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How to Use a Sex Swing?

Woman using a sex swing.

Sex swings are for people who like to try positions beyond the conventional styles. The device allows you to suspend your partner in different techniques off the ground while exploring diverse sexual acts. Sex swings are made with sturdy materials that can hold a human's weight without snapping. They could be made of fiber, rope, leather, and other comfortable materials. If you are looking for ways to diversify your sex life and make things spicier in your relationship, a sex swing is an excellent option for that. They are not BDSM devices like most people conclude. Regular couples also use it while having sex for a more exciting session. You can use sex swings for some positions impossible in normal circumstances conveniently.

New to sex swings? This article offers a complete guide on what sex swings entail and how to use them like a pro. Read on to learn how to use sex swings in different exotic positions. Enjoy!

Types of Sex Swings

Sex swings are not limited to door attachment only. They are available in different designs that allow you to use them anywhere as preferred. Check out some of the popular sex swings below:

  • Sex slings: Sex slings are designed like hammocks. When in use, the device allows the person sitting to stay upright. Unlike door sex swings, slings come with carabinier clips used to hang the hammock from ceiling rafters. Due to the sex sling design, the positions you can try with it are limited. However, they are much more comfortable for the swinging partner than most other sex swings.
  • Traditional sex swings: Known for their flexibility and many add-ons, Traditional sex swings allow their users to try virtually any position. They usually come with two stirrups, and straps can be hung anywhere from ceilings to the hallway. Traditional sex swings also come with optional features like headrests, footpads, handles, and so forth. Most people prefer them because of their flexibility and diversified usage.
  • Door sex swings: These are the most common type of sex swings currently. You will usually see them in porn videos set up by the door. The holding straps are secured to the door frame while a strap supports the swinging partner's buttocks. Door swings come with features like arms straps and leg straps too. Due to their design, you can only try out limited positions using them. Over-the-door sex swings are suitable for beginners because of their simplicity of use.

How Do You Use a Sex Swing? — 3 Different Positions to Try

Ready to use your sex swing? Here are three sex swing styles you can explore with your partner without experiencing difficulties:

  • The standing lotus. Here, the swinging partner sits up and wraps their legs around the person standing. The standing partner then holds the hips of the person sitting to steady them while penetrating. If there is an arm strap, the swinging person can strap them on or use a headrest to make the position more comfortable. You can also penetrate from behind while controlling your partner's movement with the swinging motion.
  • Airborne doggy. Here, the receiving partner lays down on their chest on the swing leaning forward as far as they can. The standing partner spreads the legs of the swinging person and accesses the clit or other hole from behind. This position is not advisable to be maintained for long as it can cause unnecessary strain on the knee, lower back, and core.
  • Flying 69. If you are wondering if having orals is possible on sex swing, it is. The receiving partner lays on their back and head tilted towards the person standing. That way, both partners can access the other person's genitals and receive orals too. When trying this position, you need to do a lot of strapping the arms and legs of the receiving partner to prevent slipping.

Precautionary Tips While Using the Sex Swing

Each sex swing type comes with a manufacturer guide that specifies its usage. Because of that, you should pay attention to such instructions instead of relying on the general setup style. The guide usually contains the specification of the ideal weight, where it can be positioned, and how to set up a sex swing. Read that manual attentively to avoid errors and ensure your safety.

In summary:

  • Always read the sex swing manufacturer's guide for the correct setup.
  • Inspect the suspending ropes before hopping on them.
  • Fix the straps properly to avoid accidents.
  • Do not use the sex swing if it cannot accommodate your weight.
  • Ensure that the surface you attached the device to is sturdy enough.


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