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How to Use a Flogger?

Black and red floggers.

BDSM roleplay does get a lot more interesting when using unique toys like the flogger. With several fascinating techniques such as sensation play, carouseling, vertical flogging, paced flogging, horizontal flogging, you could take your role play game up an exciting notch. The act comes with a long list of techniques that can make BDSM more interesting for both the DOM and the submissive. This article contains a definitive guide that can be useful in eliciting intensely pleasurable feelings in your partner using floggers.

How Does a Flogger Work?

A flogger can be categorized as a whip with multiple tails. However, in place of the sharp snap, one would get from a whip, the flogger gives a thuddy sensation that is primarily stingy and sensational. The number of tails in a flogger has would determine the kind of sensation one would get from it. The most common way to use a flogger is to keep it in constant motion and strike, mainly using the tip of the lashes.

This method of using the flogger keeps it in a vertical motion, eliminating the problem of having the lashes become wrapped around your partner. Moving the lashes in a horizontal movement is not advisable because it can elicit a lot of pain in your partner. While doing this, the flogger’s lashes are expected to stay together and simultaneously travel smoothly across the individual's body at the receiving end.

You can practice how to use a flogger by standing above your partner while your partner stands on their stomach. Spin the flogger, then take it closer to your partner’s body till the lashes begin to touch their butt. The lashes are expected to land on the same area of the butt at each strike. If at all the lashes keep hitting the butt in haphazard motion, then that is an indication that you are not using the flogger smoothly enough.

Various Techniques Used in Flogging

What makes flogging particularly interesting is the diverse techniques that could be used in eliciting a mixture of pain and pleasure when using it. It makes it so easy to switch styles and take things up to a thrilling degree. Below are some exclusive techniques that can be adopted when leading how to use a flogger.

  • Sensational play: This is more of a way to tease your partner intensely. It involves dragging the lashes across the skin. Sensational play tickles the skin gradually, while in a way that gets your partners hot, bothered, and much more ready to have you. Sensational play can be used at the start of your roleplay and foreplay before taking things to a more intense level.
  • Vertical flogging: In vertical flogging, you’re striking the body up and down and making subtle impacts on the shoulders and bottom of your partner. It’s gratifying when you hit the same spot with the lashes over and over, giving a tingling and pleasurable sensation.
  • Figure of eight: Although the figure of eight is somewhat a specialized technique, if done correctly, it could turn out to be your favorite. It involves using the blogger in a figure of 8 motion across the bottom and up and down the back of your partner while impacting specific areas. While using this technique, you would have to be careful enough to avoid particular organs like the kidney or the spine. To make the impact felt more intensely, you could double up the blogger, so the number of lashes increases.
  • Carouseling: Carouseling is a technique that involves spinning the floggers in each hand at a rate fast enough to have the tails fly out and tickle the skin. This type of technique, like every other one, is highly delightful when used.
  • Paced flogging: In this flogging technique, each strike is paced with anticipatory pauses between them. This sort of technique can help drive your partner over the edge in a fascinating manner. The strike is expected to begin gently and gradually build up from there. You're not likely to start with heavy strokes as that might overwhelm your partner and become too much to take.

Other popular techniques that can be used in flogging include:

  • Four-Point Florentine
  • Six-Point Florentine
  • Horizontal flogging


Ultimately, everyone who learns to flog would develop their technique with time. The beauty is in finding what excites your partner the most sexually. However, you must learn to use the safe word with your partner. Communicate in between the flogging sections, and please them exactly how they want it. I hope this article was helpful to you and you know better how to use your flogger. If you would like to have a better sex life, then you should not pass by our best sex toys reviews . Here you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

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