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Jackhammer Sex

Jackhammer Sex With Your Partner.

Are you familiar with the Kamasutra? It is a book of many sex positions that open up a limitless world for people to have sex in many wild positions that promote pleasure, intimacy, craziness, as well as orgasmic sexual heat. And one of the sexual position’s girls seem to hate is the jackhammer position. But guys seem to love this sex style so much. Why? What is jackhammer sex all about and is there a way to make both parties enjoy it?

What is jackhammer sex?

Do you know what a jackhammer is? If you do, you might already have an idea of what jackhammer sex is all about. A jackhammer is a drill that moves so quickly up and down so that it can create enough momentum to break through stones, rocks, and concrete. Now replace the hammer with a penis and the stone or rock with an open mouth. That’s jackhammer sex. Jackhammering means to penetrate your penis (or have your partner penetrate his penis) aggressively with a fast tempo through your partner’s (or your) mouth, anus, or vagina.

The position

A jackhammer sex position is divided into three: the blow-job position, anal position, and vaginal penetration position. For the blow-job position, your man would stand directly above you and squat up and down as he penetrates your mouth. You would kneel beneath him with your head raised facing his crotch and your mouth wide open. There are other variations to this position but it involves the receiving partner kneeling or crouching while the partner with the penis stands and jackhammers through the mouth. Doggy style, cowgirl, and other sex positions that directly place the buttocks against the penis are best for vagina and anus jackhammer sex.

Why do guys like it?

The most sensitive part of a man is his genitals and it’s not all the sides - the underside and the top (the head). Whereas the top is more stimulated with a hand job and other sexual activities, the underside is best stimulated during jackhammering sex. So while a woman is craving more connection, communication, and intimacy, a man just needs his underside aggressively stimulated. Also, it is one of the natural sex moves for men because this is the most practiced sexual position in porn as well as what the dick is used to during masturbation (otherwise known as jacking off).

Why do girls hate it?

Not only do girls hate the lack of variety in a jackhammer sex move, but the repetitive and aggressive pounding of a penis against their vaginas, anus, or mouth can be painful, boring, and non-stimulating. A woman enjoys sex more when she is touched in other parts of her body: nipples, breasts, neck, thighs, and so on. But jackhammer sex refrains extra touches and caresses because the primary goal and focus are on the penis and the hole. Also, women are better stimulated with slower-paced sex, not aggressive banging so many girls don’t like this position and get turn-off almost as soon as it starts.

How to have the greatest jackhammer sex with your partner

There is a way both men and women can enjoy jackhammer sex to promote their sex life. All you need to do is follow the guidelines below.

  1. Talk about it: Before you begin to hammer your partner, discuss what you like and what you don’t like. For example, don’t treat your partner like a bull by completely neglecting her while strangling her. Treat her like a queen and you’ll get the toe-curling pleasure you crave from jackhammering. Also, decide if you prefer blow-job jackhammer sex or vagina penetration.
  2. Comfortable positioning: Get on comfortable jackhammer sexual positions that don’t cause your knees or back to ache.
  3. Use your hands: If you are doing the blow-job, use your hands to control how deep he goes. You can also play with him at intervals to further enhance the heat.
  4. Foreplay: This cannot be underestimated. Before you start pounding, play with yourselves. And one of the best ways is to use jackhammer sex toys. They enhance sexual activities and make them more pleasurable. For example, fleshlights can be great to stimulate your man before the sex, and vibrators can get you going.
  5. Use Lubrication: If you are doing anal or vaginal penetration, lubricants can make the whole experience exhilarating.
  6. Touch yourself: While your man is hammering you, you can touch yourself underneath too. Use thrusting vibrators to step things up.
  7. Facial finish: If you like the sound of cum facials, then tell your man to pull out and finish on your face. He’ll love you for it.
  8. Safety is key: Finally, make sure that you both are doing it in a comfortable position on a stable flooring. Jackhammering on the bed can cause your man to fall on you and that’ll kill the mood immediately.


We hope that you have learned a thing or two about jackhammer sex and how you both can derive pleasure from it. If you wish to know more about how to enhance your sex life, take a look through our best sex toy reviews. We know you’ll see what you like that won’t break the bank.

What is a jackhammer?
A jackhammer is a type of drill that is used to break through hard surfaces like rock or concrete. It moves up and down quickly so that it can build enough kinetic energy to break through the surface.
What is the jackhammer position?
The most common jackhammer sex position is for the woman to kneel and raise her face (mouth wide open) while the man stands directly above her and penetrates the penis through her mouth while squatting up and down.
How to jackhammer sex?
The best way to have jackhammer sex is, to begin with, foreplay using sex toys like thrusting vibrators and fleshlights. And during the sexual act, they both should be in comfortable positions while the woman uses her hands to control how deep the penis goes.
Why do girls hate jackhammer sex?
Girls do not like jackhammer sex because the sex style doesn’t care much about the pleasure of the woman. So, the position is non-stimulating, too aggressive, and boring for a lady.
Why do guys like to jackhammer?
Guys love this sex position because it is one of the positions that stimulate a man’s erogenous zone perfectly. It is also one of the few sex moves made for a man’s pleasure.

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