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How to Use a Sex Pillow?

Man and woman use a sex pillow.

Have you been wasting your energy on bad or average sex? We know just the hack for you. Sex pillows to the rescue! You may have heard of this sex furniture repeatedly but don't even know what they are or how to use them. This article describes and teaches you how to use sex pillows for the most intense penetrative sex you’ll ever have. Stay with us.

What Is a Sex Pillow?

A sex pillow is a firm cushion designed to support a specific body part during sex. It’s often intended as a ramp but can come in various shapes and sizes; it all depends on your preference. According to Heather Jeffcoat, author of Sex Without Pain, “sex pillows are great for modifying positions, especially if you have neck, knee, back or hip issues.” With this furniture, you can access even the most risqué positions without the fear of escalating the pain in your joints. Yes, sex pillows aim to please. Are you looking to experiment with different styles and angles during sex? Then a sex pillow is a must-have! Not only does this sex furniture provide deeper penetration and intense pleasure, but it also gives you the freedom to try out various styles without causing discomfort to your body.

Liken your sex life to a yoga session. You need specific tools such as mats and yoga blocks to achieve certain positions, right? It’s the same with sex! Some sex positions are just too hard that your body can’t twist and turn to that extent.

Using a sex pillow does two things for you– it makes sex more fun and accessible.

Types of Sex Pillows

When it comes to choosing sex pillows, there are many options. Your final choice is dependent on where you are sexually and what you’re willing to explore. Let’s look at the various types of sex pillows below.

  1. Sex Ramp: This type of sex pillow is usually bigger than other types. A sex ramp is a pillow, having one raised end and a sloped surface. It supports your lower back and torso, protecting the joints and providing deeper penetration.
  2. Wedge: A sex wedge is triangular but smaller than the sex ramp. These gives support to a specific body part, usually elevating the same for easier access. This triangular sex pillow supports your hands and knees by elevating your hips, for a better missionary or doggy style.
  3. Sex Mount: A sex mount, as the name implies is made for some climbing and sitting. This pillow typically features a space/opening where you can insert your sex toy and ride hand-free. It’s ideal for masturbation.

Benefits of Using Sex Pillows

Are you thinking that such extraordinary sex furniture is too good to be true?

We doubt that highly! We have outlined the various benefits of using sex pillows to eradicate any objections you might have for purchasing one.

  • Sex pillows support certain body parts (e.g., back, torso, hands, and knees), thus preventing discomfort during sex.
  • A sex pillow can help adjust height differences between lovers during sex.
  • It allows one to explore various sex positions.
  • A sex pillow allows for deeper penetration.
  • A sex mount allows you to ride the toy hands-free during solo sex.

A 3-Step Guide to Using Sex Pillows

As always, we won’t leave you to figure out the methods of using sex pillows on your own. We’ll show you in this section, how to use sex pillows to gain the maximum pleasure that you deserve.

Ideal Positions for Sex Pillows

When we talk about ideal positions for using a sex pillow, it’s simply any position that used to make you/your partner feel uncomfortable before. Or anyone that didn’t allow you to hit the right spots. With a sex pillow below your (partner’s) hips, back, torso, legs, etc., you can have more access to please your lover.

Some ideal positions where you’d need a sex pillow are missionary, doggy, collapsed doggy, cowgirl, and oral sex positions.

Care and Cleaning

One major downside to using a sex pillow is the care and cleaning aspect of it. After each sex session, you must clean your sex pillow. Take out the pillow’s moisture-resistant cover and wash with a mild soap, by hand or machine.


When the pillow is dry, place it in a corner of your room or sex dungeon — whichever you prefer. Before placing the cushion somewhere, take off its cover and store it away from direct heat, moisture, sunlight, or dust.

With sex pillows, you can take your orgasms to the next level and become even more skilled in the bedroom.

In our sex toy review section, we have a variety of luxurious yet affordable sex toys and pillows you can use to improve your sex life dramatically. Go check them out now!

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