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How to Squirt?

How to Squirt.

So you've been working your way through some x-rated videos, and you can't get the squirting scenes out of your head. You're probably curious about this intense sexual activity and why it seems so pleasurable. Squirting is one of the most controversial aspects of sexual satisfaction in women, with many debates about this mysterious yet delightful sexual act. In this article, we will demystify this pleasurable function and teach you how to enjoy the bliss of the eluding satisfaction that comes from a good squirt.

What is squirt?

“Fountain of love”, “Tsunami of love”, “Jizzing”. These are all slangs that refer to the same sexual function—squirting. However, let's see a more orthodox definition of the term. Squirting is the sexual act where a liquid is expelled from the vulva during sex. It is often described as a powerful feeling of waves driving through and out of the body. The liquid is often ejected in response to sexual stimulation when you're super aroused. Although there is a lot of debate about squirt, mainly about the content of this love fountain. A good number of people claim that it is just pee. Well, it is not.

Science has identified squirt as a combination of urea, creatine, and uric acid. This powerful erotic liquid is shot out from the Skene's gland, located at the base of your urethra. Asides from being mistaken as pee, squirt is also often mistaken as orgasms. Although you might hear people use terms like "squirting orgasms," experiencing both variations of sexual pleasure will help you realize that they are not the same.

Sometimes you can be fortunate enough to experience both forms of sexual climax simultaneously, which is no doubt the pinnacle of sexual thrill. Other times, you orgasm before or after you squirt. However, it is worth noting that it is possible to squirt without even being aware.

You're probably wondering if you can experience this delectable feeling. Although research into squirting and other forms of female sexual pleasures is limited, some studies have shown that all females have facilities to squirt. Although, not everyone is going to experience this form of sexual satisfaction.

How to make yourself squirt?

Just like you get a sense of satisfaction from making your partner orgasm, there is also a feeling of sexual fulfillment when you make yourself squirt. While there is no specific rule book to follow to take yourself down this pleasurable journey, specific techniques make squirting more likely. The common ways to achieve this orgasmic release feeling are by stimulating the G-spot or clitoris. The G-spot is one of the most sensitive spots on your body and knowing how to navigate this spot is key for ultimate sexual gratification. Follow the steps below to make yourself squirt.

  • Set the scene. Sex is a recreational activity, and as such, it should be enjoyable. To take yourself to the highest level of sexual euphoria, you need to ensure maximum relaxation. If you're tensed, your muscles may contract and make it difficult to squirt.
  • Caress and stimulate sensual areas. Gentle touches are a crucial part of sex that is often overlooked. The ability to build things up slowly until the peak of sexual pleasure is important if you're looking to make yourself squirt. Take some time to caress super sensitive parts of your body including the breast and clit. This can be done with your fingers or sex toys that you find pleasing.
  • Use a sex toy. Sex toys are your ultimate partners when you're looking to bring sexual pleasure to yourself. Name what you're looking to achieve, and we can guarantee that there's a sex toy for it. Sex toys like vibrators and curved dildos are great for g-spot and clitoral stimulation. They can help you reach climax faster and are also great for making a woman squirt when the right spot is stimulated.
  • Aim for the G-Spot. As stated earlier in the article, clit and g-spot stimulation are the most sure-fire sexual acts to achieve squirting. To trigger the kind of response you're looking for, you have to ensure that you're stroking the right spot with every movement of the hand. A finger or two is all you need to make this beckoning motion but ensure that enough lube is used to reduce friction and possible pain. Tap and caress the spot gently. Keep the finger motion going until it feels likes you're about to pee. That's the squirt alert that you have been waiting for.

Best sex positions for squirting

Although you know your body best, this doesn't mean that you're the only one that can bring pleasure to yourself. Squirting can also be explored during partnered sex, provided that you have a partner willing to try with you. In fact, this can even be more pleasurable than going solo because you have the luxury of laying back to enjoy the ride. It is worth noting that squirting is more achievable in some sex positions than others. Here are a few you can try to get the best out of your squirts during sex.

  1. Doggy style: Doggy is a perfect sex position to stimulate the anterior vaginal wall, where the G-spot is located. No, this position is not limited to heterosexual couples alone, thanks to dildos and strap-ons. You can widen your knees to different extents to alter the angle of penetration for better stimulation. If you're able to balance well on only one hand, you can stimulate the clit with your fingers or a vibrator.
  2. Spooning: Spooning is another great sex position that can heighten sexual pleasure and induce squirting. In this position, the penis is pointed directly towards that G-spot. In this sex style, you're required to push back, or you can allow your partner to lean forward and crash into you. When appropriately practiced, the angle allows your partner to stimulate the G-spot while the clit is left open for stimulation. Again, your hands are free to pleasure yourself by massaging your clit.
  3. Reverse Cowgirl: This is an optimum sex position for G-spot and clit stimulation. This position allows you to dictate the tempo and level of penetration. Climb on top of your partner but instead of facing them, turn around as the penis or strap-on is inserted. Fire up, ensuring that the penis massages your G-spot with every stroke.

Best sex toys for squirting

As stated earlier in the article, proper g-spot massage is required if you're looking to induce squirts. Several sex toys have been designed to bring utmost sexual pleasure through the stimulation of the g-spot. By massaging the g-spot and clit properly, you can get the explosive climax that results in your first time squirting orgasm. Any of the sex toys below are great options if you need help to climax.

G-spot vibrator

As the name implies, the g-spot vibrator is the ultimate sex toy for stimulating your g-spot. This device is designed to bring sexual pleasure by massaging your G-spot. You can use this toy alone or employ your partner in the thrill-seeking process.

Clitoral vibrator

Asides from the stimulation of the G-spot, another way to reach climax and squirt is the external clit. The clitoral vibe is one toy that comes in handy for clitoral stimulation. Use this toy in the right way, and in no time, you'll come to an explosive climax.


The dildo is another great sex toy that can be used to massage the g-spot and induce squirts. This phallic-shaped toy allows you to hit your favorite sensual spot while also bringing pleasure through penetration. Employ the thrusting technique and stimulate the g-spot until you explode into a climatic utopia.

If you have been able to achieve the explosive squirt during orgasm as you've been craving, then it's great. If you still find it complicated to squirt, it's worth remembering that it may not happen on your first attempt. Go easy on your body, and you'll learn to please yourself better. If you found this article helpful, you can also check our best sex toy reviews to see everything within your budget and taste.

How to make a girl squirt?
To successfully make your partner squirt, you need to ensure that you bring them maximum pleasure in the form of clitoral and g-spot stimulation. This can be done with the penis, hands, mouth, or even sex toys.
How to make yourself squirt?
Making yourself squirt would be an easy task when you learn how to properly bring pleasure to your body. Ensure that you're relaxed and focus on massaging the sensitive sexual areas like the g-spot and the clit. It's only a matter of time before the explosive goodness comes.
How to squirt during sex?
To be able to squirt during sex with your partner, speak to them to ensure that you're both focused on the same goal. Encourage your partner to pay more attention to your g-spot and clit and ensure that your body is properly relaxed to induce this explosive goodness.
How do women squirt?
Squirt is the expulsion of fluid from the vulva during sex. It is often involuntary, and it is a result of intense pleasure through g-spot and clitoral stimulation.
Does squirting feel good?
Squirt is the expulsion of fluid from the vulva during sex. It is often involuntary, and it is a result of intense pleasure through g-spot and clitoral stimulation.
How to squirt using a sex toy?
Sex toys are a great help if you're looking to make yourself squirt. The best options for this purpose are vibrators and dildos. To squirt with these toys, focus on the stimulation of the g-spot and clit. You can also make use of lube to make the experience more pleasurable.

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