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Kegel Balls

Have you ever wondered what Kegel balls are and how do women use them? This small weighted device might look weird and can make it hard for you to figure out, but it’s actually not all that complicated. Hopefully, the information below will answer some questions you might have about it, like how to use it, what are its types, best materials, what are the benefits of Kegel balls, etc.

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What are Kegel Balls?

Using Kegel balls, or Ben-Wa balls as some call them, has two functions. Mainly, the device is used to strengthen the woman’s pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. This helps to normalize urinary inconsistency and provides recovery treatment after pregnancy. However, a Kegel ball can also be used as a sex toy. Mainly for women, this device can help you reach climax by using it for both vaginal and anal play. The toy can be used in several different ways, depending if you use it for vaginal health or sexual arousal. They are usually small, about the size of a tampon, but can nevertheless provide satisfying sensation if used correctly.

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Types and main characteristics

As you may imagine, there are different types of Kegel balls. They vary in size, color, shape, weight, and material. There are also two very distinctive types when it comes to design – single Kegel ball and two ball. The first one in suited for beginners and women who have small internal spaces, while the other one is for more experience users and for ones with wider walls. Weight should be chosen depending on the strength of your pelvic floor and whether you are just starting with this device or wish to progress. The size is also chosen depending on your internal size, and whether you have experience with the use of it or not. Although there are other materials, like steel metal Kegel balls, the silicon ones are usually the ones most commonly used. So, to round it all together, there are plenty of variations when it comes to Kegel balls and there types. Here are three main characteristics that should be taken into consideration when buying the device for yourself:

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  • Size – kegel balls are considered ones that are around 28 mm in diameter. Medium and large are around 35 mm and above.
  • Weight – the weight can range between 30 and 140 grams whether you use them as a starting option or you are progressing.
  • Design – single ball and double Kegel balls, again, depending on your experience level.

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How to choose the best Kegel balls?

There are a lot of manufacturers of Kegel balls on the market. Almost all of them offer their devices of various sizes and styles, so you can easily pick different balls from the same manufacturer. Some of the top-rated Kegel balls names are Luna Beads, Smart Balls, and Malone Yani. When choosing materials make sure that you are always buying Kegel balls that are phthalates free. Phthalates are used to strengthen the plastic, but can sometimes release the substance which may cause some health concerns. The toy is usually made from silicon, but sometimes you will run into glass Kegel balls, and also steel ones.

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Choosing the right size for your needs

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Kegel balls. When choosing the right Kegel balls, make sure to know what you will use them for and what is your internal size. Determining your internal size can be achieved in several ways. The best way is for you to know what your perfect tampon size is. Another way to choose the right sized device is measuring the inside of your vagina using your fingers. If you can put two fingers side by side and there’s a snug fit, you should probably use medium-sized or small Kegel balls. If there’s more space or you had a vaginal delivery previously, you can use medium or large Kegel balls. If a small tampon easily slips out when put, you probably need large ones. Kegel balls size is measured in diameter. Smaller toys can have a diameter of up to 28 mm, and some can be found even smaller. Medium ones are around 35 mm, and large ones exceed that measure. If you are still unsure what size is best for you, you can always consult with your doctor or gynecologist.

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Choosing the right material, shape and texture

There are various materials that Kegel balls are made off. However, most commonly used ones are the ones made out of silicon. Silicon is a material used for a lot of sex toys and not just Kegel balls. Dildos, anal beads, and even cock rings are made predominantly from silicon. It’s medically proven to be the safest and most reliable material. Also, it easy to maintain and can soak up lubricants very well. Apart from that, glass Kegel balls and steel ones exist but are much rarer. When it comes to shape, there are several variations. Of course, since these are called balls, most of them are perfectly round. Others can be cherry or peanut shaped, but there are too many to count really. The texture is another thing a lot of women are interested in. There’s not much to talk about here since most of these toys are smooth with no special texture to them. There are mildly ribbed ones, but these ones are rare. Every Kegel ball has a string attached to it which makes it easy to pull out at all times.

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How to use Kegel balls?

Many Kegel balls reviews have detailed step by step protocols on how to use them properly if you have urinary issues. However, we will focus on explaining how to insert them for arousal play. But first comes the hygiene:

  • Make sure that the toy is cleaned and safe to use.
  • You can clean it with water and light soap, but you can also boil it.
  • Cleaning process is the same whether you are cleaning your Kegel balls before or after use.

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As with any other insertable sex toy, use water-based lubricant for easier penetration. Place the balls gently, one by one, at the speed that you are most comfortable with. After that you can feel free to play standing up, sitting down, or laying on the bed. Kegels are safe as long as you use them correctly. If you have any additional concerns about the safety of this toy, consult with your gynecologist and inform them if you had any vaginal issues in the past that might affect your use of Kegel balls.

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