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How to Clean Butt Plug?

Cleaning butt plug with wild soap and warm water.

Since anal holes have highly contractile muscles, there is a risk of cuts when you use butt plugs to expand them. Asides from the blood, fecal matter and dead skin may also stick to the butt plug during its use. Due to that, butt plugs require appropriate maintenance to prevent contracting infections, especially when the sex toy is shared.

Judging by how butt plugs are applied, they deserve a thorough cleaning each time you use them. That will not only help extend the life of your butt plug but ensure that your anus remains healthy. A clean sex toy will have you enjoy your pleasurable session, knowing that you are hardly at the risk of catching or contracting any infection.

Cleaning butt plugs go beyond just washing them. It also involves the sterilization and storing process too. This article will teach you how to clean butt plugs thoroughly and the appropriate way to keep them. Read on!

Types of Butt Plugs

Before we go into ways to clean a butt plug, it is crucial to understand that there is no standard way of doing it. That is because butt plugs are made with different materials which can be either porous or nonporous. As such, you cannot use the same maintenance method on both classes of butt plugs. Porous butt plugs have pores that can absorb elements like; water. As a result, bacteria can easily penetrate through a porous butt plug and create a residence in them. Examples of porous materials used in making butt plugs are; jelly, nylon, plastic, rubber, elastomer, neoprene, and Super skin.

Nonporous butt plugs, on the other hand, have impenetrable surfaces and are safer than the ones made with porous materials. The common nonporous butt plugs are glass, stainless steel, and silicone. There are also other materials found in this category. However, if you are not sure what class your butt plug belongs to, check the package for the product description. Now, after ascertaining your butt plug type, read on to learn how to clean it appropriately.

How to Clean Butt Plugs – Basic Tips

  • Porous butt plugs: Porous butt plugs have stricter cleaning rules than their nonporous counterparts. That is why many people prefer to go for nonporous butt plugs instead. However, once you know the correct way to maintain porous butt plugs, it will become an easy routine in no time. Because porous materials have pores, you should not use any hard objects on them. They should be hand cleaned immediately after use with warm water and mild soap. You have to clean them right after use because porous butt plugs are highly susceptible to bacteria infestation. The pores allow bacteria to breed in them as fast as flash. Ensure that you do not use any harsh cleaning agent or abrasives on porous butt plugs at any point. Otherwise, you would be making more holes on their surfaces for bacteria to penetrate more freely. After washing the butt plug, pat it half-dry clean towel and allows the remaining moisture to dry naturally. Ensure you store the butt plug in its case and away from other sex toys.
  • Nonporous butt plugs: Nonporous butt plugs are easier to clean than porous ones. Their cleaning process is as simple as washing with mild soap, warm water, and a light sponge. You should spend up to two minutes cleaning a nonporous butt plug before rinsing it off.

However, do not scrub your nonporous butt plugs too hard just because they are firm. Avoid scratching their surfaces to prevent injuries when you insert them in your anus. When you are done washing, wipe your nonporous butt plug with a clean towel and allow it to dry completely. Ensure you store them in a cool, dry place, away from other sex toys.

Extra Tips on How to Clean a Butt Plug

  • Do not submerge your porous butt plug for a long time.
  • Always store your butt plug in its case and away from other sex toys.
  • Do not boil your porous butt plug and any type made with combustible materials.
  • Make sure not to scrub your butt plug with abrasives.
  • Disinfect your butt plug with non-irritating compounds.
  • Try not to share your butt plug with anyone. However, if you have to share, clean the butt plug thoroughly before and after use to avoid contracting or spreading infections.


Butt plugs are meant to be cleaned immediately after and before use. If you did not know how to maintain them before now, the guide above contains all you need to know about cleaning butt plugs. The process takes less than 10 minutes but will go a long way in ensuring your safety and extending the life of your toy.

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