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How to Use a Sex Doll?

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Sex dolls are the greatest companions. They never turn down a good time, and they are always ready to satisfy every one of your sexual desires. While purchasing your dream sex doll is one thing, knowledge how to use it is another point. In using your sex dolls , necessary precautions are needed to ensure durability. This article contains a detailed guide on how to use a sex doll properly. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to get the most pleasure with your dolls while ensuring that it remains in the best state.

Simple Rules to Using Sex Dolls

The most amazing thing about sex toys is using them in whatever way one wishes. There are no restrictions whatsoever. However, a reasonable amount of care and extra carefulness is expected in handling your sex doll. The following branch rules have followed for long-term use of your sex doll.

Read The Instructions

Understandably, you might be unable to reasist the urge to use the doll immediately after purchase. However, following the instructions religiously is of extreme importance. Such instruction is expected to contain information about unboxing and assembling your lifelike sex doll. It should also include information about usage and maintenance. The care for your doll begins immediately after you make your purchase. Right from the point of unboxing it to the point of assembling the doll into its life-like structure. Reading the instructions would teach you how to do that correctly.

Use Enough Lubricant

The lubricant shouldn’t only be used on the toy but also on yourself generously. Apply the lubricant in every part you wish to penetrate; however, try not to go overboard as using too much too many times can make things get sticky and messy quickly.

Be Gentle

This applies to when you’re having sex with the doll, cleaning the doll, or whatever process of handling the doll. Do not scrub her vigorously or get violent at any point in time. These dolls are fragile and might not withstand a lot of rough handling. They also do not fare well in extreme heat, therefore, should not be exposed to high heat.

Use Perfumes and Cologne

The goal of this would be to ensure that your sex doll smells excellent at all times, particularly during sex. The smell of cologne and perfumes can further make the sex more pleasurable and leave some intense memories lingering behind. However, you should spray the doll's clothing and not the doll itself, as some alcohol-based fragrances can be harmful for silicone sex dolls or TPE.

Making Love to Your Sex Doll

Therefore, whatever position you choose to take with your realistic sex doll will surely be enjoyable. Penetration with your sex doll could be anal, vaginal, or oral. The process works as quickly as any form of sexual penetration. All you have to do is position your doll in whatever way you like, apply enough lubricant then penetrate as you usually would. You can also release inside the beauty as most sex dolls are built for that. When it comes to oral sex with your sex doll, all that is expected of you is to use the right amount of lubricant, and you won’t even have to worry about a gag reflex or how she would react if you release in her mouth.

Real-Life Sex Doll Care

Using a dirty or unclean realistic toy has been associated with a list of complications like bacterial infections. Therefore, cleaning your sex doll is also an essential part of using it properly. We advise to wash it with warm water under 40 degrees. Daub talcum powder to the whole body of sex doll after you might have cleaned it evenly. The cleaning process involves placing the head and neck under the joint directly under the shower to clean. Use a clean damp towel to wipe it gently after. Also, do not forget to use mild soapy water to clean the vaginal cavity of the doll.


Ultimately, learning how to use your sex doll would guarantee a much better sexual experience. You should learn to treat your toy correctly if you need her to reward you with intense, stimulating orgasms for years to come. I hope this article was helpful to you, and you're now able to use your sex doll better. If you would like to explore more sex toys , do not pass by our best sex toy reviews. Here you’ll find everything that fits your budget and taste.

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