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Kegel Exercisers

A highly reliable toy for women to help them regain their tightness and firmness of their vaginas. Highly suitable and recommended for women passed their 30s and also for women that gave birth. The kegel exercise device will grant full effect and satisfaction with the best results, in short time after using it.

kegel exerciser for intimate muscles
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What is a Kegel exerciser?

The Kegel exercise device is a special piece of equipment made out of stainless steel or rubber in most cases, commonly used by women to regain their tightness and firmness for their vaginas. A highly reliable toy to grant women better orgasms during workout, highly discreet and appreciated by more than 98% of all female users. Working out with a Kegel device inserted can result in stronger muscle tone and fantastic orgasms on all types of players, beginners or advanced.

kegel exerciser by Geisha Balls

Types and main features

  • The standard Kegel exerciser – commonly formed from two rubber or steel balls united together. Offers the best way to exercise and increase the strength of the vaginal muscles.
  • The Kegel remote controlled exerciser – highly reliable and very discreet, can be controlled from distance by another person and provides the best method of stimulation and exercise.
  • The Bluetooth Kegel exerciser – top rated exerciser due to its highly functionality and versatility. Can be used in discreet modes, just like a normal Kegel toy but allows control for multiple persons with the help of the Bluetooth technology.

Each of these types of Kegel exerciser come with various features which can provide the best results for any type of female user.

kegel exerciser for women by Lelo
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How to choose the best Kegel device?

Either you need to workout and regain your vaginal muscular strength after giving birth or you simply need to upgrade your muscle tone for extra powerful orgasms, choosing a Kegel exercise device is a very simple task to do. You just choose the type of such device and that’s it. No other condition is required if you want to choose the best Kegel exerciser because all of them are working perfectly to provide you the best quality. You have to keep in mind the size though.

kegel exerciser by Adorime

How to choose the best size?

Top rated Kegel exercisers come in a variety of sizes starting with a limited 4 inches and ending with more than 9 inches of insertable length. Some female users prefer the bigger sized toys due to their personal measurements and desires while other tend to enjoy the smaller ones better. This is the reason you should always seek for various Kegel exercise device reviews to better understand what each size can provide and can do. The size is a direct link to full satisfaction and if you use a small version when in fact your needs require a bigger version, the results might be delayed and the effect might not take place.

kegel exerciser for women

Choosing the material, shape and texture

Just like any other intimate adult toy or device, the Kegel exerciser for women comes in many materials, shapes and textures.

Plastic – a rigid material perfect for advanced users for a strong and reliable workout. It provides a stiff texture, which can help the user regain the muscle tone a lot faster than with other materials.

Rubber – smooth and very silky, the rubber Kegel devices offer women a more realistic workout giving the sensation that a real penis slides inside during the exercise.

kegel exerciser for vagallas

Steel – stiff with a cold feel, provides the texture of a very rigid penis and offers great stimulation and workout results. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users, it’s a highly reliable and rated material.

Silicone – this material offers the Kegel device exerciser the softest and most silky texture. Highly appreciated by older women and beginners due to the realistic touch and the increased orgasms they offer.

kegel exerciser by Intimina

How to use the Kegel exerciser?

There are a lot of Kegel exercise device reviews out there to offer you the best information and also show you how to use such a device but still, here are a few tips for a proper workout.

  • Always keep the toy clean, before and after each use
  • Make sure the device is in proper condition to be inserted
  • Use gentle moves when inserting the device into the vagina
  • Keep it safe from extreme heat or moisture at all times when not in use
  • Store the Kegel exerciser device in its original box to extent the life span

kegel exerciser by Lelo

Following these simple steps and reading all the available reviews will grant you the best Kegel exercise experience with the best results along fantastic orgasms.

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