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How To Spice Up Sex?

Man and woman have a good sex.

Sex — rolling in the sheets, genital meet and greet, riding Pedro — whatever name you call it, is as important to most people as eating. It is a fun activity meant to be enjoyed and looked forward to with excitement and giddiness.

However, in a relationship, sex can become “boring” and almost repetitive. You or your partner can become less inclined to get intimate, making sex a chore.

Why Do You Need To Spice Up Sex?

Sex can get boring. That is the truth, especially for married couples and partners in a long-term relationship. Once the initial relationship giddiness fades and a rhythm is established, it is very easy for sex to become stale, notwithstanding the obvious attraction both partners still feel for each other. This can be problematic as sex life is one of the most important aspects of a relationship and should be enjoyed by both partners.

What Causes A Dip In Sex Life?

The decrease in the desire for sex could be caused by stress, hormones, or just doing the same thing repeatedly in the bedroom over a long period. It can also be caused by a lack of sexual communication between partners. When one partner is stressed or not getting what they want from the sex, it can cause them to withdraw and lead to a decline in the sex.

How To Spice Up Sex Life? Best Ways!

There are many ways to spice up your sex life, whether in marriage, dating, or a purely sexual relationship. They include:

  1. Communication: No matter the relationship tag, the importance of communication cannot be overemphasized. If you think there is a need for improvements in your sex life, or you have new ideas and kinks you’d want to try out with your partner, communicate openly with them. Ensure that the talk is done in a relaxed atmosphere devoid of pressure. This could be while watching TV or just cuddling. Try not to sound accusing. If your partner communicates to you about their desires for sex, listen without judgments and speak up about your desires.
  2. Invest in sex toys: What better way to spice up your sex life than with sex toys? Sex toys are like the extra seasoning your sex life needs, and the best part is you can never have too much of it. Before investing in sex toys, conduct extensive research and take your time to figure out what feels best for you and your partner. Some sex toys you can purchase include vibrators,butt plugs,nipple teasers, etc. Remember, though, that sex toys are there to spice sex up, not to replace or compete with your partner.
  3. Be spontaneous: Who said sex has to be perfectly planned? Step out from the bedroom and have sex anywhere in the house. Baptize your living room, kitchen, and even bathroom with the passion you share with your partner. You also don’t have to wait until it’s bedtime to have sex. You can have a quickie just before you leave for your day's work, in the shower, kitchen, or even in the backseat of your car. Don’t get caught.
  4. Get creative with sexual positions: Even Ariana Grande said to switch up positions. There are a lot of sex positions to try, not just the missionary or the regular doggy. You can try having sex on a chair, 69, wheelbarrow, doggy while standing, leapfrog; the list is endless. Discover these positions with your partner and switch things up.
  5. More foreplay: The best thing about foreplay is that you can build anticipation for the main event even when you both are not together. Sext, play sex-related games, exchange naughty pictures to create the mood, and set the ball rolling before you get together and do the deed. Oral sex is also a good foreplay option when you’re together. Take your time to explore your partner's body and drive them crazy (not too crazy) with desire. Don’t be in a rush to get to the penetration part. Take your time.
  6. Engage in anal sex: It might sound scary, but it isn’t. You can use anal plugs while exploring this to figure out if it’s what you and your partner enjoy. Anal sex also doesn’t have to be penetrative, as you can just engage in oral-anal sex.


It takes two to tango. Both partners must work together for a sex life to be truly spiced up. If the reason for the dip in your sex life is health-related, it is advised that you visit your doctor and get a solution.

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