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How to Clean a Sex Doll?

Sponge and soap for cleaning sex doll.

Sex dolls are meant to be taken care of regularly to promote their durability and prevent germs from getting into them. Semen may get into the holes or on the doll's body during use. That warrants you to clean it up after use. When you fail to maintain a proper care routine for cleaning sex dolls, there is a high chance that the uncleaned toy introduces bacteria into your genitals. Such a bacteria can cause growth in the vagina area or a urinary tract infection. Therefore, cleaning sex doll is not just for boosting its longevity. You are also protecting yourself from infections by being hygienic. As a plus, a cleaned sex doll assures you of safety. That gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your session with the doll.

Ready to clean your sex doll? This quick read will guide you on how to clean all parts of your sex dolls in simple steps. Read on!

How Often Should You Clean Your Sex Doll?

You should clean your sex doll every time after use to maintain hygiene. For longevity's sake, you cannot do the after-use cleaning thoroughly. If you do a full cleaning every time after use, the doll's skin may become chapped. Sex dolls are susceptible to damage when exposed to moisture although the synthetic material used in making them is durable. Therefore, you should partially clean them after use. A clean cloth soaked in water and antiseptic should do the work perfectly. Just squeeze the towel, and dab the used doll parts.

You should clean your sex doll every two to four weeks. In this case, you will do a full cleaning touching all parts of the doll's body. That way, you can maintain hygiene and help the doll last longer.

How to Clean a Sex Doll? Basic Ways and Tips

For routine care of your sex doll, you need; An antibacterial soap, Water, a Light sponge (Big and small swabs) or towel, A non-abrasive cloth or towel for drying, medical pincers, and baby powder.

  • Note that cleaning your doll is similar to how you would take care of a human. Follow the steps below to care for your sex doll.
  • Submerge your doll in a bathtub or put it under the shower. Be careful not to allow water to penetrate the neck and head to prevent the internal screws from rusting or any other complications.
  • Use the light sponge and soap to scrub the doll's body gently. The essence of using the light sponge is to ensure that you do not scald the skin while washing. Do not scrub too hard.
  • After cleaning the outer part, dry your doll with the clean towel then lay it down to clean the internal areas.
  • Grab a small sponge with your pincer and dip soapy water then push it into the vagina or anus.
  • Move the pincers inside the hole to clean the inside thoroughly then remove the sponge.
  • Clean the small sponge and repeat the cleaning process.
  • Dry the hole by pushing the small towel or strong paper towel in with the pincer.
  • Dab the baby powder in the vagina and anus exterior.

Cleaning the Sex Doll's Face

  1. Detach the doll's head from its body. If there is a wig, remove it too.
  2. Use the light sponge previously submerged in the antibacterial soapy water to dab the face. Be careful not to get water into the sex doll's eyes or on the eyelashes.
  3. After washing, use the non-abrasive towel to pat the face lightly such that there is still some moisture left.
  4. Allow the remaining moisture to dry naturally.

If the doll's hair is not a wig, wash it like you would wash human hair. Just make sure that you bend the doll's head to prevent water from penetrating the holes. After cleaning, dry the hair with a dryer, then attach the head to the doll's body.

Things to Avoid While Cleaning a Sex Doll

There are details you should pay attention to while cleaning your sex doll. Some of them are:

  • Do not use any sharp objects while cleaning the doll to avoid puncturing its skin.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning agents, especially those that react with TPE or silicone skin.
  • Do not submerge the neck or hated of your sex doll while cleaning.
  • Do not use harsh sponges or towels on your sex doll.
  • Do not apply too much force on the doll's skin while washing or drying.


There you are! Your doll is now clean and ready to be used. Store your doll in its box or a storage bag to prevent dust from getting into it. The next time your doll should have a full bath is in two to four weeks.

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