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How to Use a Nipple Clamp?

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Nipple clamps have so many benefits. They make it easier to reach orgasm by increasing the sensitivity of your nipples. So that anything at all – blowing of air, feathers, touch, kiss, tongue, and so on will skyrocket the release of oxytocin around your nipples making things super intense. Another reason people love to use nipple clamps is that they visually look downright good. Some types are cute with nicely small chains and bright colors to match your panties while others give the lip-licking, jaw-dropping hot breast look. So whether you are in it for the pleasure, the look, or both, here is how to use nipple clamps safely.

How to Wear Nipple Clamps So It Doesn’t Hurt?

The first step is to make sure the nipple is hard first before applying. If you don’t know what this means, your nipples should stand and point forward instead of being flaccid. Only then can you put on a nipple clamp without injuring yourself. So once your nipples are hard, lose the pressure or grip of the nipple clamp and attach it to your areola from the base of the nipple. Tighten the pressure slightly or just until the clamp stays on by itself (still loose though). Leave it on for about a minute or two, remove it and try the steps again while increasing how long it stays on. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, remove it, rest it out, and try again.

However, you shouldn’t leave a loose clamp for more than 20 minutes and a tight one for longer than 15 minutes. Ever that a nipple clamp is cutting off the blood flow so that it allows for a rush when it is released. Keeping it on for too long can make your nipples numb. So this is how to put on nipple clamps the right way.

Tips for Using Nipple Clamps

When you are using nipple clamps, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to fully enjoy this versatile toy.

  1. Prep the nipples before applying the clamps: Yes, you need the nipples to be rock hard before you can clip the clamps on. But it would be silly to wait for when you or your partner will get stimulated. That’s the time to stimulate the area by massaging the breast tissues, touching and (gently) twisting the nipples. You can do all sorts of things to worship her including licking, kissing, squeezing, sucking, and so on. Don’t restrict yourself to the breast alone, slide up toward the neck and chin or downwards to the navel and stomach area.
  2. When you or your partner is aroused, then you are ready to clip the clamps on. Taking a cue from the last section on how to wear nipple clamps, ask your partner to take a deep breath and hold while you clip the clamps on the areola from the base of the nipples. Then ask your partner to exhale again after you have safety clipped them on.
  3. Next is to continue stimulation of the body either through foreplay, torture, or penetration. Getting your partner to the climax is the goal here but don’t be pressured. Just do what you normally do and that will do the trick.
  4. Now here’s the delicious part. Just before your partner reaches climax, remove the clamps and blow air to the nipples (or touch them slighting with your finger, lips, or tongue). The rush of blood flow towards the nipple will come with a forceful release of oxytocin which would give your partner an explosive orgasm. There’s no how you want to go about it, your partner will moan. It’s just the magic of nipple clamps.
  5. You can also add some temperature play to spice things up. Either use an ice cube to tease the skin under the nipples, allow ice water to drop onto the skin, or do these things with skin-safe candle wax. However, when dealing with temperature play, have a safe word for when it gets uncomfortable or painful. You and your partner should also talk about the things you can do and not do while using these cold and hot alternatives.
  6. Be safe: We are repeating the fact that you shouldn’t keep the clamps for longer than 20 minutes. No matter how comfortable you feel with them, restricting tour blood flow for a longer period is not body-safe and should be avoided.


Nipple clamps are of different types and though they might all seem to do the same thing, the experience and sensation they release are different.

Don’t know which one is best for you? That’s okay. We have tons of reviews on the best nipple clamps of different materials, colors, sizes, and designs. Check through our reviews to find the one that is most suitable for your need and budget. One warning though; you'll be overwhelmed with the plenty of options on there.

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