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How to Lick Clitoris

Flower like a clitoris.

Having great sex goes beyond penetration. That’s why oral sex is a favorite. The good thing with oral sex is that there are different ways to eat someone out or go down on them. Unfortunately, not everyone is a pro at this. That is why many ask the question: how to lick the clitoris. Well, oral sex or cunnilingus concentrates on clitoris stimulation, which is far more pleasurable than penetration.

If you are wondering how to lick a clitoris, you have made the right stop. Continue reading for the best advice you can find on the internet.

How to Lick Clitoris Properly

  • Kiss your way down and find the clitoris: To begin in a pleasurable manner, make sure you plant small kisses from the neck or leg before you get to the vagina or vulva. Make sure to also kiss the inner thighs before getting down on the clitoris. Now, search for the clitoris and get in. If you’re not sure what it is, it’s a bean-like structure that sits on top of the fleshy “lips” of the vagina (labia). Start by using your fingers to rub the clitoris gently.
  • You can now begin to lick the clitoris: Begin by licking around the clitoris instead of going directly for the holy grail. You should gradually increase the intensity of the sensations. Use your tongue to lick their clitoris once you’ve teased them sufficiently and they’re into it. Lick it all over, but keep your attention on the amount of pressure from your tongue on the clitoris. If their bodily responses and noises indicate yes, start slowly and progressively increase the pressure and speed. You may also spice it up by changing the curve of your tongue on the clitoris.
  • Make sure they are loving it!: Another aspect people ignore when learning how to lick the clitoris is lack of communication. Find out whether or not they enjoy it. You are in the perfect position to start dirty conversations. You should also know that not every vulva is created equally. They come in various forms, sizes, and sensitivities, so you’ll encounter a variety of preferences based on your current companion. A person may prefer more pressure, while another might prefer slow, hard, in circles, or up and down.
  • The final steps…: Be sure to stimulate other parts of your partner’s vulva or body while you’re licking them out. If they’re into it, run your fingers down their legs, hold their hips, or reach for their breasts/chest and massage those as well. You can also use sex toys (clit vibrator or a wand) on their clit as you lick or finger them.

Can a Girl Lick Her Clitoris

It’s not uncommon to ask how to lick your own vagina. It is normal because autocunnilingus is a thing! It is when ladies give themselves oral sex. But is this really possible? Can a girl lick her clitoris?

Well, women find it far more difficult to perform oral sex on themselves because they must bend down much further to reach their clitoris. While there aren’t many people who engage in self-oral sex, there are significantly fewer women capable of doing so.

While a woman’s flexibility may allow her to lean far enough forward to reach her vagina with her tongue, this is unusual. Only a few women can accomplish this. If they can, it’s usually because they’ve had gymnastics instruction and a lot of flexibility work, or they’re contortionists who bend their bodies to extreme angles for amusement. Women who can lick their clitoris can usually only do so for a few seconds, if not a minute or two. Without extra masturbation with their fingers or a sex toy, they won’t be able to give themselves an orgasm.

Another thing to note about how to lick your own vagina is positioning. Lying on your back with your hands beneath your buttocks is the typical sex position for autocunnilingus. The woman can bend her head and neck forward while pushing her bottom towards her head with her arms. A lady may also find bending easier if she has someone to assist her. While a partner sits behind her and softly pushes her bottom forward, she may find it easier to relax and focus on reaching the clitoris.

If you aren’t able to lick your clitoris, you might be able to learn how to. However, it requires motivation and years of practice to become super flexible. You have to be fit and learn how to stretch your body. You can begin with small stretches to get there. But do not push yourself too hard!


In all, use the above steps to learn how to lick a clitoris. Moreover, if you are interested in licking your clitoris, note that twisting your body to such angles could be dangerous, and you could hurt yourself. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you want to improve your sex life, do not pass by without checking out our best sex toys reviews. Here you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

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