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How to Use a Vibrating Bullet?

A blue vibrating bullet in the hand.

Perhaps you have heard about the tiny but fiercely mighty vibrating bullet or you have one sitting at home and you are wondering how to use bullet vibrator . Well, these small vibrators are easy to use and don’t require any formal education or skill but the truth remains that if you don’t know your way around one, you might injure yourself. That’s why we are especially glad that you are here, ready to learn how to use a vibrating bullet. This guide is a short, yet very detailed text and by the time you reach the end of this article, you would have become an expert at using a vibrating bullet. So if you are set to learn, let’s ride.

What Is a Bullet Vibrator?

Before you can know how to use bullet vibrators, you first need to know what it is. It is the smallest of all vibrator types and it usually has the vibrating device at the top of the bullet. It is popularly known to be a woman’s best friend because it is best for clitoral stimulation. However, there are other creative ways to use the bullet vibrator so that you can spice up your good time (whether you are doing solo or with your partner/partners).

How to Use Bullet Vibrators!

To use a bullet vibrator, there are just three steps to follow. Clean and inspect, turn it on, and after using, clean and store.

  1. Clean and inspect: This is the first step even before you use the bullet vibrator on your body. When you pick it up from wherever it is you have kept it (or from the box if you have just bought it), use a soft and dry cloth to wipe it clean from dust. After which, check the bullet vibrator to make sure it is in good working condition. Turn it on and try all the settings. It won’t be good if you are already wet and ready for a nice time, then the bullet vibrator is acting off.
  2. Turn it on: This is the next stage. Here, apply your favorite lube to the vibrator and the place you which to use it on (more on that soon), and get in a comfortable position. Turn the bullet vibrator on, and tune the setting, then you can begin to use it. We always recommend starting at the lowest setting before working things up as the moment gets hotter.
  3. Clean and store: You have had a pleasurable time with your bullet vibrator and things have climaxed. It is time to keep your toy. Remember to clean it first before you keep it where it should be. These three steps are how to use vibrating bullets.

Where to Use Bullet Vibrators

As we mentioned earlier, you can use a bullet vibrator in any other place than your clitoris. Yes, even men can use a bullet vibrator. But before we get into the other places, let’s look into the most obvious area of stimulation for a bullet vibrator.

  • Clitoral stimulation: This is the go-to spot for how to use vibrating bullets. It is the most obvious spot people touch with the bullet vibrator (some people even believe it was originally made for clitoral stimulation). To use a vibrating bullet on your clitoris (or your partner’s clitoris), set the bullet vibrator to the lowest intensity and speed. Then work up the bullet vibrator from your or her inner thighs until it reaches the top of the clitoris (the woman’s pleasure spot). Try different motions like rubbing it in a circular motion, taping the vibrator on the clitoris with a rhythmic pattern, or try the teasing method where you touch once and go back to the inner thighs. This will give the entire play a BDSM vibe which is without a doubt, hot.
  • Nipple stimulation: This is another zone where you can use the bullet vibrator. Turn on the vibrating bullet, and while on the lowest setting, use it to rub your nipples using the three steps we mentioned in the first point.
  • Perineum caressing: You can also caress the male’s perineal area with the bullet vibrator. The intensity of the bullet top will make it easy for the man to feel the sensation from the exterior.
  • Neck stimulation: Play with different settings around your neck, behind your ear, and around your chin. However, stay away from the throat area.
  • Tummy and Navel play: This is another zone that is very erogenous especially if you love the chocolate-on-the-stomach idea.


Vibrating bullets are more than a clitoral stimulator. They can be used on other erogenous zones of the body as long as you follow the three steps on how to use them. But before you can use a bullet vibrator, you need to have one. Check out some of our best sex toy reviews for the best bullet vibrator for you. There is always going to be something that will suit your taste and budget.

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