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How To Intensify Orgasm?

Couple Intensify Orgasm Techniques

Every orgasm is great in its own right, but did you know that the best orgasms have the X-Factor that differentiates them from others? Now the unique ‘Je ne sais pas’ can indeed differ from person to person, but you can tell when you’ve just had an intense orgasm. One that has you whimpering in pleasure and leaves you weak in the knees. Join us on this revealing journey as we teach you how to have stronger orgasms.

What is an Intense Orgasm?

As we have stated earlier, every orgasm is a good orgasm. However, knowing what sets one apart from the rest is something only you can do. An intense orgasm is a sexual climax that feels more powerful than any other one you’ve had in the past. The best orgasms may vary in intensity and duration, but at the end of the day, you know you have felt something wild and different, right?

An amazing orgasm will hit you more intensely than anything you’ve ever felt in all your years of sexual experimentation. It’s not out of your reach either; together, we’ll explore the various techniques you can use to make your next powerful orgasm better than the last.

How to have stronger Orgasms?

Luckily for you, the human body is open to navigation and exploration. This means that if you put in the work and listen to your body, you can intensify your orgasms in ways you’d never thought of.

  1. Go Solo: Besides having total control over your pleasure, masturbation sessions grant you the privilege of learning your body better. When you know how to navigate your body, it’s easy to figure out what triggers the best orgasms for you in bed.
  2. Communicate: Speak up! Let your partner know beforehand or during sex what does it for you and what doesn’t. Dr. O’Reilly says, ‘we’re often unable to enjoy sex because we’re so overcome by the desire to give pleasure.’ Get demanding and let your partner know how to please you. After all, sex is a two-way street, right?
  3. Start With Foreplay: If you want to make her cum harder than ever, draw out the foreplay till she begs for you to fill her up. Kiss, touch, stroke, tease, exchange raunchy texts, shop for sex toys, or watch porn together- whatever works for you. Foreplay is the foundation of good sex. Therefore, you need to spend more time loving your partner’s body.
  4. Practice Edging: Edging is the act of building your way up to an orgasm and stopping just at the brink of it. This technique of delayed sexual gratification serves to cause an insane build-up of sexual tension, and you bet your release will be wild and crazy. Most men practice this technique for enhanced male orgasm.
  5. Get Kinky: You’ll be surprised at how kinky you can get in your quest for an amazing orgasm. Even if you don’t subscribe to unconventional forms of sex, it’s best to have an open mind. BDSM and other fetishes such as sensory deprivation and double stimulation can be more exciting and intense than you thought. Who knows, you might finally find your preferred sex style.
  6. Take Position: Whether you’re masturbating or engaging in partnered sex, the essence of a great position cannot be overemphasized. There are no rules but try as much as possible to assume a position that allows for intense stimulation or penetration.

Pros and Cons of Intense Orgasms

Why should you say ‘hell yeah!’ to an intense orgasm, and why should you probably think twice before having one? It’s all broken down for you in this section, so keep going.

  • All-round sexual satisfaction.
  • It improves the bond between partners.
  • A deep orgasm is a self-esteem booster.
  • A powerful female orgasm can relieve menstrual cramps.
  • It makes for better relaxation after sex.
  • A strong female orgasm may lead to clitoral sensitivity.

Who says you can’t deal with a bit of sensitivity when you have all those benefits staring you in the face? Go for it, friend. You deserve the best orgasms.

How To Intensify Orgasms Using Sex Toys?

Let’s face it. There’s only so much your (partner’s) body can do for you. Sometimes, all you need to have an amazing orgasm is that extra sensation from vibrating dildos. Couples and individuals alike have testified to healthier sex life after incorporating sex toys.

On this site, we recommend great sex toys that aid your self-exploration while simultaneously improving your sex life. Not to worry, you will find something that fits your taste and budget. Go ahead and check it out now.

As sexual beings, orgasms play a huge role in our sexual satisfaction. Many people want orgasms to happen more often, while others want to experience it on a different level. Regardless of what you want, your feelings are valid. To improve and diversify your sex life, check out our sex toy reviews to get the scoop on the best sex toys in the market today!

How to make your orgasm last longer?
To make your orgasm last longer, edging and mindful breathing is your surest bet. For females, focusing on other erogenous zones apart from the clit will lead to a prolonged orgasm. Men can also try getting off first before sex to last longer and enhance male orgasm.
How to intensify male orgasm?
To give your male partner the best orgasm, be open to trying new things in bed. Contract your pelvic muscles (kegel) while he thrusts, squeezing even more when he’s on edge. Also, incorporate sex toys such as prostate massagers and cock rings for more intensity.
How to have a powerful orgasm?
To have a powerful orgasm, learn and understand your body. Communicate your demand effectively during sex with a partner, and engage in prolonged foreplay. Try out a couple's vibrators for maximum pleasure.
How to intensify female orgasm?
If you’re thinking of how to make a girl cum hard, just listen to her words and her body. Simply please your female partner, teasing her other erogenous zones as you thrust. You can try double penetration using a G-spot vibrator while you penetrate her from behind.

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