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How to Use a Penis Sleeve?

Purple penis sleeves.

A penis sleeve is a revolutionary sex toy that can always come in handy when you’re interested in improving your erection game. If you’ve ever had erectile issues or your penis is somewhat on the smaller side, then a penis sleeve is your go-to sex toy. Although most penis sleeves are generally designed to enhance sexual pleasure, they do not work adequately if you are oblivious to how you can use them. This article contains a definitive guide on how to use your penis sleeve to make your sexual experience more exciting and pleasurable.

Using Your Penis Sleeve

Using a penis sleeve comes pretty easy because they do not require long processes or procedures like assembling or unique modulation. They simply work by sliding them gently onto the penis like a condom. The extender has a base ring through which you’re expected to insert your manhood. The base of the penis is then fastened securely with the aid of a plastic ring, while a flexible silicone ring simultaneously protects the penis head. The typical importance of a penis sleeve is to enhance sexual pleasure, whether by adding extra length and girth or by providing vibration and textural features that make sex more enjoyable for both partners.

While we've already established that using a penis sleeve is extremely easy, the fit of the extension is however critical. For this reason, it is essential to measure your size accurately before making a purchase. To get the right size that is best suited for you, measure the length, width, and circumferences of your penis when you have an erection.

The best time to use the penis sleeve is when your penis is partially erect; then, it gradually becomes more erect while you are wearing the sleeve. Typically, most penis sleeves feature a ring or loop that would fit around your scrotum to keep the sleeve firm and in place. Ensure that your penis fits rightly into the sleeve. There shouldn't be spaces within, and it also should not be tight or uncomfortable.

Lastly, using lube is essential when using a penis sleeve. Water lubricants can help facilitate penetration with your newly enhanced penis size. Apply a little lubricant to the insides of your penis sleeve to get your penis to slide in and out quickly and to avoid friction. The exteriors should also be adequately lubricated to minimize friction effects when having sex. However, ensure that you do not use the lube excessively in a way that causes damage to your health.

Maintaining Your Penis Sleeve

Cleaning your penis sleeve is another important part of how to use your penis sleeve. Sex toys are known to degrade over time if they’re not cleaned properly. They become much less durable, less effective, and not as pleasurable. As this object comes in direct contact with sensitive parts of your genitals, it should be utterly free from bacteria and germs. The best way to take good care of your penis sleeve is to wash it immediately after use. This can be done using mild soap and water or antibacterial sex toy cleaners.

The Material of your penis sleeves determines the method in which you use it in cleaning it. Silicone penis sleeves can be easily cleaned with mild soap, warm water, and damp clothes. Those made of pyrex glass could be cleaned similarly. Crystals, stone, and non-pyrex glass are delicate to heat; therefore, they should not be subjected to high amounts of heat. Because porous materials are extra sensitive to temperature, mildly warm water is advised chiefly in every case. After washing, clean the sleeves thoroughly with dried and clean towels before storing them safely in the right place.

Storing Your Penis Sleeve

Sometimes, how well you keep your toys determines their longevity. The same thing goes for penis sleeves, also. Usually, experts would suggest that you support your sex toy wrapped in a safe and secure environment that is dry and without heat. Storage boxes can also be used; asides from the fact that it keeps your sleeve safe, it also keeps things very well organized.


From enhancing your girth to making penetration much easier during sex, penis sleeves offer a wide range of benefits to users. If you're looking toward having better sexual experiences with your partner, then getting your penis sleeve might be the right way to go. I hope this article was helpful to you, and you now understand better how to use your penis sleeve. If you would love to improve your sex game more, you shouldn’t pass by our best sex toys reviews. Here you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

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