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How to Clean Fleshlight?

Cleaning fleshlight with water.

Fleshlights are one of the favorite sex toys that men use. They are much more convenient than using your hands to jerk off. Their fleshy material makes fleshlights feel almost exactly like a real vagina, and that is why many men prefer them when self-pleasuring. Since fleshlights come in contact directly with the penis, there is the possibility of ejaculating in them while masturbating. Asides from that, fleshlights do not self-clean. They get dirty and require routine cleaning to last long and stay in good shape.

If you fail to clean your fleshlight, you stand the risk of contracting infections due to the presence of bacteria or fungi in it. Your fleshlight is also bound to get moldy when you do not clean or dry it properly.

That said, it is crucial to clean your Fleshlight regularly and in the proper way to maintain hygiene and the sex toy's quality. Read on to learn how to clean your fleshlight the appropriate way.

How Often Should You Clean Your Fleshlight?

The fleshlight requires to be cleaned each time after use. That is because every time you use the fleshlight, semen, lubes, or dead skin gets deposited in it. This is not just about the longevity of your fleshlight, your safety is also crucial. Leaving your fleshlight uncleaned after use is like deliberately welcoming bacteria to infect you.

Therefore, it is very crucial to take proper care of the sex toy before using it again. Fortunately, the super skin material used in making fleshlights is durable and designed to resist water. When you use the appropriate method to clean your Fleshlight, there is less worry about its longevity. The next texts below highlight how to wash fleshlight correctly.

How Do You Clean a Fleshlight?

Before starting the cleaning process, remove the inner sleeve from your fleshlight case. Do that by grabbing the flesh's rim and tugging gently to pull it out. Then proceed to follow the steps below:

  • Wash the case and cover with soap and water. Ensure you clean it thoroughly to remove any deposits.
  • Dry the case with a towel then proceed to clean the sleeve.
  • Direct pressurized warm water into the fleshlight for about one minute (anything from 30 to 60 seconds).
  • Massage the sleeve of the device thoroughly from top to bottom.
  • Squeeze the sleeve to force out any elements deposited in it.
  • Run warm water into the sleeves again then dip your finger in it to remove semen. (Do it gently like you would finger a real vagina to avoid tears).
  • Cup one end of the sleeve and direct water into the other hole.
  • Cup the other hole too when the sleeve is filled and give it a shake (you know how you hold a coke bottle at the top and bottom, shake to produce a fizz? Exactly).
  • Stop shaking, squeeze out the water and flush the sleeve again.
  • Spray some fleshwash in the interior and exterior of the sleeve.
  • Dry the sex toy with a towel. You can aid the towel to clean the interior with a long, blunt object.
  • Hang the sleeve to dry out excess water (You cannot get out all the moisture in the interior with the towel alone).

Bonus Tips on How to Clean a Fleshlight

  • Do not attempt using soap (of any kind) to wash your sleeve. You can use soap on the casing but not the sleeve!
  • The fleshwash is the recommended cleaner for the sleeve (Not hand sanitizer, not alcohol!) Try not to use another cleaner to prevent damages or irritation.
  • Do not use hot water to wash the sleeve. Use warm water only.
  • Do not poke the sleeve's interior with sharp objects to prevent punctures.

The last tip: Never ever use the fleshlight repeatedly without cleaning it. Ever!


Do not hurriedly forget to give your fleshlight a nice bath after use. It is not compulsory to clean the fleshlight immediately after use, you may wait till the next morning before cleaning it too. However, it is advisable to care for your sex toy immediately after use. That way, it is easier to clean out the cum (if you ejaculate inside it) before it becomes sticky. And even if you pull out, you should take care of the fleshlight after use to block any chance of bacteria growing inside it.

The method above is the best way to clean fleshlight, and it takes at most 10 minutes to complete the whole process. That is much lesser time than putting your sandwich together.

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