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Homemade Sex Dolls

Sex doll with black hair on the bed.

A scan through the internet today reveals many sites with diverse articles having headings like how to make a sex doll, how to make your own sex doll , how to make homemade sex doll, and others encouraging the use of a DIY sex doll. However, most of those articles fail to mention the consequences of using a homemade sex doll. Before sex toys and sex dolls manufacturers create products, they perform diverse searches to ensure users are safe. On the contrary, most sex dolls made in our closets with different unchecked materials have not passed through the appropriate scrutiny. They are automatically labeled unhealthy and harmful to us.

For safety, it is advisable to go for sex dolls or toys created by verified manufacturers like those listed in our sex toy reviews. Most are not expensive and do not require you to break the bank before acquiring them. If you cannot afford a sex doll, you can go for genital mimic sex toys like fleshlights, penis rings, dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators. They are much safer and do not cost as much as a sex doll.

What are the dangers of using a DIY sex doll? Read on to see why you should scrap the project "make my sex doll" and purchase a ready-made one.

4 Reasons Homemade Sex Doll Is Dangerous for You

The materials may contain toxic chemicals

Whoever started the homemade sex doll idea was clearly not thinking about its downside when they shared it. Some materials suggested for making a DIY sex doll are toxic and not approved for genital use. Inserting such items in our privates can lead to rashes, allergies, and far more dangerous results. In such an unfortunate case, you may have to spend much more than a sex doll's price to treat yourself. Therefore, unless you have a death wish or something, do not use a homemade sex doll.

The possibility that something gets stuck

Diy sex dolls tutorials suggest quite ridiculous materials, like light bulbs. What if the bulb breaks or gets stuck in your vagina or butt hole?

The bulb may get stuck in your vagina or in a worse situation, break. You then end up at the hospital in pain spending unintended cents on nursing your wounds. Apart from the injuries in your intimate part, just imagine telling your pals that a light bulb broke in your butt.

You may contract infections

Contracting infections is not impossible when you stick unclean diy sexdoll in your privates If you have ever had an infection, you understand how unpleasant it is.

DIY sex dolls are not sexy

Diy sex dolls are usually made from totally unrelated materials therefore, the outcome is not sexy as it lacks the crucial parts of an expertly made sex doll. It does not just feel right, and in the end, you will not enjoy your masturbation session and may even contract infections.

Why You Should Purchase Your Sex Doll and Toy Instead of Making Them

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a sex doll for self-pleasuring. They are great for people who enjoy solo masturbation sessions and couples who do not mind introducing them into their sex life. They make sexual activities more pleasurable and add some out-of-the-world spice to them. However, ensure that any sex stimulator you use is made by an approved manufacturer. Such companies use skin-friendly materials in making the doll parts, unlike those DIY projects.

Ready-made sex dolls benefit you in the following ways:

  • Lower the risk of infections: With proper care, you can enjoy continuous usage of your sex doll or toys without contracting STDs.
  • Prevent mishaps: Sex dolls are made by experts and tested to ensure all users' safety.
  • Enjoy heightened pleasure sessions: The dolls and toys are almost like the actual body parts guaranteeing you pleasure in folds.
  • Prevent irritation and allergies: Sex dolls manufacturers use skin-friendly materials, meaning they are safe.
  • Prevent spending more on injuries and infections: Ready-made sex toys and dolls are safe, unlike DIYs. You do not have to use extra cents taking care of infections or injuries.


A thousand and one things could go wrong when you decide to use unimaginable materials to make a homemade sex doll! We advise that you go for health-approved solo pleasure dolls and smaller toys instead to prevent unfortunate incidents. Make a healthy and safe choice by going through our list of sex toy reviews to select anyone that suits your need and preference. You will find most of them at a pocket-friendly price!

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