hands, putting your arms around their shoulders, etc. It sets the mood and helps them anticipate bumping lips and swapping saliva.


As you both lean in to lock lips, here are tips to help you make magic:

  1. Start without your tongue: Let your lips take charge. Not to spread the stereotypes, but you might have more success being aggressive when kissing a boy and going mild while kissing a girl. As girls are mainly focused on the romance that comes with the kiss, make it passionate and smooth if you want her to come back for more.
  2. Introduce intermittent lip-sucking: Gently, taking your partner’s lower lip into your mouth, not more than 5 seconds, nibble it softly and go back to making out. Do this at intervals.
  3. Involve your whole body: Even though kissing majorly engages your lips and mouth, you need to get your whole body in on the action to make it more sensual. You can do this by caressing your partner and stroking their hair. This makes the kiss more engaging and intense, especially when you’ve been kissing for a while already.
  4. Don’t forget the erogenous zones: Don’t forget to nibble softly on the earlobe, the nose, neck, and other sensitive areas as prescribed by your partner. Run your tongue along their collar bone and slowly explore other areas. Gentle skin sucking will do if you don’t want to get your partner covered in saliva. Also, avoid biting unless your partner asks for it.
  5. Make the moment memorable: No pressure, but kiss impressions set the tone for your relationship most time. Creating a lasting memory on that first kiss is a solid foundation to build off, and it helps confirm compatibility.


This is the moment of truth and time to know if you’ve done a wonderful job, so you don’t want to throw all your good work out the window because of a poor followthrough.

Start by unlocking your lips from your partner’s, then slowly open your eyes. If your partner’s face lights up with a smile, you can be certain that you did a good job. All you need to do is match their smile. Also, don’t be afraid to start an honest conversation. Saying something nice and genuine about how you feel will help your partner get on the same page with you. It also helps prevent the awkward silence after most first kisses.


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How to kiss well?
Once you’re sure your partner is in the moment with you, follow each other’s lead, slowly introduce your tongue while nibbling their lower lips. Make sure your whole body is in on it as well.
What makes a good kisser?
Well, a good kisser is someone that meets your expectations and handles the moment the way you’ve always imagined. It’s safe to say that who you find to be a good kisser might be a terrible one to another person.
How to become a good kisser?
If you’ve had a bad first kiss with a partner and you want to turn that around, the first step is to have a heart-to-heart discussion with your partner. It gives room for you both to understand what went wrong the first time and improve on the next attempt.
How to know if you are a good kisser?
Getting your partner looking flush, heavy-eyed, and dreamy are all signs that you did a spectacular job with your lips. Leaving them leaning into you for more is also a good sign. Never assume; an uncoerced compliment from your partner also affirms your liplock game.

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