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How to Sissygasm?

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There are many things that people set out to achieve during sex, and such things could include but are not limited to the following. People have sex to build up an emotional connection, attain peak pleasure, let off steam, and take their minds off life's troubles. However, actual sexual intercourse would not be complete without the said individual cumming at the end of the experience. The subjects of this discourse are no different, and they are after a throbbing orgasm as much as you are (maybe even more so).

Here, we will be telling you all you need to know about sissygasms, what they entail, and why they are so aesthetically pleasing. We will also give you many handy tips that would come in clutch in achieving a top-notch sissygasm. We are doing this to ensure that you are clear about specific terms and you aren't caught unawares in the long run. So without further ado, let's delve into the unique world of sissygasms!

About Sissygasm

What is a sissygasm? A sissygasm is a hands-free orgasm, usually obtained by being pegged by a strap-on or dildo. Perfecting a sissygasm is no easy task, as quite some work has to ensure that the sub in question is pleased. The dominant partner looking for a sissygasm is tasked with doing everything within her arsenal to get her sub in the mood, ease her mind, and stimulate her in ways that will result in a blissful sissygasm.

The only difference between a sissygasm and an orgasm is that sissygasms are exclusive with the divine feminines. In contrast, typical orgasms have no limit to the scope, as men, women, and anyone in between can get it.

How to Sissygasm?

Making a sissy have an orgasm is not a piece of cake, and it requires a great deal of effort from all parties involved. Here's a tiny tit for tat about how to achieve a throbbing sissygasm.

First off, you'll need to identify your partner's erogenous zones that need pleasuring, and there isn't a rule set in stone about this. As such, take time to explore your dom's ass, their breasts, and anywhere else you can please during foreplay and sex proper. Once that's figured out, then you can set up the ideal scenario for a throbbing sissy orgasm. It is important to note that sissy orgasms can only occur in conducive environments, and being spontaneous might not cut it. Next stop, you'll have to master three acts that start with the letter P. These are practice, patience, and the p-spot. You'll need to be training long and hard to master the art of a sissygasm. Then, you'll need to have the patience to please your sissy and avoid the temptation of rushing things. Furthermore, with time you'll locate the p-spot, and it is game over from there.

Sissygasms are largely dependant on timing, spontaneousness, and feeding the partner's mind with pictures that will put her on the brink. It is already hard enough that you are straddling her with a dildo or strap-on; the least you can do is ensure that she's given the enabling environment to do your bidding. What's more, ensure that you let your sissy tease you now and then, also make sure that you give off great moans when you treat yourself right. Some sissies say that they love it when their lovers moan, so it won't be such a bad idea to try that route. Sissygasms aren't rocket science, and with time, effort, and constant practice, you'll be able to get the results that you (and your partner) so richly desire.

Final Thoughts

A sissygasm is one of the most soothing sites ever, and the perfection of such is worthy of applause. That is why we took our time to guide you on the steps to follow in making your quest a reality, and we advise that you follow the tips to the latter.

We are optimistic that you have learned a thing or two about the subject matter, and you will be able to please your sissy in ways you previously taught were impossible. Plus, if you need more resources on the subject matter and beyond, you can check out our website. You'll find everything and extra that you need to know.

What is a sissygasm?
A sissygasm is a hands-free orgasm achieved through anal play by hitting your prostate using a vibrator, dildo, fingers, or cock without touching your penis at all. That is different from orthodox orgasms, but it requires more practice, patience, and perseverance.
How to have a sissygasm?
You can have a sissygasm by either making use of DIY sex toys or via a willing partner. Both of these acts require practice, patience, and perseverance. Sissygasms are a thing of beauty when achieved so that it will be worth the effort eventually.
What does a sissygasm feel like?
A sissygasm feels like a typical orgasm, only that it is three times better thanks to all the effort involved. Partners could be picky, and they can only be achieved when all the sexual stars align. Coming from ladies that have experienced their fair share of sissygasms, they said that it is an experience for the ages and worth all the effort.

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