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How To Ruin an Orgasm?

Ruin orgasm In BDSM relationships.

Ever been walked in on at the point when you are almost there? Well, it happens once in a while, especially when you live in a shared apartment or try to engage in sexual activities in an open space. You probably already knew there was a possibility you would get caught, but that thought is also a turn-on for some people.

While ruined orgasm can be indeliberate, some people actually do it consciously for some reason. Reading this, you may start to think: “Who would ever get pleasure from ruining an orgasm?! It is the real deal” Well, orgasm does not count as the peak of pleasure for some individuals. What gives people pleasure differs from person to person. Just like some people get off from pain, role play, foreplays, and other activities, some enjoy the feeling of a ruined orgasm. Ruined orgasm can be classified under fetishes because such preference is not rampant. People who enjoy being cut off from the bliss of climax do it because they derive a greater sort of pleasure from the action. Is ruined orgasm really a thing? Read on to satisfy your curiosity.

What Is a Ruined Orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is simply what the term implies. Building up one’s pleasure to a very high point, then stopping on the brink of orgasm. The act can be deliberate or happen unexpectedly. Either way, it qualifies as an orgasm that got ruined. It most times occurs in BDSM relationships where the dominant makes a submissive reach a heightened level of pleasure, then stops just when the latter is about to attain orgasm. In that case, the ruined orgasm was initiated by a partner and not oneself.

You may also decide to ruin your orgasm consciously. However, unless you are not after orgasm itself, it will be hard to achieve. Those who get off from this act have the mindset from the start of the sexual activities and find it more convenient to stop short of orgasm. However, someone who is say, on a sort of sex healing process which involves ruined orgasm will find it difficult to do. The stop and start technique, for instance, is a way of treating premature ejaculation in men. It entails quitting stroking the penis when you are about to climax.

Unless such a person using the stop and start technique involves a partner, it may be a difficult hurdle to scale. It takes a very high level of discipline or a greater reward than the climax to engage in a ruined orgasm.

How To Ruin Your Orgasm

As stated earlier, ruining orgasm can be achieved in different ways whether deliberately or indeliberately. Some of the situations where an orgasm is ruined involuntarily include:

  • When someone walks in on you in the middle of self-pleasuring.
  • Sudden sounds such as that of an object falling off or a gunshot.
  • Your vibrator going off just when you are about to orgasm.
  • Any form of distraction.
  • Calls coming.

Ways To Deliberately Ruin an Orgasm Include

  • Commands: In a BDSM relationship, the dominant can stop a submissive from attaining an orgasm by communicating verbally. The submissive has no choice but to stifle an orgasm due to the concept of the relationship.
  • Turning off sex toys deliberately: We all know what sex toys do to heighten our pleasure and diversify our sexual life. However, you can also use them to stop an orgasm. For instance, you can deliberately turn off your vibrator before an orgasm happens.
  • Chastising sex toys: Some toys are designed to limit the pleasure of their user. If you use a toy like that, an orgasm can be stopped.

How Does It Feel to Experience A Ruined Orgasm?

The answer here would depend on how the ruined orgasm happened. Did you do it deliberately? Do you get pleasure from it? Were you forced to stop before an orgasm?

The above questions will determine how you feel about this kind of orgasm. A person who was walked in on while masturbating or having sex will feel disappointed, frustrated, or probably angry about the interruption.

If you get off from a ruined orgasm, your reaction to a stifling climax will be different. You would feel satisfied and highly pleasured. Someone who has been forced to stop an orgasm will probably feel disappointed too.


An unfinished orgasm is not always an accident. Sometimes, we do it to feel a different kind of sensation. It is also a form of treatment for premature ejaculation. Some people even engage in this interesting act because they do not want the fun to end quickly. If you want to know how a ruined orgasm feels, attempt it too.

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