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Hands-Free Orgasm

Hands free orgasm

There's more than one way to reach a destination, and as long as you don't crash along the way, then you are good to go. The human body is made up of many parts, and each of these parts is instrumental in getting a mind-blowing orgasm. The only problem is that many people are old-fashioned, so they don't put enough effort into the art of erotica. However, we would address some of these issues in the article that you are about to read, and at the end of the day, you will be in a better position (you see what we did there?).

Here, we will explain what an orgasm is and dispel some general misconceptions about what orgasms are about. Also, we will show you some of the signs of a successful orgasm, giving you an accurate picture of what you are to expect. Further along the line, we will explain how to perfect the hands-free orgasm, which will leave you (and your partner) immensely satisfied. There's a lot to cover, and we will be starting from scratch.

What is a Hands-free Orgasm?

A hand-free orgasm is the perfect crescendo of sex, sexual arousal, and it is a sign of attaining peak satisfaction without using the fingers. A hands-free orgasm can only be reached once a person has been pleased accordingly (either alone or with a partner). Such orgasms are different between men and women, as they show significant other signs after peak satisfaction. It can be identified pretty quickly for men, as they are usually accompanied by the release of ejaculatory fluid (also known as cum). However, it's not all that easy to identify in women, as only ten percent of women ejaculate during hands-free orgasm. However, a woman knows pretty well about when she has experienced an orgasm, so it only fits that it is communicated to a partner.

A hands-free orgasm is the peak of sexual arousal when all the tightened muscles during sexual arousal relax. That is the perfect ending to mind-blowing sex, and it isn't gotten after a mediocre performance. Also, due to the differences in human beings, it's only proper that a person constantly communicates during the lovemaking session. There are numerous ways to know that you have reached the orgasm, and we will be highlighting them in a wee bit.

Signs of a True Hands-free Orgasm?

Let's show you some of the vital signs that show you that you are home and wet.

A relaxed feeling

Orgasms are amongst the best forms of relaxation, and a true orgasm is one of the most incredible feelings ever. That's because "when you orgasm, your brain is flooded with feel-good chemicals including oxytocin and dopamine. These hormones promote feelings of euphoria, bonding, empathy, and closeness." As such, it's no wonder that people typically take a long and relaxing nap after attaining an orgasm.

You can get this form of relaxation from hands-free male masturbation, and it requires a wee bit of skill to perfect. There's a superstition amongst the male folk about this, and it tells you all you need to know about the art form. Hands-free male masturbation can be done using sex toys, dry humping, and many other things. The end goal is relaxation, and that is a certainty at the end of the day.

A change in breathing and heart rate

Have you ever heard of the saying, "you take my breath away"? Well, that saying has never been more accurate than after a throbbing orgasm. Typically, "on average, people's heart rates were highest at the beginning of an orgasm, and they returned to a baseline about ten to twenty minutes after."

Orgasms are to be treasured, and your breath isn't the only thing that can get taken away after the completion of such mind-blowing sex. Also, the more intense orgasm is, the harder your heart would keep beating, leaving you longing for more. The feeling is astonishing, and it only fits that you savour it while you can.

Your skin gets flushed

We aren't talking about what happens to your cheeks when you meet that special someone, but rather what happens to your entire body after you've cum long and hard. "A lot of people may find that the skin on their face, neck, and chest gets red and might feel hot to touch." There's nothing to worry about, as that feeling is typical during and after an orgasm.

This feeling is known as an orgasm flush, and it is one of the most enthralling sensations that an individual can savour. You can only achieve this after an orgasm, so there's no way that you can fake it. We hope you (and your partner) are taking notes, as these aren't the things you can learn in sex Ed.

How to Try Hands-free Masturbation for the Sexual Satisfaction?

Here is what you need to know and do.

  1. Take advantage of sex toys. Sex toys exist for various reasons, and one of these is to get the perfect hands-free orgasm. This orgasm can be a pleasure when appropriately done, even though it varies from person to person. Sex toys are available in different shapes and sizes, and it's simply a case of different strokes for other folks. However, many sex toys are more popular than the rest and still get the job done across the board. One of such sex toys is the magic wand vibrator, and this sex toy works wonders for men and women looking for the perfect hands-free orgasm. All you'll need to do is ensure that it is adequately charged, super clean, and doesn't have any defects whatsoever. Once that's out of the way, then you can spread those thighs and let the magic begin.
  2. Oral sex. Oral sex means that you would be using your mouth, tongue, and any other related organ to get your partner off to a blissful orgasm. That means you do not have to use the hands, making it all and indeed hands-free. It's worthy of note that this isn't everyone's cup of tea, and not everyone does a great job at it. However, once mastered, this form of sex is a huge asset in getting your partner's toes to curl and giving them an orgasm for the ages. Remember, oral sex isn't something you can just read in a book and become a master. No, you will have to practice frequently, think outside the box, and communicate regularly with your partner to see the bigger picture and startling results.
  3. Dry humping. You might remember this technique from your teenage days, and you probably had a little precum at the end of the day. However, it would surprise you to know that you can get a perfect orgasm from a proper dry humping session. You could also perform this act by blissfully rubbing your genitals against a piece of furniture or a pillow. Dry humping is a super versatile task, and you should regularly experiment with or without a partner to know what gets you off. Tuning in your mind with passionate thoughts would also help in a significant way, and at the end of the day, you'll have a warm and fuzzy feeling. Don't worry; you can thank us later.

Hands-free orgasms are possible; it's just that you'll have to put in more effort than in an orthodox orgasm. However, such a measure would likely yield excellent results, as a fantastic hands-free orgasm is one of the most incredible feelings ever. These orgasms could be gotten either solo or with a partner, which could last longer. Just make sure that you do not settle for little, and you endeavour to practice to attain perfection. There are so many ways to get a mind-blowing orgasm after a hands-free session; that's why we penned this piece for your viewership pleasure.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you want to spread out your sex life, do not pass by our best sex toys reviews. Here you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

What is a hands-free orgasm?
A hands-free orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure attained without the use of hands in lovemaking. It could be achieved either alone or with a partner. You could also get it done by dry humping, using sex toys, or by oral stimulation.
How to cum hands-free?
You have to condition your mind into attaining the peak of sexual liberation. Also, you'll need a couple of effective sex toys and a very wild imagination. Then the rest is up to you (and your partner). Just make sure that you don't stop till you are dripping wet.
How does hands-free masturbation work?
Hands-free masturbation works just like a typical masturbating session. It involves a willing participant, a wild imagination, and a thirst for the spontaneous. You could also use sex toys to take you to the brink of euphoria.
What is the best hands-free masturbator for men?
The best hands-free masturbator for men is butt plugs, as these sex toys are freaky and remarkably efficient. Anal play is a sure-fire way of getting turned on, and what better sex toy to use than butt plugs?
What is the best hands-free masturbator for women?
There is a long list of automatic hands-free masturbators that could be useful for women. But, the most effective ones happen to be Butterfly Vibrators. You could make a pick amongst the numerous ones in the sex toy industry, and your coochie would be best pleased with the end of the day.

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