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What Size Penis Do Women Prefer?

Ideal Penis Size for Women

First things first. The perfect penis size does not exist. What does exist are varying sizes of penises, each useful in their own way. We understand the excitement over a huge penis, but is it worth the hype? Why do most men believe that the ideal penis size means the same thing to every woman? Join us as we break everything down in this article.

What is the Ideal Penis Size?

Most penises range from 4.5- 6 inches (11- 15cm). A 2015 study showed that an average erect penis is just over 5 inches (13.12cm) long while its girth is about 4.59 inches (11.6cm).

In the words of Alfred Kinsey, penises of 7 inches and above are rare. So if your penis size falls between 4 to 6 inches, you’re in the majority and probably have an ideal penis size. Most men get insecure about their penis sizes because they compare porn to real-life sexual experiences, which is unrealistic, by the way.

How Deep is Her Vagina?

The vagina is stretchy. And for this reason, it can accommodate most penis sizes and still snap back like a boss after sex. So, you need to stop worrying so much about the perfect penis girth.

As women’s bodies vary, so do the depth of their vaginas. According to the ‟BJOG: International Journal of Gynecology”, an average vagina has an insertable depth of 3.7 inches (9.6cm) when aroused. The anus is not as stretchy as the vagina; as such, it’s a bit choosier. The average butthole has an insertable depth of 5 inches (12cm). Even at that, a woman may still experience discomfort way before the entire rectum is penetrated.

What Penis Size Do Women Prefer?

The debate on women’s ideal penis size has been ongoing since time immemorial. However, most fail to understand that the best penis size is one that can adequately pleasure a woman without causing discomfort.

Research conducted by a team of scientists from California and New Mexico Universities reported that most women’s preferred penis size is about 6.3 inches long with a 4.8 inches girth.

Now, having a big dick (or a small one) doesn’t mean you know how to work it. Instead of focusing on having the perfect penis size, why not learn to make the most of what you’ve got?

Where Do Penis Sleeves Come In?

If you feel insecure about your penis size and want to enhance it, we know just what you need. Penis sleeves to the rescue! A penis sleeve, also called a penis enhancer, is a sex toy that can give you an optimal penis size when worn over your penis.

Apart from helping you achieve a visibly bigger dick, this toy is ideal for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, as the pressure it exerts on the penis will keep you hard for longer durations. Head over to our sex toy reviews to find the best penis sleeves and other sex toys that will improve your sex game, so you can dazzle that woman in bed.

Having a big penis indeed adds to a man’s sex appeal. But what’s better than sex appeal? It’s sexual satisfaction. Orgasms. Pleasure. An average penis can be the ideal penis size for your woman, especially if you know how to ‘work it.’ Stop obsessing over your penis size, and learn to satisfy your woman, despite her preferred penis size.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you visit our sex toy review section for affordable yet luxurious toys that will take your sex game from ‘mid’ to ‘badass.’

What is the average penis size?
The average penis, when erect, is about 5.17 inches (13.12cm) long, with a girth of 4.59 inches (9.31cm). An average penis can be classified as optimal penis size because it’s not too big or too small.
Does penis size matter?
Penis size shouldn’t matter, but it does to some. Some men can feel insecure if they believe their penis is too small or too big. In bed, though, it’s not a competition of who has the best penis size, but rather who knows how to please the woman and give her a good time.
Is it possible to increase penis size?
At the moment, there are no proven ways to increase your penis size permanently. Most penis-enlargement products don’t work. But you can temporarily achieve a bigger penis by trying out penis sleeves from our review section.
Does penis size depend on height?
While many people believe the taller a person, the bigger the penis, this theory is not scientifically proven. There may be a slight relation between a man’s height and penis size, but it’s not guaranteed.
How to measure your penis size?
You can measure your penis size when erect using a disposable tape measure. One can also be measured in the lab/hospital after receiving a dose of the prostaglandin injection.

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