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How to Use a Fleshlight?

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Fleshlights are the most popular and best-selling sex toy for men; they are designed to feel like natural skin, and using them for masturbation can feel like real penetrative sex when you use them with a lot of lubricants. However, to get the most pleasure from using a fleshlight and to ensure a long lifespan, you must know how to use a fleshlight.

What Is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlights are devices made for the sole purpose of male masturbation; they simulate the sensation of penetrative sex. As such, the inside of a fleshlight is soft, flexible, and lined with bumps and ridges to give the feel of a human vagina. Fleshlights can also be designed to simulate the sensation of penetrative sex through the anus. In that case, it is called a Fleshjack.

How to Use a Fleshlight? Basic Tips

You may be thinking, “fleshlights look like a vagina in a cup; how difficult could it be to use one?” Do You Need to Know How to Use a fleshlight? Truthfully, fleshlights are pretty easy to use, but there are a few things you need to know before using a fleshlight if you hope to enjoy using one.

Warm It Up

Even though fleshlights are made from super-skin material, which feels just like human skin, it doesn’t have the warmth of the human skin. Thus, before using a fleshlight, it is essential to warm it up to make penetration feel more realistic. One way to warm it up is to put the whole sleeve in a clean sink filled with hot water for some minutes, and then you can use it immediately. Manufacturers of fleshlights also sell specially designed sleeve warmers used to warm the fleshlight before using it.

Use Lube

Generally, it is essential to use lives when using a sex toy, and this is because, unlike human vaginas, sex toys are not naturally lubricated. Thus, using lots of lubricants when using a fleshlight will not only make masturbation more pleasurable but will also ensure that the interior of your fleshlight doesn’t wear out quickly. It is best to use a water-based lubricant when using a fleshlight, as the materials used in making fleshlights can be damaged by other types of oils.

Technique For Use

Stroking By Hand

Many people prefer to enter the fleshlight sleeve and move the entire thing along their penis by hand. This seems natural to most people because this is just how they masturbate. Many people prefer this method because it controls the speed and angle during use. However, using a fleshlight this way can be pretty uncomfortable because of the size of the fleshlight. The fleshlight case is significant; it can vary between 2.5” to 4”. Thus, using a fleshlight this way can get uncomfortable after some time.

Fleshlight Mounts

Manufacturers of fleshlights also manufacture fleshlight mounts. These mounts are used to hold the fleshlight in place as you use them. Different fleshlight mounts are available for different positions and sizes that move at different speeds according to your preference. You can also buy a sex doll that allows for fleshlight sleeves to make the experience more realistic. Alternatively, you can also DIY your fleshlight mount. All you need to do is roll up your clothes, pillows, and blankets into a pile and strap your fleshlight into the rise using a belt. Also, if you plan to use fleshlights for partnered sex, you can ask your partner to hold it and dictate the speed while you penetrate the fleshlight.

Control Pressure and Suction Using An End Cap

Standard fleshlights come with a cap used to control pressure and suction during masturbation. This can be used to adjust the fleshlight sleeves to make them tighter or loose according to your preference.

Use Your Fleshlight with A Condom.

Even though a fleshlight cannot get pregnant, it can leak if you ejaculate inside it. Thus, immediately after masturbating with a fleshlight, you have to quickly get to the bathroom to ensure semen doesn’t drip on your bed. So, to avoid making a mess, you must use a condom to hold the semen.

Additional Information

Many men use fleshlight to practice before they have sex with a partner. Some may use condoms when using a fleshlight to practice condoms during sex: many men complain that they do not feel anything when using a condom during partnered sex. Also, men use fleshlight to practice edging, and this is perhaps the best way to use a fleshlight for many men. This is because it helps them last longer during partnered sex and increases the intensity of orgasms.


Fleshlights can make masturbation feel realistic if you use them correctly. It is essential to read fleshlight tips and fleshlight instructions to optimally enjoy your fleshlight.

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