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Homemade Penis Pump

Homemade penis pump.

A DIY penis pump is easy to make using materials you may already have in the house. Even if you do not have all the items needed to make a home made penis pump available, they usually do not cost much. In the end, your DIY penis pump is more economical than a ready-made product. The downside to making your own homemade penis pump is the use of inappropriate materials. Some of the items needed to make a penis pump yourself may be dangerous to your health. Some may trigger allergies or may be generally harmful to the skin. Another downside to a homemade penis pump is the high risk of injuries. If you do not make it properly, you may get cut by the edge of the items used to derive the penis pump. That may require you to spend unplanned cents treating an injury caused by your DIY projects.

The above possible dangers of making a DIY penis pump is why we advise that you buy a ready-made sex toy instead. The manufacturers use skin-friendly materials when creating sex toys. Their expertise also makes the products less likely to cause injuries. You should see our list of sex toys reviews to purchase an appropriate penis pump. All the reviewed toys are safe to use, easy to order, and well within your budget.

But, of course, not everyone wants to buy a ready-made penis pump which is why we will teach you how to make your own penis pump safely. Read on to see how to make a penis pump with items you may have in your home.

How To Make a Homemade Penis Pump?

When we said making homemade penis pumps is super easy, we meant it! The items you will need in producing one; a hand drill, a clean, thick soda bottle your erected penis size, a sharp knife or hand saw, leakproof sealant like silicone, a plastic tube, duct tape, scissors, and a handheld vacuum pump.

Once you have all the items above ready, see how to make homemade penis pump using the steps below:

  • Cut the base of your thick soda bottle off evenly with a sharp knife or saw.
  • Remove the bottle cap and drill a hole in it.
  • Apply some sealant at the end of your plastic tube, then attach it to the hole you drilled in the cap.
  • Apply the sealant again to strengthen the hold of the bottle cap on the inserted plastic tube.
  • Place your soda bottle bottom on your sponge and draw a circle on it.
  • Remove the bottle and cut around the drawn circle to get a round sponge now.
  • Make a hole big enough on the round sponge for the bottle base to fit in.
  • Insert the bottle base into the sponge now.
  • Fold the sponge edge of the bottle base and tape firmly.
  • Cover the bottle with the cap you attached to the tube earlier.
  • Fit the other end of your tube into the vacuum hand pump.
  • Your DIY penis pump is ready to use!

How To Use A Penis Pump

A penis pump is an excellent sex toy for people with erectile dysfunction. It helps them derive an erection and keep it that way for a while. A penis pump can be harmful despite its usefulness. The main cause of injuries when using a penis pump is improper use. If you don't know how to use a penis pump, there is a risk of injury.

To prevent harming yourself, see how to use a penis pump below:

  • Apply some lubricant to your penis.
  • Put your penis into the tube part of the penis pump.
  • Turn on the pump if it is battery powered or use the hand pump if it's manual.
  • Once erected, remove the tube and enjoy your solo session or intercourse.

How Often Should You Use a Penis Pump?

An FDA-approved penis pump can be used as long as it works for you. Some people use it more than a few times a day, and there are no side effects. You can use a penis pump as often as preferred when you use it the right way. Ensure that you do not pump too much air into the tube or leave your penis in it for over thirty minutes.

Talk to your therapist for instructions before using a penis pump to be safe. They will guide you on how to use it safely while getting the desired result. Note that a penis pump has not been proven to enlarge the penis. Do not injure yourself trying to make your erection grow past its current size.


Making a DIY penis pump is very easy but can be dangerous if you don't make it carefully. You can prevent issues by getting an FDA-approved penis pump instead. To purchase one, go through our sex toys reviews to order a suitable penis pump. They are available in diverse models, sizes, and prices meaning you can find one that meets all your requirement in our sex toys reviews list.

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