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How to Warm Up Fleshlights?

Warm up fleshlight with fleshlight warmer.

What comes to your mind when you think of a fleshlight? You'd most likely think of words like “wet”, “flesh-like”, “tight”, and what's the word again? Yes — warm. Imagine after a stressful day at work, you need a moment to yourself to cool off and feel good. Then you reach out to your fleshlight where it is, sit where it's most comfortable, grab the tissues and all you need. Having it cold will kill the entire vibe in cold blood. Why? Because the real thing isn’t cold. It's warm. So how can you warm up fleshlight quickly? We'll reveal to you a few ways to heat fleshlight fast.

Use a Fleshlight Warmer

This is the best way to warm a fleshlight because it is fast, super easy, and without too much maneuvering. The fleshlight warmer was invented to do the work of heating fleshlights so there you have it. It is designed with a long, vertical, thermal rod that heats the insides of the sleeve. Then it has a stand to help support it while it warms up the toy. So how can you warm fleshlights using a fleshlight warmer? Simply stand the warmer and place the fleshlight on it through the opening.

Since fleshlight warmers can be made by different manufacturers, make sure that you are triple sure about the producer and supplier before you buy. Test the device before you begin using it and note that a fleshlight warmer isn't supposed to fry your fleshlight but warm it up.

Electric Blanket

If you are looking for how to heat up fleshlight without a fleshlight warmer, this is a great start. Using an electric blanket is also a stress-free way to warm up fleshlights but you will need to actually own an electric blanket for this method to you know, work. To use an electric blanket, Wrap your blanket like a cocoon and tighten one side so that it feels like a cylindrical cozy cave with a hole in the middle. Put the sleeve of the fleshlight inside the blanket and turn on the blanket. Make sure you don’t leave the warming unattended. After 20 minutes, your fleshlight is all warmed up and ready. Remember to turn off the blanket and keep it properly after the fleshlight has been pleasantly warmed up. If you don’t own an electric blanket and don’t want to spend on a fleshlight warmer, there is another way.

Warm the Lube

This is how to warm fleshlight if you don’t want to use any external appliance. It is also pretty fast and stress-free. The needed instrument here is nothing but your fleshlight and your favorite water-based lube. However, how you warm the lube is up to you but we have one great idea you can adopt.

The first is to use hot water to heat the lube. To do this, boil water and pour it into a small bowl. Place the lube bottle inside and leave it for about 15 to 25 minutes until the lube itself is warm. After it’s all done, apply the lube in the sleeve and feel how warm it will be. While waiting for the lube to get warm, you can prepare for a good time. If you go solo, watch some porn and stimulate your mind for when she will be all warmed up. If you have a partner, a foreplay session will make good preparation.

Warm Water Bath

This is how to warm up fleshlights if you wish to do it all once. Here, instead of warming the lube, apply the technique directly to the sleeve. Some men say this method is faster, and the easiest of all the methods. You can either warm up the fleshlight in a warm water bath or a bucket filled with hot water. Either way, you will get the same result. To warm up fleshlights using a warm water bath, fill up the bathtub with hot water. Then place your fleshlight inside the tub. While you wait, you can stimulate yourself and get yourself further into the mood.

Another thing you can do is pound your fleshlight in a warm water bath. Fill your tub with warm water and place the fleshlight inside. Then use it while it's in the warm tub. This water, the warm water serves as a lubricant and it's warm too. Win-win.


Nothing is better than having a warm fleshlight ready when you are set for some quality and pleasurable time. There are four trusted ways to get your favorite sex toy — the fleshlight warm. You can either warm the sleeve with hot water or warm the lube. You can also use an electric blanket or a specialized fleshlight warmer. We hope you have found an answer to your question in this article. If you wish to spread out your sex life, you can check out some of our best sex toy reviews. We have everything that fits your taste and budget.

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