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How to Make a Sex Toy for Men

Man holding sex toys for men.

It is natural for you to get tired of jerking off with your hands all the time. That is why we have diverse sex toys, from homemade to factory approved to help men enjoy a more pleasurable solo time. Homemade male sex toys are quite popular at this age. When men are honey, they usually get creative with items around them as long as it helps derive pleasure. Although some of those homemade male sex toys are not safe, people use them anyway because they get the job done. However, DIY sex toys for men can be harmful regardless of what they do. That is why we often advise that ready-made sex toys be purchased instead. They are usually health-approved and less likely to cause you harm. We know that because we specialize in sex toy reviews. All the products on our lists are made by famous manufacturers and approved for human use.

Nevertheless, we will not take away the fun of getting creative during horny times. In this article, we have listed four safe ways to make a DIY male sex toy fast and easy. Ready to make homemade sex toys for men? Read below to see how to make a sex toy for men below!

Sock Masturbator

When talking of homemade vaginas, the sock masturbator usually tops the list. If you do not already know it, here is your chance to make one. For this project, you will need a new sock of your penis size, a lubricant, a latex glove, and a rubber ring. Pretty basic right? Wait till you finish your creation and use it!

Once you have the above items ready, follow the steps below to create and use your sock masturbator:

  • Fit your latex glove into the new sock and secure the edge to the socks with rubber rings.
  • The inner of the sock should be properly linked with the glove for a successful project.
  • Pour some lubricant into the sock lined with a latex glove.
  • Insert your penis in the hole and get on with it.

Banana Peel Vagina

Just as the term implies, the banana peel pussy is made from a banana peel. Apart from that, you will need scissors, water, and some lube to complete the homemade vagina. The first thing to do is cut off the head of your banana and squeeze out its content completely. Pour some water into the empty peel to flush out the remaining mess and flip it gently to remove the water. After drying, pour some lube into the banana peel, wear it over your penis, and jerk off until satisfied. Ensure that your banana is close to your penis size to avoid tearing while using it. You can also use a condom before putting it in to prevent irritation.

DIY Fleshlight

The DIY Fleshlight is another ace to have up your sleeves in your horny moments. For this, you will need a cylindrical container that serves as the case, a latex glove or condom as the lining, sponges for the filling, and rubber rings. You can either use a tennis ball can, an empty Pringles can, or anything that looks like those two.

  • First, clean your can and ensure there are no jagged edges.
  • Fill the inside of the cam with two sponges or foam.
  • Fit your condom or latex glove in the middle of the inserted foams or sponges.
  • Secure the mouth of the glove or condom to the can's edge with a rubber ring.
  • Pour some lubricant into your lining and penetrate.
  • Beat your meat till you hit home.

Towel Masturbator

A towel masturbator is a sort of similar to a sock masturbator. The only difference is you will be using a face or hand towel in place of a sock. You can also lodge your towel masturbator in between your couch to use. Follow the steps below to create a towel masturbator:

  • Spread out your face or hand towel on a flat surface.
  • Place a latex glove or condom, with the mouth a bit out of the towel edge.
  • Roll up your towel, making sure the condom or glove does not get twisted in the process.
  • Secure the mouth of your lining to the towel edge with a rubber band.
  • Pour some lubricant into the glove.
  • Insert between a couch or use your towel masturbator manually.

There you have it! You can now make at least four different homemade vaginas for a quick solo session with ease.


Did you learn something new from reading our DIY male sex toys article? See our list of sex toys reviews to purchase a better version of your DIY male masturbators. They are available in diverse prices, sizes, and models, meaning you will find one that suits your needs and budget in our list.

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