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Karezza Sexual Practices.

Most couples, after the heat of the relationship, is gone, have sex just to reach orgasm and cum. And though sexual pleasure is reached, the connection, emotional unity, and sexual passion between the two of them would be declining with time.

Karezza is the solution to routine sex (even if there’s orgasm involved). See how you can ignite the passion for sex between you and your partner by reading this article.

Introducing couples to a better sex life

Let’s start with a little story into the past – about how karezza originated. The whole story began in 1844 with a man named John Noyes who (by personal experience with his marital life) found a way with his wife to have sex without focusing on orgasm. When a man alone does this, it is called 'male continence' but when the two of them focus more on the sexual proximity rather than the cumming experience, he called it Karezza. However, it didn’t gain popularity until 1932 when a sex theorist named William Lloyd wrote a book on the Karezza method around Noyes's experience.

What is karezza sex?

It is simply an ancient, oriental discipline tied to a technique that teaches and helps both a man and woman (in a relationship) to enjoy themselves during sexual intercourse outside of orgasm. In two words, it’s non-orgasmic sex.

One of the first five female doctors in the US wrote in one of her books that Karezza sex is to improve marital intimacy. And she is backed up by several other studies and sayings.

Karezza is the discovery of your partner and yourself through various sexual practices like caresses, eye contact, touches, kisses, hugs, rhythmic breathing, and of course, slow, deep penetration. And the goal is NOT to cum.

Karezza vs tantric sex

Tantric sex is derived from Tantra and it refers to the practice of developing and evolving every aspect of a person’s being. This includes, but is not limited to the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical being. And sexuality is a huge part of the psychophysical being.

Karezza is not as 'spiritual'. It is simply to control sexual energies and re-align the priorities during sex. Here, the goal is to 'feel' each other skin to skin, bone to bone, flesh to flesh, and breath with breath. It’s to be one on the bed regardless of the position, the pleasure, the heat – the main goal is not to orgasm, it’s to extend the time of sexual union with maximum slowness and satisfaction.

Advantages of karezza

In case you missed it, here are some of the benefits of the Karezza technique over other types of intercourse.

  1. Performance Anxiety goes Bye-Bye: Since the main goal is not to show how fast, slow, or how many times you can cum in 10 rounds, couples don’t need to be bothered about how they perform in bed. People suffering from erectile dysfunction too can benefit from this technique since the attention is on skin-to-skin contact and sensation.
  2. Strong sexual energy: Another one of the many Karezza benefits is that both of you can maintain strong sexual energy. Since you are both not worried about whether or not the G/P spot is being reached, you can both focus on what drives sexual energy – sexual intimacy. When your minds are pressed on how every touch feels and how much spark is ignited with every kiss, the energy for sex and sexiness will increase.
  3. Feeling of well-being: Sensual activities promote and increase oxytocin in the body. (Oxytocin is the feel-good hormone that is released when people hug or cuddle). So, the more the snuggling, the more the feel-good hormone.
  4. Longer sex, Prolonged Pleasure: With Karezza, both of you will live in the moment of each other's body heat and prolong the pleasure you'll receive. It teaches couples to enjoy every single moment of sexual intercourse because the focus is on how every touch feels and how your partner reacts to every sign of love you give. And as a bonus, it helps a man with semen retention (which has its benefits too).
  5. Can cute some health ailments: Though this is not medically proven, it has been locally noticed to help with certain ailments like vaginal discharge, urethritis, prostatitis, bladder problems, painful menstruation, genital movements, and so on. Besides, it is one of the natural remedies to last longer in bed.

Karezza for beginners

There is no set rule to follow when it comes to practicing Karezza with your partner. However, here are some guidelines and tips to make things easier for both of you.

  • Don’t overthink the process, flow into the mood.
  • Use only Karezza positions: lying down on top of each other or side by side for easy eye contact.
  • Relax.
  • Say soft romantic words to your partner and smile whenever there is eye contact.
  • Get rid of the close and feel each other’s warmth.
  • Don’t breathe or talk too loud. Synchronize your breathing with your partner but don’t be too obvious.
  • Kiss anywhere.
  • Moan when you feel something.
  • Caress and massage each other to promote relaxation.
  • Cuddle and hug.
  • Touch her nipples and kiss her neck.
  • Rub his genitals and kiss behind his ears.
  • Use sex toys to tease each other because those are the magic tools to enhance and diversify sex life. They are the instrument for better sex. And since there are so many of them, explore. Play with vibrators too for more pleasure.

Despite this list, if you and your partner can successfully experience a deeply sensual connection without reaching for an orgasm, then you have done Karezza.


Have you been able to learn something new? Can you now tell the difference between orgasmic sex and Karezza? If this article has helped save your relationship and you want to see how you can further ignite the spark between you and your partner, check through our best sex toy reviews. There, you will find what will take your sex life to be next level.

What is karezza?
Karezza is a sexual practice between couples where sexual intercourse is not aimed at orgasm. Rather, the objective is to connect on a deep level and share sexual intimacy.
How not to cum during karezza?
It can be difficult holding back your orgasm especially when the sexual energy is rising to the point of no return. If you are feeling like you are about to cum, pause. Take a break and cool off, then continue.
How to practice karezza?
To practice karezza during sex, kiss, cuddle, hug, caress, touch, breathe, and penetrate slowly and intentionally. Also, make sure that your sex position is always in such a way that you can maintain eye contact.
Does karezza have to include intercourse?
It is a common belief that karezza is sex. However, this is not true. There are other practices within karezza apart from intercourse like kissing, cuddling, fondling, caressing, massaging, and so on.

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