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How To Hands Free Orgasm?

No hands orgasm.

Hands free orgasm, really?! Well, it is normal if your first reaction about having an orgasm without involving the hands is "Impossible!" All the sexual pleasuring methods solo or with partners that most of us ever knew entailed the use of our hands. Most of us believe that our hands are crucial to experience intensive sexual pleasure. Therefore, it may be quite strange hearing that people engage in no hands orgasm.

However, hands free orgasm is achievable when you understand its concepts and the way to go about it. The method is closely-knit with tantric intercourse which involves the conscious use of your mind to achieve pleasure. The tantric sex method, as claimed by people who practice it, helps to achieve deep sexual pleasure than other techniques.

Still in doubt about the no hands orgasm method? Read on to find out how to cum with no hands and factors that make it possible.

What Is A Hands Free Orgasm?

Hands free orgasm means the literal meaning of “hands free.” It means not using your hands at any point while trying to achieve orgasm. The concept of tantric sex entails moving sexual energy around your body actively with your mind than any other part. That said, you can create sensations of sexual pleasure using your mind than engaging in physical activities with adequate concentration.

However, hands free orgasm does not mean you cannot engage objects or other body parts. Anything works as long as your hands do not interfere at any point. Your object maybe your partner's body, excluding their hands. That means penetration is allowed in the hands free orgasm method.

What about sex toys? Sex toys serve as pleasure enhancers or diversifiers during sexual activities. They also help individuals and partners spice up their sexual life. However, for your sexual activities to count as hands free, you cannot use any handheld sex toys. Some of the methods to achieve a no hands orgasm are discussed below.

How To Have Hands Free Orgasm

Orgasm is achievable without physical contact with your erogenous zones and genitals. Some people even have orgasms when they are least conscious of making it happen. Take, for instance, when we orgasm during our sleep. 80 out of 100 people have had sex dreams at one point in their lives. You may have also experienced an orgasm in your sleep once or twice too. That should somehow clear your doubts of whether an orgasm is possible without our hands or not.

Also, as discussed earlier, you can orgasm with intensive concentration. You would have to connect your mind with your body's actions to achieve your aim. While still focused, take slow deep breaths concentrating on the movement from your chest to belly, then genitals. You can also contact your genital muscles in the process to aid orgasm.

Some of the tantric practices that can help achieve orgasm handsfree include orgasmic breathing, yoga, meditating, whispering, and intimate eye gazing with your partner.

How To Have A Hands Free Orgasm With Your Partner Or An Object

There are ways to do it without involving their hands for people who cannot achieve orgasm without the direct stimulation of their organs. Two of them are:

Humping and grinding

Since hands free orgasm does not necessarily mean no touch, you can initiate contact with objects or your partner. You can hump your pillow or any harmless furniture piece to stimulate your organ. If your partner is present, you can indulge by penetrating without using your hands too. They can also use their mouth or tongue to stimulate your erogenous zones and genitals.

Sex toys

Yes, you can use sex toys to achieve a hands free orgasm but, the object has to be truly hands free. Magnetic dildos, for example, can be attached to a surface and used without involving your hands. There are also remote-controlled pant vibrators that do not need much activity. All you need to do is wear the pants, turn on the vibrator, and prepare for a breathtaking orgasm in a short time.


Hands or touching may be crucial parts of attaining heightened sexual pleasure but we can also do it without them. People who have achieved orgasm hands free, boast that it is a deeper type of sexual pleasure than our conventional one. Especially for long-term couples, diversifying your sex life can go a long way in spicing up your relationships.

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