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How to increase sex drive?

Boost Your Sex Drive.

Bumping uglies has and will always be a part of life for man and is an act meant to be enjoyed. But what happens if you can't enjoy this activity as you should? When your partner wants to kiss, cuddle and maybe roll underneath the sheets a little, but you want to sleep every single time.

Reduced sex drive is an ordinary dilemma men and women face at different stages of their lives. Although there is no normal libido, and it is perfectly normal for sex drive to change over time, its effect on the affected person can not be understated. The quest to boost their libido has made many people fall victim to fake products and scams.

Worrying about a low sex drive will only make you feel worse. Instead of directing all your attention on sex, take your time to nurture your relationship, bond with your partner, go on dates with that special somebody.

You never can tell; making yourself and your partner feel good and happy might be the foreplay you need to improve your sex drive and bedroom life.

Causes of low sex drive

Loss of libido can be caused by various factors such as relationship problems, depression, age and menopause, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, health conditions, drugs, etc.

How do you know you have a low sex drive:

  • When nothing about sex excites you.
  • When you have no interest in sexual activities.
  • When you can not have sexual fantasies.

Luckily, there are many options to improve your sex drive. So, if you're looking to improve your sex drive, this is just for you.

Note: it is essential to rule out any health issues that can cause a reduction in your sex drive by seeking help from a medical professional. If medication for a health condition causes your reduced sex drive, feel free to ask your doctor for a prescription that will have a lesser effect on your sex life.

Ways to improve sex drive

Most of these options won't put you at any significant risk, whether it's to increase a female's sex drive or male libido. These include:

Herbal remedies

Several different herbs are known to be effective when trying to increase libido naturally. Some of these herbs include maca, ginseng, gingko Biloba, saffron, etc. Korean red ginseng, a type of ginseng, has proven effective in increasing sex drive in menopausal women. Although expensive, saffron is known to be a good aphrodisiac.

Healthy lifestyle

One of the best ways to boost your sex drive is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Smoking reduces blood flow which can make getting in the mood difficult. Also, having one too many bottles of alcohol can decrease your libido. Getting good sleep has been reported to cause an improvement in mood and energy, which leads to an increase in libido.

Exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and quitting unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking have increased sex drive in women and men. Eating meals rich in vegetables, low in sugar, and high in proteins promote good circulation, a healthy heart condition, and an increase in sex drive.

Engage in foreplay

Foreplay activities such as kissing, touching, sexting, and oral sex are a great way to have a better sexual experience and raise libido. Paying particular attention to their partner's sexual desires during foreplay can serve as a libido booster for men and make sex more pleasurable for them.

For men who may be burdened by quick ejaculation, which leads to a reduction in their libido, foreplay can be a way to give more pleasure to their partners, increase sex time and boost their libido and confidence. Most women have said that they have orgasmed more from stimulation of their clitoris than from intercourse, making foreplay a sure way to boost women's sex drive.

Manage stress and anxiety

Anxiety, whether due to life or sex-related issues, can cause a reduction in sex drive for both men and women. Stress can also prevent a person from having an erection or even reaching orgasm, making them unable to enjoy the sexual experience and lowering their libido.

Therefore, to improve sexuality and make the sexual experience more enjoyable, it is essential to manage anxiety and reduce stress. You can achieve these by exercising regularly, talking to your partner, and other mindfulness techniques.

Look after yourself

This is especially the case for married couples and career men and women. When you're constantly fatigued from meeting the strenuous demands of your job or attending to your young ones, you won't be able to get yourself in the mood for a bit of hooky.

Therefore, you must take better care of yourself and find time to relax and breathe. Set aside time for intimacy if you must. It might sound rigid, but it'll make sex time a priority, increase your eagerness for sex and improve your sex drive. Doing this will help you increase your libido.

Be more involved

Having your mind wander to irrelevant things like "is the door locked?" "Have I washed the dishes?" is sure to distract you from the pleasure you should be enjoying during sex, hence reducing your sex drive. Get more involved, return sexual acts performed by your partner, focus more on the sensations and live in the moment; you can sort the other things out when you and your partner calm down from the orgasms you give each other.

This is sure to increase your pleasure, remind your body of the thrills of the tango and boost your libido.

Be spontaneous

“So sick of that same old love”. Selena Gomez might have meant it this way, but it works.

Having a pattern for sex all the time can lead to a low sex drive in you or your partner, especially in a long-term relationship. You certainly can't go out to find a new sexual partner every time or end your perfect relationship for this reason.

Be spontaneous! Find creative ways to add spice to your sex life. Try out a different position. Deviate from the expected time and place you have sex. Experiment with new sexual ideas. The excitement of having a quickie in a restaurant's restroom can do wonders for your libido.

Invest in sex toys

Sex toys are a great way to add variety and spice to your sex life. If you or your partner ever gets plagued by a low sex drive, sex toys are sure to come to the rescue and improve your sex life and drive. Sex therapists usually recommend them.

Sex toys designed for men can act as a libido booster by stimulating the nerves and helping them get an erection, especially for men with erectile dysfunction. For women experiencing a decrease in libido due to menopause, gynaecological surgery, or childbirth, sex toys are a great way to improve sexual sensation, increase vagina lubrication and promote blood flow to the vulva region leading to an increased libido.

There are plenty of options for both men and women looking to improve their libido, with each slightly different from the other.

Vibrating rings

The vibrating ring can be worn around the penis during sex and can also be used to stimulate the clitoris. It is placed purposefully to rub against the clitoral area during penetrative vaginal sex. It also supports the penis, leading to increased stimulation and arousal in men. The vibration around the clitoris leads to increased arousal in women.


Vibrators are such versatile sex toys, coming in different shapes, sizes, and functions. They are also available for men and women. Vibrators can be massagers, finger vibrators, vibrating panties, hands-free vibrators, etc. They are used typically used as they are directed to be. However, some imagination every once in a while never hurt anybody.

Some vibrators can be worn outside and controlled from a smartphone or remote, making foreplay even hotter and raising your sex drive to great heights. Seriously, what's hotter than hitting the slow button on the vibrator worn by your partner during a dinner date?


Dildos are perfect for penetrative anal and vagina sex. They take care of you without much effort on your end, and the best part is they also come in different forms. A regular dildo can be converted to a strap-on dildo by attaching it to a harness. Doing this is an excellent way to spice things up, and an improved libido for you or your partner will be your reward.


Cuffs come in various sizes and are mostly made of leather to make you comfortable. Some cuffs can be used on doors or bed stands. You can also put it around your partner's legs and adjust it to spread the legs how you want it. Fifty shades of grey vibes, anyone? The idea of BDSM might be all you need to boost your sex drive.


The libido of both men and women can change from time to time. Having a low libido at any time doesn't always spell doom or mean that there's a problem. However, finding ways to improve your sex life for your sake and your partner's won't hurt. There should be no shame in admitting that your sex drive is low and seeking help to boost it.

Overall, maintaining a good physical and mental health condition and investing in excellent sex toys are surefire ways to increase your sex drive.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. If you want to live your best life sexually, stop by our best sex toys reviews. Here you will find something for your budget and taste. Happy boinking!

Can sex toys boost sex drive?
The short and straightforward answer is yes! Using sex toys is a great way to increase sex drive as it helps sexual partners discover what turns them on, making sex more pleasurable.
How to boost your partner's sex drive?
Having a partner with a lower sex drive shouldn't be the end of your relationship. You can help your partner by expressing your needs and what you want in bed without being harsh, listening to your partner and understanding their sexual needs, going for sex therapy, and being honest with your partner.
How to increase sex drive naturally?
There are plenty of options on how to improve your sex drive without popping pills or medications. These options include making sex a priority, exercising, getting better sleep, using aphrodisiacs and herbs, having more fruits in your diet and experimenting with yourself.
What helps boost sex drive?
Exercise, managing stress, anxiety and depression, eating right, relaxing, good sleep, self-stimulation to understand your body better, communicating with your partner, and sex toys are all ways to improve your sex drive. These methods not only boost your libido, they also keep you healthy and happy with your partner which is important if you plan of riding pedro often.
How to boost a woman's sex drive?
Science is yet to come up with a medication that can boost a woman's sex drive, however, testerone therapy is given to women experiencing a reduced sex drive due to menopause. Sex toys, self-stimulation and oral sex are great ways to increase a woman's sex drive. Self-stimulation and use of sex toys reduce vaginal dryness and pain which are believed to cause a reduction in libido.
How to boost a man's sex drive?
Although medications are available to improve a man's libido, it is not advisable to use them often as they can have adverse effects on your health. Masturbation is a good way to boost the libido for men, however, be careful not to overindulge. Sex toys for men are also available and these will not only keep them aroused but also make hooky time fun for the parties involved leading to an increased sex drive. Foods like watermelon, black raspberries are also thought to have an impact in increasing men's sex drive.

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