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How to Make a Homemade Butt Plug?

A homemade blue silicone butt plug.

Anal stimulation is nothing without a butt plug - yeah, it sounds like cliché, but it is the truth. If you have tried a butt plug before (of course you have. It’s why you want to know how to make one from home), we’ll stop there. Butt plugs have different shapes, sizes, and textures that give everyone a specialized and unique sensation every time it is used.

So, you want to learn how to make a butt plug from home? It’s no surprise. Though you should know that DIY butt plugs are not safe, recommended, or advisable because they tend to hurt or harm you. So even if you are learning this now, don’t form a habit out of it. Getting the product from a reputable source/vendor is much better. Without any further ado, let’s get into how to make a homemade buttplug.

What Do You Need to Make a Homemade Butt Plug?

To make a homemade butt plug, you would need a few things. These instruments — as we’ll refer to them are easy to get. Just walk up to any local store and voila — there it is staring at you. Some of the things you’ll need can also be found around your house and they cost $0 but these are not DIY in that sense — we’ll get to this in a bit.

The things you’ll need depend on how you decide to make your homemade butt plug. There are three ways to go by it, woodworking, glass blowing, and silicone molding.

  • Silicone molding: Silicone molding is the most preferred method. All you need is to get a silicone molding kit and you can get one from any sex toy shop. The molding kit makes it easy for you to shape out your butt plug to any shape you like.
  • Wood Working: If you happen to be good at carving wood or have someone close to you that does something like this, you can mold out your DIY butt plug with polished wood pretty easily. However, prevent finishes like varnish.
  • Glass blowing: This is another high-grade way to make a homemade butt plug. If you have access to the equipment then why not? You can boil glass and blow it into the shape you desire, cool it, and get into your room for a good time.

How to Make DIY Butt Plugs

If the above methods seem distant to you, then you can look around your home for things that you can use as a DIY buttplug. So, for the question on how to make a butt plug, this is the answer.

  1. Use a toothbrush: This is the fastest and easiest material to find when looking for an emergency anal plug. Depending on what end you prefer, a toothbrush treats your butt the way a butt plug will. What makes this option even better is that it is easy to twist while it’s inside.
  2. Fresh produce work too: Are we the only ones who think bananas or cucumbers make the greatest butt plugs? Carrots too can work magic up that ass if you are open-minded enough to try it. You can use a condom to smoothen out the rough exterior and also to avoid bruises. Some people have also mentioned that sweet potatoes have the right butt plug shape.
  3. Anything with a handle: Instead of mentioning things one by one, anything in your home that has a rod and a handle will work. Just make sure that the material is clean (or better washed) and is not made from a skin-in-sensitive material. Magnifying glass, small mirrors, combs, and so on can do well as a DIY butt plug.
  4. Finger in a condom: Using your finger for anal stimulation is not new - we are not the first set of people to mention it. But if you would like to keep your fingers clean (it’s the butt we are talking about), you might try using a condom. A plus is that the condom also comes with lube that makes penetrating easier.


You see that it is super easy to make a homemade buttplug. You don’t have to spend a lot or anything at all and you can have a good time using things found around you. However, use this method only for emergencies. It is always better, not to mention sweeter to use a real butt plug. The mold makes the sensation a lot different. You can always look through our best sex toy reviews for the butt plug that will heat your ‘good’ time. There are so many options that there is no doubt you will find one that suits your taste and budget.

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