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How to Use Vibrating Egg

Woman is using vibrating egg.

A vibrating egg, otherwise referred to as the love egg or an egg vibrator, is a small but extremely powerful sex toy that can drive you to immeasurable pleasure. Used for all sorts of stimulation, except penetrative sex, it can be used by singles for masturbation as well as by couples for love play. What’s especially great about the egg vibrator is that it is discreet for public use without being detected. In order to learn how to use an egg vibrator and create intense orgasmic shivers, keep reading.

Where To Use a Vibrating Egg

One thing that makes the egg vibrator a versatile adult device is that it can be used to stimulate so many erogenous zones of the body. Used for the clitoris, anus, nipples, neck, ears, labia, inner thighs, stomach, etc. This sex toy can be used as a massager, vibrator, teaser, and a stimulator. The following are the functions of the love egg:

  • Oral/Clitoral stimulation
  • Anal stimulation
  • Vaginal stimulation
  • Perineum massager
  • Body teaser

There are about five ways to use the egg vibrator, the method for use are various. Below is a detailed guide on how to use a vibrating egg for these miscellaneous functions.

Oral/Clitoral Stimulation

To perform solo oral stimulation with an egg vibrator, lie on your back and lift your knee so that your feet are touching the bed and your knees are pointing upwards. Spread your legs to expose your clitoris, then while holding the toy, turn it on and place the speed and intensity at the lowest. Run the vibrator through your thighs and up to your inner thighs, and then let it touch your clitoris. Run it in a circular motion or tease yourself by tapping the device on your clitoris. You can increase the speed settings as you get used to it. You can also add more lubrication when you feel you need more slime.

If you want to know how to use an egg vibrator for couples, it is the same procedure but your partner can apply the vibrator for you. A little twist is to include a blindfold for a small touch of BDSM. You can also try other sex positions or do it while engaging in penetrative sex for a rush of explosive pleasure that cannot keep you mute.

Anal Stimulation

Here, you have to invest in a lot of lubrication. This is because the anus is not self-lubricating and hence can quickly dry out and cause friction which could lead to tears and bruises. To avoid this by stocking up on plenty of lube. The go-to position for anal stimulation is to get on all fours on the bed. Then using one hand to support yourself, use your second hand to reach your butt by going through the space between your abdomen and the bed. Insert the egg slowly, leaving the tail outside for easy removal, and take your time. If you feel uncomfortable, stop and try again with more lube. For couple use, ask your partner to help you insert it during love play but make sure to communicate any discomfort immediately.

Vaginal Stimulation

Similar to anal stimulation, the love egg can be inserted into the vagina. As the vibrator buzzes inside you, you can move around, run errands or do chores. That is not only a crazy thought but will also keep you stimulated for a long time. The same position for oral stimulation can work here, also, or any position that opens your vagina for easy access.

Perineum Massager

To be able to do this, you need to know where the perineum is. After locating the perineum, place the egg vibrator there and rotate it while it’s on. You can either press it against the area, tap or run in a circular motion. But don’t stop there. If you are doing this with a partner, use your hands to caress other parts of his body.

Body Teaser

Finally, use the egg vibrator as a body teaser to caress her nipples, ears, neck area, feet, inner thighs, and stomach. This is best done during foreplay or while having sex.

Things To Note

But before getting into any of the ways to use an egg vibrator, some steps that were not mentioned are common to them all. These include cleaning before and after use, test-running the device, proper storage, and lubrication. Although, a cleaning method depends on the type and material of your love egg. Either way, you cannot know how to use an egg vibrator until you can properly clean and store your egg toy. Lubrication also helps prevent tears and discomfort during love play.


Now that you know how to use a vibrating egg, you can go ahead and enjoy your new sex toy. But an egg vibrator is of a different type, material, and has lots of features. So, making the best decision on what egg vibrator is best can be tricky. Check through our best sex toy reviews to get full guidance on which type is best for you.

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