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Jeweled Butt Plugs

There is no doubt that anal plays are very exciting and bring a lot of pleasure to us. Hence, everyone is trying to enrich those anal games with extra emotions and sensations. Butt plugs represent a very good solution for this case and can deliver the necessary pleasure. Jeweled butt plugs look very attractive and perfectly serve the purpose.

silver jeweled butt plug
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What are jeweled butt plugs?

A regular butt plug still serves its purpose but is definitely not fancy enough. Hence, if you are looking for something fancy for your anal games, then butt plug with jewel is just right for you. Basically, jeweled butt plugs have the same function as conventional plugs, but come with sparkling jewelry of different sizes, shapes and colors from amethyst to ruby in order to bring any anal play to a totally different level. Feel free to select the jewel anal plug that is best for you and add some sparkling glamour to your bright sensations.

blue jeweled butt plug

Types and main characteristics

Jewel butt plug reviews confirm that their popularity keeps increasing with every day and a lot of users have confirmed the positive effects of using butt plugs. Even jeweled butt plugs have got their own types and you should definitely check them out in order to find the one that completely meets your requirements. The types are as follows:

  • Conventional;
  • Beaded;
  • Butt plug with ball-shaped tip;
  • Cone-shaped butt plug;
  • Butt plug with spiral beads and many more.

Besides that, you can find such jeweled plugs as: crystal butt plug, glass jewel butt plug, diamond butt plug etc.

green jeweled butt plug

The main characteristics that you should pay attention to is:

  • Shape (oval, round, oblong spiral, irregular etc.);
  • Size (circumference, length etc.);
  • Texture (smooth, beaded, rippled, hilly etc.);
  • Material (silicone, steel, glass, PVC, metal etc.);
  • Additional Features (suction cup, vibrator etc.).

Butt plug with diamond definitely looks impressive and the diversity of options definitely makes it easier for everyone to find the glass jewel butt plug that is just nice. Everybody has his own preference and opinions. Hence, do not hesitate to do a research and find the jewel anal plug that fits properly inside and delivers the desired pleasure.

heart jeweled butt plug
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How to choose the best jeweled butt plugs

You definitely should check out top-rated jewel butt plugs in order set the benchmark of quality and make sure that you select the best jewel butt plug for you. Undoubtedly, you need to follow the trusted brand with high-quality products that give you confidence. Do not simply assume that the most expensive is the best. Do a proper analysis in order to have the best price-to-quality match. Find the size that is suitable to your body conditions and gets inside without causing any harm. Feel free to customize the color, design, material and other special features in order to increase the overall satisfaction level.

blue silver jeweled butt plug

Choosing the right size for your needs

Generally, jeweled butt plugs have a wide variety of sizes, and that is very good for customers, because everybody can select without any problems the suitable size that meets personal needs, individual experience and abilities of rectum.

Beginners will prefer a small jewel butt plug with a wide section of around 1 inch in diameter and insertable section of 2 – 3.5 in long. Basically, jeweled butt plugs have the following length parameters:

  • 2-3 in;
  • 4-5 in;
  • More than 6in;

With corresponding circumference of:

  • 2 in;
  • 3 in;
  • More than 3 in (provided that your rectum can fit it without harm).

Likewise, there are many size options for you to select from, hereby do not worry and select with care the most appropriate size parameter, so that you can experience the long-awaited “filling” sensation inside your anal hole. Don’t forget to cross-check the butt plug size and insertable length, because they are two different parameters. Hereby, don’t rely on words and read the description brochures for your butt plug with crystal before applying it.

purple jeweled butt plug

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Even the best jewel butt plugs have various shapes and sizes as well:

  • “Neck”;
  • Teardrop shape or “bulb”;
  • Spiral shape;
  • Beaded shape;
  • Flared base.

According to jewel butt plug reviews the normal shape is spherical and narrows down to the tip of bulb, with the size increasing up to the widest point, which is followed by “neck” (i.e. the narrowest part of the plug). The base of this toy varies from round to a narrow flared. Basically, once the plug is inserted inside your anal hole, the sphincter will envelope the plug around the area of neck.

red jeweled butt plug

The main materials for jeweled butt plugs include:

  • Silicone (most commonly used material for plugs);
  • Steel (body safe, very smooth, reliable, durable and creates gentle penetration);
  • Glass (smoother than steel but more fragile mostly around the neck area);
  • Jelly (less rigid, but can be squeezed to ease the penetration) and others.

The textures selection should be based on your experience and preferences and generally include the following:

  • smooth surface,
  • hilly texture;
  • rippled.

It is always worth spending some time on proper research to come up with the best choice of material, size, and texture, which will ensure unforgettable pleasures in a long run.

3 inch jeweled butt plug

How to use jeweled butt plugs

Butt plugs with diamond are quite simple in application, and it won’t take long for you to understand how to start using this type of sex toys properly. The main rule is not to rush things and ensure the plug penetration is smooth without any rapid jerks. Due to a narrow neck, you should also use the same procedure when taking out the crystal butt plug. Don’t be stingy and generously apply the lubricant to create a smooth journey into the lands of unforgettable sensations.

Ensure you properly clean your jewel butt plug, regardless whether it is the first anal play or not. Depending on the material type you will need to adjust the frequency of cleaning your plug. Hence, silicone may need to be washed more frequently comparing to steel due to bigger pores that can get clogged. Don’t forget about personal hygiene, shower yourself and clean your rectum before inserting a butt plug, so that no fecal remnants get onto your body or sex toy. The jeweled butt plug is recommended for storage in a dry location with an average room temperature of 25 degrees C and away from direct sun contact.

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