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How to Measure for a Chastity Cage?

Measure for a chastity cage.

One main question that accompanies the use of chastity cages is how you can get your right size. If you know what a chastity cage is, it is a comfortable yet denying sex toy that is commonly used during the BDSM sex scene. It can only be used by a man since it is to lock in a flaccid penis and prevent you from getting hard as a “punishment”. If you are new to cages, then you might need to know how to measure for a chastity cage because if you use a size smaller or bigger than you, it can be pretty uncomfortable. So, if you are set to know how to measure for chastity cage, let’s get on with it.

First Thing: Parts of a Chastity Cage

To take correct chastity cage measurements, you need to know the parts of the cage that matter. A normal, classic chastity cage has a ring that will sit at the base of the penis. This ring is also what helps to keep the cage in place with the testicles at the back where it should be. There is a small gap between the ring and the rest of the cage and this is just to give your penis a breathing space. It’s a cage, not a box right? Finally, a proper chastity cage has a urination opening (no one stops you from releasing). These three parts make up the entire length of the chastity cage.

To take correct chastity cage measurements, you need to measure just four places based on these parts we have mentioned.

  1. The ring diameter (that is, the width of your penis base).
  2. The cage length. This is the total length of the cage from the base to the tip.
  3. The gap - between the ring and the rest of the chastity cage.
  4. The cage diameter (referring to your penis’ girth).

Now let’s take a look at each of them one by one.

Ring Diameter

This is the first place to begin if you are looking for how to measure for a chastity cage. If the ring diameter is too small, it can prevent adequate blood flow, or make you unable to pee - that’s bad. If it’s too loose, it will be moving around too much, and the metal can bruise your skin — also bad. So, it’s best to go for one that’s just right. The step below will show you how to measure the ring diameter:

  • Make sure your penis is flaccid when trying these steps
  • Wrap a non-stretchy thick piece of string (not a tape measure) around your penis from the top, under the testicles, and back again to the top while placing the end of the string on top of your penis.
  • Make a knot where the string meets and check to see if it’s not too tight or loose.
  • Leave it for about 5 minutes to see if your penis agrees with its fit.
  • Cut the string at the knot and untie it.
  • Using a flat ruler, measure the length of the string to get the measurement.
  • Repeat 2 more times to ascertain the measurement.

Cage Length

To measure the length of the full cage, the following steps will help:

  • While standing and 100% flaccid, use a flat ruler and lie it on your penis.
  • Write down the measurement from the base to the tip - be honest.
  • Subtract about 1/2 inch and you’ve got your measurement.


This is pretty easy to measure using our balls. Look at your balls - yeah, look at them. If they are high and tight, you need a wide gap and if they are low, and loose (while flaccid remember), you should go for a smaller gap.

Cage Diameter

To get the chastity cage measurement for the cage diameter here are the steps to guide you:

  • Cut another string of the same kind as before and wrap it around your penis (look for the thickest part - it doesn’t have to be the base).
  • Mark the point where the string meets with a marker.
  • Place it against a ruler to find the circumference.
  • Repeat 3 more times for certainty.


Getting a chastity cage isn’t the difficult part. Getting your measurements right is. However, with these steps, we believe that it should be easy to get your chastity cage measurements easily. We hope you have been able to find how to measure your penis for the perfect chastity cage. To get the best measurements, try the steps in the morning and evening for variations and then find the average of all the records. Also, if you want to spread out your sex life, don’t hesitate to check out some of our best sex toy reviews. We have things that you’ll be definitely interested in, which will fit your taste and budget. Why not take a look?

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