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Homemade Prostate Massager

Electric toothbrush like a homemade prostate massager.

No doubt that orgasms feel so good each time you experience them. Interestingly, you still want more, irrespective of how often you have them. If you need to spice up things in the bedroom, want to feel friskier, or want more stimulation during sex, introducing sex toys can help you. While there are homemade toys, how safe are they? Unfortunately, homemade toys are dangerous, and we do not recommend making your sex toys or using any object at home for sexual pleasure. For instance, the material used for homemade prostate toys can be porous. This material can be a breeding ground for bacteria, putting your health at risk. Some individuals can use material that does not sexually satisfy them because they're not designed properly. Also, using everyday objects at home for sexual pleasure might comprise hygiene. Typically, using poor-quality sex toys can cause infections, are uncomfortable and do not serve the purpose.

For the reasons above, find real sex toys on our websites. You'll get cool, quality, and fancy sex toys through specialty in various reviews and selections to feel that orgasm. Therefore, choose tried and tested toys for health reasons.

This article discusses one of the sex toys you can find on our website: a homemade prostate massager .

Homemade Prostate Massager

A DIY prostate massager is a sex toy that makes anal sex more adventurous and fun. Normally, a standard prostate massager might not meet everyone's expectations because our bodies respond differently to various sex toys. Besides, they can be costly too. An intense sex toy for a person can be ineffective for another person. And this is not something unusual as it shows differences in our sexualities. Thus, knowing that differences exist makes it more sensible to design a sex toy that fulfills our sexual desires. That is the joy and freedom that comes with your homemade prostate massage.

How To Make a Prostate Massager?

You might be at home and want to experience the "super-O," but you do not have a real sex toy. The only option is to turn to a DIY prostate massage.

And the big question is: how to make a prostate massager? Here are a few things you can use to make a homemade prostate massager:

Electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is often shaped as several penetrative sex toys. Another exciting feature of an electric toothbrush is its vibration when turned on. However, do not use the brush end least; you're left with a bleeding butt. Then do you use it? Insert the brush's handle in your butt, turn on the vibrations, and you're ready to experience the pleasure you need. Also, ensure to use an electric toothbrush with a large head, waterproof and slightly curved.

Bee's wax candle

It is an item that you can use when looking for a good homemade prostate stimulator. But, do not use a non-bee one since it can contain unsafe materials that you wouldn't wish to touch the inside of you.

Normally, bee wax offers antibacterial effects, which makes this kind of candle healthy for use. Besides, look for a bee's wax candle about 2.5 cm thick and 15 cm long.


Cucumber is not only great for salad as you can use it as a homemade prostate massager. The good thing about it is that it is penis-shaped. Nevertheless, choose one that is still firm and not stayed in the house or stores for longer as such can be softer.


You can use a wooden, plastic, glass, or stainless-steel spoon to pick your anus. But ensure they are well-rounded at the end. The problem with wooden spoons is that their wooden surfaces with micro-pores can harbor bacteria when you use them on your butt. Thus, avoid them! Besides the above items, many other things can help you feel good and take your sex life to greater heights. However, even the best homemade prostate massager might not be safe not because of hygiene and the material used. Household items also do not have a base that prevents the anus from sucking them in.

Irrespective of how embarrassing this might be, rush to the hospital for an emergency if this happens. There is nothing that the doctors in E.R have not seen; thus, do not be scared!

What Are the Better Options for You?

  • Get a real prostate: Visit our website and check the variety of real prostate massagers we have for you. Here, you might get one within your budget and eliminate the worry of sucking things in or compromising your health. Our prostate massager reviews will guide you and help you choose the one that suits you.
  • Get help from your partner: Your partner can be of great help when at home. Your partner's finger can play the trick here, but ensure to use a condom on the finger because, again, you need to observe hygiene. Besides, ensure that your partner's nails are short to avoid tearing the condom.


Although making a homemade prostate stimulator does not require rocket science, it is not a safe way to stimulate your anus. Use items with a curved tip and a base to prevent the anus from sucking them in.

Nonetheless, we hope our article was helpful, particularly with the risk considerations and health. And we recommend you switch to real sex toys.

Visit our website to find various sex toys for different tastes and preferences and within your budget.

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